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The Biographies mentioned that talk about multiple things about Malcolms life contain verified information as well and unverifiable research. For example, in the opening of the article, next to his "pimping" etc, they out biographies claim that he was also sleeping with men. This isn't the first time they are used as a source and thrown into a paragraph with no context, making it so reading it out loud it is written as a fact. i think we need to put those biographies in a different section or paragraph, if at all, and make it clear the original items in them are in fact, disputed, and they are claims that have no been verified. (talk) —Preceding undated comment added 21:10, 27 November 2016 (UTC)

Biographies and other reliable sources are used for many purposes in this article. When all sources agree, we don't usually mention the source. For example, we don't say that The New York Times reported that Malcolm X was shot at the Audubon Ballroom or that he was pronounced dead at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, even though that's the source we cite. We could have cited dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of other sources that would all say the same thing.
When some sources make an assertion that is not supported by dozens of other sources, we weigh its relative importance, its credibility, the credibility of the sources, and similar factors in terms of how we present it. Malcolm Little's sexual experiences with other men during his teenage years were one such assertion, his sexual experiences with other men during his criminal years were another; allegations of marital difficulties or sexual infidelity between Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz were a third. In my opinion, the first and last assertions were least credible, because each appeared only in a single source. Teenage sexual experimentation, if true, seems to me a trivial part of the life of Malcolm Little/Malcolm X.
I gave a little more credence to allegations of marital difficulties, which (while they appear in only one source) are supposedly corroborated by a letter from Malcolm X to his mentor, Elijah Muhammad. But what, I wonder, does knowing about Malcolm X's feelings that he was unable to satisfy his wife sexually tell us about his public career as a minister and activist? Nothing, in my view.
I don't know whether to trust allegations that in his last year, Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz were unfaithful to one another. These allegations, too, appear in only one source, based on rumors that were current at the time. Malcolm X was away from home for most of the last year of his life, travelling in Africa and in the U.S. He had men whom he trusted who stayed with his wife and family for protection when he was away. Some of the founding members and leaders of the OAAU were women, which was still a novelty in 1964. There was mistrust among the Muslims who followed Malcolm X (some of whom belonged to MMI) and the secular political types in the OAAU, and Malcolm X frequently wasn't in town, and when he was he sometimes had meetings with women other than his wife, and (not surprisingly) rumors arose about sexual affairs between him and one of the OAAU women and between Betty Shabazz and one of her bodyguards. I hope future biographies either put those rumors to rest or offer some proof to support them, but I don't think gossip and rumors are appropriate for an encyclopedia article.
Finally, there are the allegations that Malcolm Little engaged in sexual activities with other men during his criminal years. These have been reported by four biographies published over the course of a decade, and no biography published since the allegations were first made has refuted them. (Some have ignored them, but none has refuted them.) To me, these facts require us to consider these allegations more seriously than the others I've mentioned. Still, they're not supported by dozens of sources. I think the approach we've taken, which is to say that "recent biographies" say that Malcolm Little engaged in sex with other men, is the appropriate way to deal with the new information. — MShabazz Talk/Stalk 01:53, 28 November 2016 (UTC)


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