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Does this rewording of the Ahmadi claims help the NPOV any?[edit]

"According to the Ahmaddiya movement, one of the signs which will indicate the emergence of al-Mahdi will be that in the month of Ramadan prior to his emergence two eclipses will occur, one of the sun and one of the moon, both being visible from the Middle East and Arabia. These signs are said to have been visible right after the claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, and are supposed to happen again during Ramadan AH 1426 (roughly October 2005 CE). These claims are disputed by many non-Ahmadi Muslims." (My recent attempt toward an NPOV here.)

It seems to me (a non-Muslim) that we should try to include "variant" positions on the Mahdi in Wikipedia, as different doctrines concerning the Messiah are addressed in that article. I think too that maybe the layout of this article should be changed, adding a "non-Sunni and non-Shia" section that the Ahmadi claims would be fit into. (Am I correct that the Ahmadiyya are generally thought of as being neither Sunni nor Shi'ite?)

To further the general appearance of coherence as well, I would also remove the next sentence ("The title has been claimed by various individuals in history[...]") to the "People who saw themselves as Mahdi" section and rework that.

Or maybe it'd be better to note that "The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has other doctrines and predictions concerning the Mahdi" and for that off into another article entirely (something like "The Mahdi in the Ahmadi tradition")? Maybe the hypertextish nature of Wikipedia can be employed to good advantage here too?

I put the Ahmaddiyah view of the Mahdi in it's own section. The Ahmadiyya movement is a very small one among worldwide Muslims, but if you want to include their view of the mahdi, I do not think there is a problem with it. However, it should be seperate from the Sunni view as most Sunnis do not view the Ahmadiyya movement as a Muslim one. Thus, I have created a new section for it within the article, and removed the NPOV notice. DigiBullet 20:41, 15 Nov 2004 (UTC)

″≈≈ἋᾋΖ== This happened in the past! ==

"There will be an insurgence by the Sufyani, a descendent of Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan is considered by Shias to have been one of Muhammad's greatest enemies, along with his son, Muawiya I and Muawiya's son, Yazid. According to Shia narrations, the Sufyani's revolution will start from Palestine/Jordan, and his reign of tyranny will span the Middle East from Iraq to Egypt."

Muslims believes that Israel will take over the land from Egypt to Iraq and then Jesus (Essa or Isa) will appear to fight them along with Mahdi.


Just a suggestion... I think the article should also be linked to the wiki article on the Bab ( From a Baha'i perspective he is the Mahdi.


I've added a bibliographical section dealing with English language literature on Mahdism (s), also reproduced with the Messiah entry. Can anyone think of any other English language references that should be there?

User Calibanu 17:02, 31 May 2006

Kalki and Mahdi in Sikhism[edit]

In reference to the section "Mahdi in Sikhism" which probably needs to be removed: The Dasam Granth seems to claim that Mir Mehdi (Mahdi) will kill Kalki. Then Mir Mehdi will also be killed by God who sends an insect to creep into his ear and give him a very agonising pain. Both are called egoistic by the work. [1] [2] Otherwise both are said to ride a white horse.


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