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If anyone can follow up on the "Trivia" section I'd be grateful. I've heard "Zoom" and "Volcan" as performed by Moenia but I'm not sure in which album they appear, if at all, or why/how they exist. --klaus 19:13, 7 July 2006 (UTC)

If You are Wondering[edit]

About "Zoom" and "Volcan" (the Moenia cover versions) these two do not appear on any album already released by the group. However, they appear on different EP's. "Volcan" was relesed in late 1997 when original vocalist Juan Carlos Lozano still carried the group and "Zoom" (originally a Soda Stereo hit) was released in July 2001 (a couple of months after their eponymous release of the limited "Le Modulor" album) but by this time Alfonso Pichardo was and still is the frontman.

About the Stereo Hits album[edit]

As you may or may not know by now that this brilliant work by Moenia features a variety of 1980's and 1990's spanish-latin rock/pop hits.

The following made up the stereo hits album:

"Ni tu Ni nadie", was a 1984 hit by Spain's Alaska y Dinarama

"Sobredosis de T.V.", was a 1984 hit by Aregentina's Soda Stereo

"En Algun Lugar", a 1987 hit by Spain's Duncan Dhu

"Juegos de Amor", a 1988 hit by Mexico's Neon

"Tren al Sur", a 1990 hit by Chilean band Los Prisioneros

"Ay que pesado", was originaly a 1986 hit by Spain's Mecano

"Matenme porque Me Muero", was first a 1988 classic by Mexico's Caifanes

"Es por Amor", a 1986 hit first by Agrentina's GIT

"Beber de tu Sangre", was first brought to mainstream radio in 1991 by Mexico's Amantes de Lola

"Sildavia", a 1984 hit by Spain's La Union