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{{Torah portion}}[edit]

What is {{Torah portion}} dong on this page? This is a page about maftir, not the whole parasha, and that template is completely out of place.—msh210 18:59, 2 July 2006 (UTC)

  • Hi msh: (1) The Maftir and the weekly Torah reading of the Parsha (Torah portion) are both part of the services on Shabbat, and the Maftir is the last part of each Shabbat's Torah reading. (2) The template {{Torah portion}} is at the bottom of the Maftir article's page, so essentially it's part of the "See also" section which is a legitimate way of connecting related and connected topics on an article. (3) If a reader finds the {{Torah portion}} to be "too intrusive" then any reader is free to click "Hide" on the top right section of the template's heading which shrinks it to an unobtrusive one liner. Finally, (4) the {{Torah portion}} is presently diligently updated weekly by User:Dauster early each Sunday so that any readers may learn more about the weekly Parsha. User:Dauster summarizes each week's Parsha and adds some interesting graphics which surely adds life and color to a page that may gain the attention of readers who don't know much about this subject and may want to learn more. Please refer all further comments and discussions to one centralized location at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Judaism#Template: Torah portion Thank you. IZAK 06:41, 4 July 2006 (UTC)