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I think the reference to their vocals being "off-kilter and rambling, while seeming drugged" needs either citation or support - what context did the writer have for judging the vocals as such? I am not necesarrily calling MV & EE "outsider" music, but there is a wealth of that part of the musical spectrum in which completely sober, not drugged people sound, to my ear, much farther out that MV & EE.

All in all, frankly I think this is a relatively poor stub page. I am intending to go see them live on 2/20/2007, after which I hope to come back and improve this page as much as time allows.

I added a citation needed tag... I think the word drugged needs clarification. They sound like they're on drugs? There are a lot of different drugs & different sounds associated w/ each. They sound like they've been drugged? That's extreme; I think rambling is a good description. If there's a quote about this somewhere, though, cite it as that person's opinion. OhSqueezy (talk) 03:56, 25 November 2010 (UTC)


It would probably be worth mentioning their Child of Microtones and Heroine Celestial Agriculture imprints somewhere in the main body of text and how they're often limited to 99 copies and some later re-released as 'CoM relics' or other labels.

Also, would it be worth making note of their bootleg releases as well? There are some great pages for them on, and if anyone wants to improve on the discography.