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Can someone make it clear to me if it's OK to copy the information off of ? That webpage refers to a Reference Page that lists publications of unknown copyright. Is it OK to just copy these things into Wikipedia? I'm wondering because a number of the pages contain grammatical attrocities that have become part of Wikipedia, and I was starting to work through them when I realized that they are all simply taken from (!)

What's the deal here, what is allowed? /jugander

Change to table[edit]

I decided to extract and tabulate the raw data from the 116 pages on the site to display on this page - instead of just having a list of towns and villages that you had to click on.

Regarding copyright, I find this quote from helpful:

Note that copyright law governs the creative expression of ideas, not the ideas or information themselves. Therefore, it is legal to read an encyclopedia article or other work, reformulate the concepts in your own words, and submit it to Wikipedia.

I agree with jugander that the current individual village pages (linked to from here) appear to be straight textual copies of the text from and as such they do infringe copyright. These pages should be paraphrased, rewritten, and the sources of the information clearly acknowledged. Euchiasmus 21:21, 12 June 2006 (UTC)

Copyright violation or not?[edit]

Regarding the question as to whether the individual town/village pages (like Árnafjørður) infringe the copyright of the corresponding pages on (like

  • the History of the Árnafjørður article shows it was originally created by User:Jfo
  • Jfo's talk page has a comment from Vague Rant 10:06, Nov 9, 2004, which I quote:
Sorry, I wasn't aware that the site you were taking the info from is your own. I'll restore your articles. Please, feel free to continue to contribute to Wikipedia, we value what knowledge you can bring.
  • I cannot find the other parts of this conversation, but if it refers to the town/village pages, it implies that Jfo did not infringe copyright in creating this page if the site is his own. However, he only did some of the towns and villages - if anyone else were to continue the job of copying content from into Wikipedia, I guess they would be infringing Jfo's copyright?

Euchiasmus 05:14, 13 June 2006 (UTC)


You ought to put Kambsdalur in the south of Fuglafjørður on this list


Why is this list alphabetical? It would make more sense if it was by population. Gob Lofa (talk) 20:42, 7 January 2015 (UTC)