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Wrong name for this project?[edit]

I believe this article should be rename "Lumiere" rather than "La Lumiere". As the entry and the official website make clear, "La Lumiere" is just the wrong name, and I think stems from misunderstandings of early press releases on some messageboards.

Lumere and Lumière[edit]

Wasn't quite what I expected when typing in a search for Lumiere... What I was looking for was the article about Auguste and Louis Lumière. I just couldn't figure out the funny è. Maybe a pointer page would be in order? –KEBman 21:50, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

same here, id think that most people searching for "lumiere" would be looking for the lumiere brothers as they were far more well known then some sky scraper project and are more likely to be searched by students and others as opposed to a speculative skyscraper development.

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