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The notation

   \bigl[x_1^{k_1}\cdots x_m^{k_m}\bigr] \, \prod_{i=1}^m \bigl(a_{i1}x_1 + \dots + a_{im}x_m \bigl)^{k_i}

is unclear. I think it means the coefficient of

   x_1^{k_1}\cdots x_m^{k_m}


   \prod_{i=1}^m \bigl(a_{i1}x_1 + \dots + a_{im}x_m \bigl)^{k_i}

but I am not sure, so I won't change it. Perhaps "Let G(...) be the coefficient of x...x in \prod..." would be clearer?

Agree with your remark on the notation, which is non-standard (to say the least). If you (or someone else) is familiar with the topic, feel free to clean this up. Logosun (talk) 12:19, 22 June 2012 (UTC)

Proof subsection[edit]

I removed this section on account of it being rather too technical to be accessible by a general audience. Wikipedia guidelines WP:NOTHOW suggest that it's best to have links to papers or textbooks with technical proofs than include them. Although there are WP articles with proofs (see e.g. Catalan number or art gallery problem), these tend to be elementary and "from the book". Of course, this judgement is a subjective - if you decide that I am wrong here, perhaps other editors will side with one of us. I also removed the last two references - they are not mentioned in the main body of the article and from the abstract it is unclear how they are relevant to the main subject of the article. Again, please review WP:NOTLINK to see that WP is not meant to be a collection of links. Hope this makes this clear. Igorpak (talk) 11:19, 4 January 2013 (UTC)