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  • Create a Release section

Michael Moore[edit]

Stp removing the Michael Moore trivia bit. It's obvious to anyone with eyes that Starkweater is a Michael Moore insult. Stop being naother bonehead community that controls the info. Or go screw yourself, I don't care. - 06:39, 5 January 2006 (UTC)

No, it's not obvious to anyone with eyes that starkweather is a Michael Moore insult, as he looks more like Steven Speilberg to me, and I most certainly possess eyes. I think. Aren't you glad I restored your vandalized comment? Brother Dave Thompson 4:33, 23 april 2006 (PST)
Are you totally off your tits? The only similarities between Starkweather and Michael Moore are a) They're both directors (well sort of) and b) they're both obese - which is probably the case with two thirds of US directors anyway. - 15:22, 14 October 2006 (UTC)
So because they are both obeese and they both direct films there is a link? Uhh, not quite. Moore makes documentaries, the Director makes snuff films. No connection other then vague physical simliarities. And by the way, WP:PA. Let's try to be civilized, shall we? --Chewbacca1010 23:03, 5 November 2006 (UTC)
No, I was implying that them being obese directors was the only similarity between them and thus no real link at all - as you said only a vague (and most likely unintentional) simularity. It would be easier to be civil on Wikipedia if people weren't so incredibly obtuse and of such low intelligence. - 06:32, 7 February 2007 (UTC)
I was replying to the original guy. Chewbacca1010 00:04, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

This seems a bit unnecessary[edit]

In the following paragraph in the Controversy section, one would think the article is about a different game: "This "implied-violence" animation contrasts with the style of other games, such as Soldier of Fortune II, which boasted 36 "gore-zones." In these games, the graphical representation of the body and the depiction of wounds are accurately portrayed on-screen. For instance, in Soldier of Fortune II, it is possible to "pistol whip" and dismember a female maid, mutilating her entire torso to the point where one may choose to remove her jaw to reveal her brain. Soldier of Fortune II is not the only game with this kind of violent on-screen representation, as many war-simulators have comparable graphics. However, Soldier of Fortune II, and other simulation First Person Shooters, seem to evade as much media attention as Manhunt did." It just seems to me like most of this should be cut out. Blinutne 21:08, 4 June 2006 (UTC)


Do you think we should put up pictures of all the gangs/police units in the game like we did for the Grand Theft Auto gang article?

I think they should! I also think they should start making a gang article as well, there being a manhunt 2 and all, and having more and newer enemies!--Manny Ribera 14:23, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

GTA Spinoff?[edit]

That's a little extraneous, isn't it? They're both made by the same company, and Rockstar is known for their self-referential-ism, but I don't think it counts as a spin-off.

Fully agreed: Manhunt has nothing to do with GTA. Geez... Removing. Ashanthalas 12:14, 21 September 2006 (UTC)
Actually, it does count as a spin-off since this film is set in Carcer City, a location first mentioned in GTA3, a game that was made two years before Manhunt. The Wookieepedian 20:12, 21 September 2006 (UTC)

Good work Wookieepedian! To bad I was to late to help!--Tommy Montana ~The World Chico and everything in it~ 18:44, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

The smiley gang is also in GTA:II. Should that be noted or is that to much trivia? Kunsteraar 11:21, 21 April 2007 (UTC)

Yes the Smilies are a retconned Loonies! So I think it should be put on there.--Manny Ribera 14:25, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

Source it or leave it. DarkSaber2k 14:30, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

why did the pics i uploaded get aken off[edit]

  • i uploaded pics of cash of the director but they got taken off why did that happen??~ moe 13:37, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Quotes section?[edit]

Is this neccesary? Notable? Is it OK if I remove it? Reignbow 23:13, 21 October 2006 (UTC)

My suggestion is to break it off into a separate article. Or someone can move it to WQ. 04:39, 4 November 2006 (UTC)


"However, as Cash is on the run and probably lacking in any personal funds, this is logical." This is opinion so I removed it. As well, the whole bit about the "Liberty City Survivor" is also WP:OR since there is no citation, so I also removed it. If you can find some quote somewhere from the game developers hat says otherwise, feel free to throw it back in.Chewbacca1010 22:59, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

Los Albos[edit]

In the manuel it says the Innocenz are from there... Is this supposed to be a area in Carcer City, or another city in GTA Land? does anyone know? --Mista-X 21:31, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

I checked on that and found nothing on Los Albos. It is indeed another GTA location!--Tommy Montana ~The World Chico and everything in it~ 20:51, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Vinewood Vs. Hollywood[edit]

I flipped through the manuel, and couldn't find reference to either. Can anyone confirm whether Starkwether is refered to as a Hollywood or Vinewood director? --Mista-X 20:46, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

You sure? I could have sworn it says something about an 'incident' forcing him to leave Hollywood in a hurry. I'll have a checky myself tonight (mostly coz I want to know for myself!) The Kinslayer 09:04, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

Well it dose say Hollywood! But since GTA and Manhunt is connected. (Manhunt being made made before GTA:SA) Hollywood has been changed in GTA:SA and is now called Vinewood. What we chould do is put the two names toghter like so Hollywood/Vinewood. But thats just mean what do you guys think?--Tommy Montana ~The World Chico and everything in it~ 06:13, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Ok, look, SA was made after Manhunt; there is nothing anywhere that says Hollywood is replaced by Vinewood, and if a source says that he was a Hollywood director, then that's how it should be stated in the article; anything that states otherwise is OR, without a viable source. ♣ Klptyzm Chat wit' me § Contributions ♣ 06:27, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Look first of all stop stalking me! Secound not true Manhunt was made before GTA:SA even check the dates!--Tommy Montana ~The World Chico and everything in it~ 18:47, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

...That's what I said:

"...SA was made after Manhunt...."

Perhaps you should read a lil' more closely. ♣ Klptyzm Chat wit' me § Contributions ♣ 19:54, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Wait a secound? In other words Manhunt was made first then San Andreas? Now i'm confused I think I made a mistake?....Well anyway stop following me!--Tommy Montana ~The World Chico and everything in it~ 20:06, 20 April 2007 (UTC)

Why is it that if you read the manual and get some information from it, it is considered original research and shouldn't be included, even if you made the game, but if you have a source of some news site saying the same thing then people will believe it? what makes the news site's claims any more reliable then your own? Algonquin 09:31, 5 May 2007 (UTC)
No, the manuals perfectly acceptable for getting descriptive information about the game. It's only original research if you speculate about information that ISN'T in the source, or you draw a non-supported conclusion based on what it says in the manual. DarkSaber2k 12:00, 5 May 2007 (UTC)

Original Research and Speculation[edit]

This page has quite a bit of both, so I'm going to do some deleting. Geoff B 12:12, 7 February 2007 (UTC)

Microphone Controlled?[edit]

This article is in the Category:Microphone-controlled computer games although this is never mentioned in the article. Anyone have any confirmation either way? 15:32, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

The game does feature the option to use the microphone to make sound in the game as a means to distract enemies. So yes, it is Microphone Controlled, although I think it uses the term 'Controlled' in the loosest possible way. The Kinslayer 15:35, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

Both the Playstation 2 and Xbox version have this feature so don't for get to put it on!!--Manny Ribera 14:28, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

Question that Should be answered and placed in the article is, Does the Headset feature still work when the game is played through emulation either on Xbox 360 or PS3.

WP:CVG Assessment[edit]

Following a request for assessment, I read the article, and below I will write down what could be improved. Note: I did not change the rating, because it's simply still B-class, and hardly that - if it wasn't already B, I would have assessed it at Start, probably.

  • The introduction is too short and ambiguous. At the very least, include some (summarized and rephrased) content from the 'reception' and 'controvery' sections.
  • The article needs structure - I suggest borrowing it from the FA Halo: Combat Evolved. Put the 'plot', 'gangs', and 'characters' section as subsections in one 'Synopsis' section, and delete the section about weapons: as with every game article, a list of units and weapons is not something to put in an encyclopaedia article. (Note that Halo has no list of such!) A few short sentences about the general type of weapons available in 'gameplay' will do - like if one will be using Katana's or Antigravity Beams. There are not enough weapons for a seperate 'list of weapons...' article.
  • Some trivia need explaining, because I didn't get why some of them were in that list. Be aware that not everyone reads the entire article, or use Ctrl+F to find something they're looking for.
  • The first paragraph of controversy needs references.
  • Reception needs expansion.
  • Gameplay needs internal links.

--User:Krator (t c) 22:12, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

I understand what to address for every point here except the trivia point, what exactly do you think needs explaining clearer? As far as I can tell only the 'Final Cut' one needs explaining, as it doesn't explain the significance of the name being used in Bully. The Kinslayer 11:33, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

What are ye on about??[edit]

whoever put up the piece that says manhunt is the only game to get an 18+ rating in ireland is slow what about gta?? every one of them games got an 18+ rating and the warriors got one too and theres loads of others before and since look at dead and rising gears of wars their just two on the xbox360 and the punisher on the ps2 also got 18's because of the brutal way you could mutilate people even after they were dead and because of the torture scenes i think ill go do some deleting —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 20:49, 24 February 2007 (UTC).


I do believe this game may fit in Category:Horror video games and Category:Survival horror games, but I'm not sure as I've never played it.--Empire Earth 15:28, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

It's hard to call, I can't say I've ever read it being described as such in any of it's reviews, but if you can find it being called so by a reliable source, I don't see why we shouldn;t put the cats in. The Kinslayer 15:34, 26 February 2007 (UTC)


I cleaned up the controversy section a bit, made it a bulleted list with an item for each country.

Reading the quoted source for the situation in New Zealand, the claim that mere possession is punishable with up to ten years in jail does not hold. According to section 131 of the quoted law, possession is an offence, but punishable only with a $2000 fine for individuals. The ten years are mentioned in section 124, which however refers only to acts according to section 123, which are, in short, supply, distribution, display, or exhibition to any other person, or possession for said purpose. This is a bit confusing, so I have reduced the sentence to "Possession is an offence" and linked section 131 as source. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Graf Bobby (talkcontribs) 13:15, 26 March 2007 (UTC).

I can't find an original verifiable source for the information that the attacker did not have a copy of the game.. the source detailed here is a blog which in turn references a dead link. 02:39, 11 June 2007 (UTC) Nic, June 10

Proposal: Project Manhunt link[edit]

There seems to be a kind of slow edit war going on about the link to Project Manhunt[3] in the External links section, so maybe we can reach a consense here. I propose that the link should be there. It is a useful site and fulfills the criteria of WP:EL, What should be linked, 3 and 4. — Graf Bobby 10:48, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

  • Oppose - Lets take each of the 2 points in turn:

3. This fails to apply to Project Manhunt. As a fan site, it cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered Neutral.
4. I have yet to see any proof of meaningful content that Project Manhunt is able to provide that isn't already in this article.

In addition, the link fails on the following points of What Not To Link (also on WP:EL:
1. Any site that does not provide a unique resource beyond what the article would contain if it became a Featured article.
3. Links mainly intended to promote a website.

I have seen no assertion as to why the site should be included beyond 'Go on, it's a fan site!' Indeed, the anonymous IP who continually re-added the link failed to provide even one edit summary as to why the link was being included. The Kinslayer 10:56, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Neutrality—in connection with a video game? Where's the controversy here? If it's bugs and gameplay issues, then fansites are definitely more neutral than devopers and publishers, whose sites seem to be linked routinely from Wikipedia. As for the meaningful content, do interviews with developers not count[4]? That's something the article definitely would not contain if it became a featured article.—As for the way the site keeps getting added, I understand that it is annoying, but it is not really relevant for the quality of the link itself. — Graf Bobby 11:12, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Removed some links[edit]

This is a bit too long for an edit summary, so I'll put it here:

  • Valiant Video Enterprises is a members-only page.
  • Banning of Manhunt (OLFC) is already a footnote above.
  • IMDB doesn't have any info that MobyGames doesn't have as well.
  • The dark side has no relevant info at all.

Graf Bobby 14:55, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Try again. Valiant Video Enterprises is an official viral website set up by R* as an advert for the game. 'Members only' is only amisnomer, you can't register with the site, only sign in as a guest.

The rest I agree with the other 3 being removed though.though. The Kinslayer 14:57, 3 April 2007 (UTC)

Ah yes. Got in without any problem. Not that there's any info to speak of on that site though. — Graf Bobby 15:05, 3 April 2007 (UTC)
True, but I'm sure a little paragraph about it could be worked into the article somewhere, I seem to recall the GTA articles have similar mentions of the various websites that were created for those games by R*. The Kinslayer 15:08, 3 April 2007 (UTC)


I moved the trivia item about two characters sharing the surname up to the entries for the respective characters. Everything that's left is about cross-references between Manhunt and the GTA series. It could thus be renamed, doing away with it according to WP:TRIV. I haven't done it myself since I'm not sure what would be a good title, and whether it belongs under synopsis or not. Hopefully someone else is more inspired than I am. — Graf Bobby 02:23, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

Maybe name it something like World Coninuity or something? Since the paragraph is dealing with R* well-known habit of linking all their games together into one world through it's use or products and names. DarkSaber2k 14:44, 25 April 2007 (UTC)

Piggsy did not die instaly[edit]

Okay,if you would pay atteion you would see that on the mini map after piggsy falls down,hes in a orange triangle(only on fetish mode)Which means he is still alive after you cut his hands off.So do you think it needs to be changed?

I think thats a glitch how can some one not die from a high hight?! Well who knows I'll check it out!--Manny Ribera 14:18, 14 May 2007 (UTC)

If only there was a way to tell for sure,but if he was dead then he wouldnt be a orange triangle on the minimap.

Well I just checked he didn't show up when I killed him! I hit the save point and tryed to bust in Starkweathers door! Then I ran down stairs to get away from the The Cerberus all of a sudden! After stealth killing one guy and shooting the others a yellow tringle showed up! So I made my way up stairs and killed The Cerberus upstairs! But the yellow tringle was still there but this time after shooting the guys the tringle chenged to orange then Red? I wondered who it was? My guess is that it is Pigsy! But he couldn't of lived from that fall!?--Manny Ribera 14:43, 17 May 2007 (UTC)

Well,the new's lady never said anything about him.And If he did survive the fall,and somehow he crawled away somehow and escaped?I dont know though.It could be a glitch.But you cant tell for sure,inless somehow you can jump through the thing he fell though and survive the jump.If he really did survive the jump then he has some fu*king strong legs.Because James Cash dies right away when he the ground.But if he did survive and crawled away.He could be in manhnt two.(if its a sequal). its not and hes not but good idea —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 04:49, 2 November 2007 (UTC)

Should there be a section on Manhunt 2?[edit]

It would make sense, as most other video game articles have details (or at least a mention and link) of sequals in them--Bisected8 21:04, 24 June 2007 (UTC)

I changed the line about the sequal being postponed indefinently because it seems to be a temporary setback. is one article describing this. Also many people are discussing how the ban will help sales when Rockstar does release it. So It does not seem fair to say this will never come out.

Links to external site Project Manhunt[edit]

Why do people consider this site as not having relevant information on the Manhunt game?, states 4. Sites with other meaningful, relevant content that is not suitable for inclusion in an article, such as reviews and interviews.

Project Manhunt includes (Please look for yourself so you can make an informed decision):

Information on early development stages of the game.

Trivia discussing information on references and possible inspiration for the game.

A page including Codes, Bonuses and information on how to attain them.

Information on all known Merchandise available.

And a lengthy transcribe of the dialog (script) contained in the game.

Guidelines state that sites with meaningful relevant "content not suitable for inclusion in an article, such as reviews and interviews" should be considered for adding. Now I know that DarkSaber2k has an ongoing vendetta against this site for he considers any link to it an act against the sacred guidelines, but as DarkSaber2k states "We invite everyone to contribute constructively to the encyclopedia" I agree completely with that statement.

As you can see from the above links, the site at is obviously a knowledgeable source on bits of information not included with in the article because as the guidelines state "content not suitable for inclusion in an article, such as reviews and interviews" should be considered for adding!

So after that will you agree that the site is a site worthy to be an external link from the Manhunt game page?

Hellyeah137 23:20, 11 July 2007 (UTC) Hellyeah137 (talkcontribs) has made no other edits outside this topic.

I had added to Manhunt 2, cause someone had deleted external link for the first game. SOmeone than deleted it for Manhunt 2's page then I added it again. --HeavyWikiMetal 00:34, 6 October 2007 (UTC)HeavyWikiMetal


Should the gangs of the game be included in the article? Neon6419 (talk) 02:45, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

Upgrades to "Plot" and "Reception"[edit]

I've spent a lot of time in upgrading the "Plot" and "Reception" - let me summarize what I did. For "Plot", I made the article truer to the in-game story; I've played through the entire game and Cash doesnt know the director's name until he meets the journalist. For "Reception", I've added one more review aggregation site's link in the "Critique" section (Metacritic); I changed "Reviews" to "Critique" since the reviews are there on the table on the right, and thus Critique sounds better. In the "Controversy" section I've given a moderately detailed example of each level of execution that describe both the aural and visual nature of the executions, instead of vague examples. Please don't delete my work without sending me a private message and stating your reason here--someone deleted my previous work in the "Plot" section three times in the last two weeks. Birdeditor (talk) 22:56, 21 January 2008 (UTC)

But now the plot section is to long. Stabby Joe (talk) 19:27, 31 January 2008 (UTC)
Bit shorter now, owzat? Geoff B (talk) 20:08, 31 January 2008 (UTC)
Thats roughly, if not the same thing I added to begin with so I find it odd it was changed in the first place. Stabby Joe (talk) 22:16, 4 February 2008 (UTC)
That's Wikipedia for you. Geoff B (talk) 05:52, 5 February 2008 (UTC)


This article should have a section of the gangs in the game Jesussureno (talk) 02:55, 19 February 2008 (UTC)

I was gonna do that but later....

~Ya Boi Krakerz~ (talk) —Preceding comment was added at 21:26, 26 February 2008 (UTC)

Fair use rationale for Image:Manhunt1.jpg[edit]

Nuvola apps important.svg

Image:Manhunt1.jpg is being used on this article. I notice the image page specifies that the image is being used under fair use but there is no explanation or rationale as to why its use in this Wikipedia article constitutes fair use. In addition to the boilerplate fair use template, you must also write out on the image description page a specific explanation or rationale for why using this image in each article is consistent with fair use.

Please go to the image description page and edit it to include a fair use rationale. Using one of the templates at Wikipedia:Fair use rationale guideline is an easy way to ensure that your image is in compliance with Wikipedia policy, but remember that you must complete the template. Do not simply insert a blank template on an image page.

If there is other fair use media, consider checking that you have specified the fair use rationale on the other images used on this page. Note that any fair use images lacking such an explanation can be deleted one week after being tagged, as described on criteria for speedy deletion. If you have any questions please ask them at the Media copyright questions page. Thank you.

BetacommandBot (talk) 14:51, 8 March 2008 (UTC)


I have to say, this article, more than any of the others I have ever ever seen, repeatedly turns into a big pile of shit. I know articles never reach the point where they stop changing, but surely they reach a point where they stop getting worse? (talk) 14:29, 17 April 2008 (UTC)


What about a reference to the (in my opinion) great soundtrack of this game? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:58, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

Find the info to help us out on that. --Lenin and McCarthy | (Complain here) 17:10, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

I only found these:

Besides the fact that I'm the lucky owner of a copy, legally bought at a record store :-) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:26, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

P.S: The soundtrack is also mentioned here on Wikipedia under 'Rephlex Records Discography' —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:23, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

This game is not adult[edit]

Wikipedia uses the term adult for pornography not violence. Plus the game is rated M not AO. Let's not take this farther than needed. YVNP (talk) 10:21, 1 March 2009 (UTC)

Brian Cox?[edit]

Why isn't he mentioned? He played Starkweather. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:18, 18 February 2010 (UTC)

File:Manhuntbox.jpg Nominated for speedy Deletion[edit]


An image used in this article, File:Manhuntbox.jpg, has been nominated for speedy deletion for the following reason: Wikipedia files with no non-free use rationale as of 3 December 2011

What should I do?

Don't panic; you should have time to contest the deletion (although please review deletion guidelines before doing so). The best way to contest this form of deletion is by posting on the image talk page.

  • If the image is non-free then you may need to provide a fair use rationale
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  • If the image has already been deleted you may want to try Deletion Review

This notification is provided by a Bot --CommonsNotificationBot (talk) 10:16, 3 December 2011 (UTC)

GA Review[edit]

This review is transcluded from Talk:Manhunt (video game)/GA1. The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review.

Reviewer: Sjones23 (talk · contribs) 04:09, 16 March 2013 (UTC)

Hello there. I will be reviewing this article shortly, so please bear with me here. Lord Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 04:09, 16 March 2013 (UTC)

All right then. Here's my review:

GA review – see WP:WIAGA for criteria

  1. Is it reasonably well written?
    A. Prose quality:
    B. MoS compliance for lead, layout, words to watch, fiction, and lists:
  2. Is it factually accurate and verifiable?
    A. Has an appropriate reference section:
    B. Citation to reliable sources where necessary:
    C. No original research:
  3. Is it broad in its coverage?
    A. Major aspects:
    Shouldn't we include a development section in the article if possible?
    B. Focused:
  4. Is it neutral?
    Fair representation without bias:
  5. Is it stable?
    No edit wars, etc:
  6. Does it contain images to illustrate the topic?
    A. Images are tagged with their copyright status, and valid fair use rationales are provided for non-free content:
    B. Images are provided if possible and are relevant to the topic, and have suitable captions:
  7. Overall:
    Pass or Fail:
    I will wait for a few days until this article is passed or failed.

Hope these comments are helpful. Lord Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 03:06, 18 March 2013 (UTC)

As you can see here, I tried to add a bit of a "Development" section, but it's very difficult to find any development information, since searching up Manhunt on Google just comes up with a lot of police cases to do with "manhunts", and searching up Manhunt information or even Manhunt development only really comes up with information for Manhunt 2, even when you change it to Manhunt 1 development or Manhunt 1 information. Will this indefinitely stop the article from becoming a "Good article", or can someone fill me in here...? Thanks, Rhain1999 (talk) 10:58, 25 March 2013 (UTC)
I don't think that this will stop the article from becoming a good article, but I am going to pass it anyways. Also, can you create a release section while you're at it? Keep up the good efforts in what you do, everyone! Lord Sjones23 (talk - contributions) 03:20, 27 March 2013 (UTC)

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External links modified[edit]

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