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Running in place[edit]

Since there are arguments on both sides, what do people think about "sourcing" the manufacturers? By where the trucks are built, or where they're sold, or where the parent company is HQd? I tend toward where they're built, but... TREKphiler hit me ♠ 16:12, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

I am strongly in favor of each company only listed once. Lists such as this have great potential to become very large, therefore, I think every effort should be made to keep them from getting any longer than they need be. For companies (do any exist?) where no production takes place in the HQ country, I think it gets trickier as to where to place the company. Many of these companies have long histories, and if production ever took place in the HQ country, that should be enough to decide where to list the company. Since HQs move outside of countries less often than production does, I think listing by HQ country would provide a more stable option.

Using cars as an example, I would count Volvo as HQed in Sweden even though it is owned by Ford. If one used the parent company's HQ country, every time there was a new parent company in a new home contry, a new entry would be needed. Again with cars, (I am much more familar with cars than trucks) I would count Lexus as Japanese regardless of where the HQ is or where they are built or sold; I still considered Chryslers as US even when owned by DaimlerChrysler. Generally, once a nationality is established I think there is rarely a need to change it. Examples of exceptions would be if both the HQ and production closed in 1 country and moved to another (Studebaker comes to mind) or the location of the HQ/factory became part of another country due to border changes (the manufacturers in Alsace after WWI). So what is the nationality of the truck generally considered to be?

Listing companies by where the trucks are sold would result in a plethora of entries. Hino or Isuzu trucks are probably sold in a huge number of countries, for example.SimonX (talk) 18:24, 20 January 2009 (UTC)