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Suggested re-write[edit]

Below is my attempt at distilling the points which might be of interest to the readers of the English Wikipedia from the article de:Thannhausen (Adelsgeschlecht). I suggest this article be simply renamed to: von Thannhausen.

von Thannhausen is an old and still existing German aristocratic family with the rank of Freiherr (Baron). Their residence is in the municipality of Thannhausen.

The family is dating back to to the Carolingian dynasty. It is assumed that the medieval minnesinger and poet Tannhäuser was an offspring of this family.[citation needed] In 1112 and 1115, the von Thannhausens held offices for Frederick II, Duke of Swabia from the House of Hohenstaufen. In 1552, a von Thannhausen is documented as a Cavalry Hauptmann (Captain) in the service of the Margrave of Ansbach. Until 1849, later generations served mainly with the House of Oettingen-Wallerstein. After that, they served the King of Württemberg as officers or in forestry.

During the centuries, the family seat was exposed to wars and fires; it burned down in 1567, 1621, and 1649. Today's appearance of the castle was created in 1767.


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