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WikiProject class rating[edit]

This article was automatically assessed because at least one WikiProject had rated the article as stub, and the rating on other projects was brought up to Stub class. BetacommandBot 07:14, 10 November 2007 (UTC)

Over-categorization - Jewish[edit]

Some of the recent category additions to this article seem to overemphasize Jews/Jewish. There are four categories in this article that reference Jews/Jewish. Why should there be more than one? Some of the categories are controversial or are being considered for deletion. In addition, according to WP:BLPCAT:

Categories regarding religious beliefs...should not be used unless two criteria are met:
1. The subject publicly self-identifies with the question;
2. The subject's beliefs...are relevant to the subject's notable activities or public life, according to reliable published sources.

I don't see that either of these criteria are met for this article. I plan to revert the category changes in a few days unless someone makes a substantive argument to the contrary. hulmem (talk) 04:21, 29 December 2009 (UTC)