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This article has a peculiarity....[edit]

(...and had it twice before I removed the redundancy.)

"The Lydian chord has a peculiarity, in that placing the root both above and below the augmented eleventh creates an unpleasant dissonance of a tritone."

I think I get what this trying to say, but couldn't it be better said as "doubling the root above the augmented eleventh emphasizes the dissonance of the tritone" (which is already present, not mystically "created" by placing the root above the 11th)?

"The interval of the sixth is used even though it is described after other compound intervals, and perhaps should also be a compound interval (i.e., 13th).[vague] However, convention in Jazz dictates that when describing the major sixth, the simple interval, i.e., 6 is almost invariably used instead of the compound interval, i.e., 13. This helps avoid confusion with the dominant thirteenth.[vague]"

I'm not very familiar with Jazz, but is there such a thing as "convention in Jazz"? At any rate I think this statement requires a citation to show that it is, in fact, the convention.

I would make these edits myself, but this is the first article I've edited, and I don't want to make any more changes than I already have before I get more familiar with the rules, etc. (and the "convention in Jazz" thing would need someone a bit more knowledgeable on that subject than I am, anyway.) Mahlerlover1 (talk) 05:41, 28 June 2011 (UTC)


  • Miller, Scott (2002). Mel Bay Getting Into Jazz Fusion Guitar, p.44. ISBN 0-7866-6248-4.

Hyacinth (talk) 01:20, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

And Help:Page history. Hyacinth (talk) 20:31, 10 July 2011 (UTC)