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good. att anita paredes U.S

first section is a mess[edit]

The first section keeps shifting around as to the types of loose connective tissue. Towards the end of the section, I could not tell what tissue was in what category. Each paragraph, probably written by a new author, seems to contradict the preceding one. For example,

"Usually "loose connective tissue" is considered a parent category that includes the mucous connective tissue of the fetus, areolar connective tissue, reticular connective tissue, and adipose tissue."

seems to contradict

"Loose connective tissue is named based on the weave and type of its constituent fibers. There are three main types of connective tissue fiber:

   Collagenous fibers: collagenous fibers are made of collagen and consist of bundles of fibrils that are coils of collagen molecules.
   Elastic fibers: elastic fibers are made of elastin and are "stretchable."
   Reticular fibers: reticular fibers consist of one or more types of very thin collagen fibers. They join connective tissues to other tissues."

Also, fibroblasts are mentioned as being present in this tissue, but do they make the tissue? Let us know, please, somebody. [4]-- (talk) 02:27, 25 September 2016 (UTC)