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The following is a list of journal articles that reference MALDI imaging. I will be adding to and using this list to edit the article. Please feel free to add to this list.

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Tmyers14 (talk) 16:01, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

Peer review[edit]

Hi Tia! I have read through your wiki article. The structure is well organised and the content is really concise. I have a few suggestion you can consider. If you can add more information in image production and data analysis as well as the section of quantification or the limit of MALDI-imaging. Here is the relevant article.

Eriksson, C.; Masaki, N.; Yao, I.; Hayasaka, T.; Setou, M. (2013). "MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry—A Mini Review of Methods and Recent Developments". Mass Spectrometry. 2: S0022. doi:10.5702/massspectrometry.S0022.