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Maquis, macquis, biota, Shrubland, Scrubland[edit]

There are several articles which at this date (20 August 2016) mention maquis but spell it macquis and need to be fixed; I propose to do that. Then there is the link on the first (and main) item here, which is bad so a redirect. I am about to fix it. The term biota clashes with the identifying term "shrubland" used in the title of that post-redirection article and needs moving perhaps.

It is worth noting that, although evidently the spelling maquis is most popular now, in Encyclopaedia Britannica Fifteenth Edition 1984 the entry maquis (Mediterranean vegetation) says only "see macchie". The entry macchie reads "macchie or macchia, also known as maquis, a scrubland vegetation of the Mediterranean region ...". Volume VI page 432.

I will also point out that to some readers the title "Maquis shrubland" will look like an error, if they come believing that the correct term for that type of vegetation is "scrubland". However Wikipedia has an article on Shrubland which it immediately equates to scrubland; and the Talk page there discusses the clash between the terms and whether there is any distinction, so I will accept the choice Wikipedians have made and not attempt to go back over it now. The entry Scrubland redirects to Shrubland. Now there is some work to do and I will try to do only what everyone will accept as good. Iph (talk) 20:10, 20 August 2016 (UTC)