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Inclusion on this page[edit]

This page has, besides universities, a random selection of other institutions such as HE colleges and FE colleges. The list of universities also includes equally random selection of institutes inside universities. I suggest rationalising this as follows:

  • Universities
    • Colleges of the University of London
  • University Colleges
  • Other educational institutions with degree awarding powers, possibly with foundation degree only institutions as a separate section or subsection, as on the Recognised Bodies list.[1]

This gives an easily verifiable list with clear categories and criteria. Foreign universities in the UK and universities in British territories could also be retained, but should be placed below the UK institutions.

What are people's opinions? Robminchin (talk) 01:52, 7 September 2016 (UTC)

Agreed, there needs to be a better structure. Or even split the FE/HE colleges to a separate page. They are not typical "universities" Aloneinthewild (talk) 11:21, 24 September 2016 (UTC)
Seemed like a good idea, so I've gone ahead and done it. I've kept colleges with degree awarding powers, as under some definitions these could be considered universities, but colleges that simply offered HE courses didn't belong here so have been split into a separate page.Robminchin (talk) 17:15, 24 September 2016 (UTC)
Agree that those with university powers could be called "university (colleges". I'm swayed towards removing anything that is a redlink in that newly split list. What do you think? Aloneinthewild (talk) 19:58, 24 September 2016 (UTC)
That sounds reasonable. The list is incomplete (as a list of "listed bodies"), and expanding it to include all listed bodies would make it a long list full of redlinks, so pruning it to only those institutions that have been shown to be notable by having an article makes sense. Robminchin (talk) 21:14, 24 September 2016 (UTC)