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mission statement[edit]

"To list weapons according to their various attributes"

This page is envisioned to be an easy referenced catalog of all armaments/ anything that can be worn or used as a weapon in the traditional sense. This page is an attempt to make sense of all of the various "list" pages that almost seem redundant from so many cross references. It is also hoped to classify weapons into less BROAD catagories such as lableing everything from sabres to rapiers to cutlasses as swords. Many blade desings are so similar that names are superficial and I feel they need to be group together as a class of objects such cutlass, machete, falcion all under the same heading, not just lumped together with every sword type. It is hoped to eventualy include the entire panoply of weapons and armor pieces in an easily managed system. on a Table rather then merely listing a string of names, that bundle together a myriad of disimilar pieces under one heading and force the user to link hop just to see what kind of object it is.

what belongs here[edit]

Any traditionaly used weapon since anything a person can pick off the ground from a blade of grass to a heavy stick can be used as a weapon this list will be for those items specificaly designed for the use of warfare/self-protection,has been documented as being used or is just too cool not to include. "Disassembler"

What does not belong here[edit]

Implements not specificaly designed to be used as a weapon, such as hoes/rakes/wood-axes/splitting mauls/shovels ~ however at the same time things like baseball bats/hockey sticks/boat oars/iceaxes/Fireaxes could be considered for inclusion since they have been used by civilians for home protection. Use your gut, or put in your 2 cents. Before removing an object from the list.

Fantasy blades and invented items for fiction the one exception will be famous blades that "may have" actualy existed or is of "historical" importance they will be labeled as historic and included in proper table according to it's type.


This is the template used for tables. for most new additions you need only copy and paste the two lines under the last exclamation point, insert it and replace the fields
style/function Martial use Region of association Era of association
weapon mart region era
weapon mart region era
weapon mart region era

What is?[edit]

  • Martial art - anything belonging to an esoteric system of study (fighting school) rather then as standard equipment of an army.
  • Fire arms - anything of age of blackpowder/try to avoid post civilwar inovations "Rifles"

Other - it is so easy to try to overcomplicate things, let info stand alone in the varius articles pertaining to them, And A spear is a spear, you don't need to list every single name for the object in every language of the world. If it is of unique design or characteristic that it stands out, GO FOR IT, If it doesn't have a weapon stub and there already something that fits the bill then let the spear list page cover it. Etc Etc.

This catalog is to help people find what already exists, or inspire them to write an article about something not yet included. for example that huge two-handed cleaver used in disassembly lines; It's sooo cool it needs an article.

Inclusions/for cosideration[edit]

for those who wish to include an item but are boggled by the catalog format link it here and state why you feel it needs to be inserted


I thought I had found the ultimate train-wreck in the department of listcruft when I saw List of premodern combat weapons. Now this page proves things can always get worse.

Please do not create lists of lists on a single page. Create lists if you must, but only on identifiable topics, and on topics on which there is not already an existing list page. If there is, work on that. List of bladed weapons should not exist, seeing as we have list of sword types, list of daggers, etc. It should just be a collection of links to such existing lists. Much less should there be a page that is a concatenation of lists among which "list of bladed weapons" is only one section. It really doesn't get much worse than this (I hope). But you could always try to build a list of items. --dab (𒁳) 13:33, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

What is this?[edit]

This page looks a complete mess, and I'm dubious about what it's doing here. Also, listing weapons like 'ninjato', which never existed as historical weapons, is downright confusing. Also there seem to be numerous missing capital letters and grammar issues, missing categories or those filled with '?' and nothing else, and similar issues. I'd polish it up, but I'm not all that convinced that this page is worth saving, at least not in its current form. Nototter (talk) 20:54, 15 August 2015 (UTC)

there is always WP:TNT. You are certainly welcome to have a go at it. --dab (𒁳) 17:01, 12 February 2016 (UTC)