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On archiving the old page

Hi, I have archived the old discussion page as it was too long and unwieldy. Also, please note that well over half the length of that archived talkpage comprises of a long list of clans, an identical copy of which is to be found in Maratha Clan System. I created that page myself some weeks ago, taking the same matter from a badly placed posting on the "ruling clans of India" category-page. ImpuMozhi 19:18, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

Discussion on Maratha Clans

Which brings me to the point that the only surviving discussions to be brought forward from the old talk-page pertain to the subject of maratha clans. Two lists are available:

  • The list found on the Maratha Clan System page -- this needs a VAST amount of word to become readable and useful.
  • The list found in the Appendix of the Maratha page -- this list features Gotras and surnames. I can affirm definately that EVERY ONE of the Gotras mentioned there are Brahmin gotras, and that atleast a few of the surnames listed seem likewise to be Brahmin surnames.

There is need to reconcile these lists, include all available information which is RELIABLE, and create a single dependable listing. This project is obviously for someone having intimate knowledge of the subject. Even when some such person come up, it may be best to make those efforts on a page dedicated to the subjecy of maratha clans. Hence, I shall be moving the list available on the Maratha page also the the clan page; please make contributions to that topic on that page. ImpuMozhi 19:18, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

Marathas a collective term?

Well methinks Marathas are treated as a single caste rather than a collective term. Only distinction being that 96 kulis were warriors and Kunbis were peasents but inter-marrying has blurred the line between them

अमेय आरयन AMbroodEY 08:00, 17 December 2005 (UTC)


I noticed the following text added to explain the origin of Marathas:

"The origin of the Marathas is a much debated issue. According to Risley , the Marathas were of Scythian origin. However , some historians assign Scythian origin for the Rajputs and White Huns origin for Marathas. This seems more accurate because the Rajputs emerged from Agnikund , and the Scythians were fire- worshippers. The Maratha Clan system is more similar to the White Hun's clan structure. The Marathas may be an admixture of White Huns , Greek (Seleucid - Salukya dynasty) , and other invaders such as the Ahirs and Gujars."

Why should the Marathas regard themselves as descendants of obscure foreign invaders, rather than LOCAL rulers, who actually ruled Maharasthra, and whose names are actually borne by some of the Maratha clans still today?

James Todd wrote his influencial book "The Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan" in 1829 and 1832. At that time he proposed his theory of the Rajputs being descendants of Scetians and Huns, based on recently written chronicles he came across.

Since his time a large number of copper-plates and inscriptions have been discovered. With direct evidence why is there a need to speculate? Anyone, who need to lookup the original sources can do so, by looking at compilations of inscriptions published by the "Archaeological Survey of India". You can go and visit the museums, and see the copper-plates yourself.

The Rashtrakutas of Latur/Manyakhet, the Chalukyas of kalyani did actually rule Maharashtra. They have left numerous inscriptions and copper-plates. They were, in fact, among the greatest rulers of India. They supported numerous scholars, whose books can still be found. Most of the caves of Ellora, and at least one cave of Ajanta is from their period.

There still exist Maratha clans that bear their names. Why then, the need to seek Scythian and Huns to explain the origin of Marathas?

The Shilaharas of Kolhapur and the Kadambas of Goa were real dynasties, actually ruling parts of Maharashtra. There are Maratha clans that bear their names. The Yadavas of Devagiri were also distinguished rulers of parts of Maharashtra.

Not acknowledging them as the ancestors of Marathas, is practically like someone disowning their own ancestors (like some Pakistanis sometimes do). The sad things is this: The Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas, Shilaharas, Yadavas and kadambas were great and noble kings. Anyone should have been pround to have them as their ancestor.

--Malaiya 04:04, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Well i've seen theories on alleged non-Indo-Aryan origin of Marathas. Well we can add it there as a POV. Its certain that Marathas are not descendents of one people. They are mixtures of various people. अमेय आरयन AMbroodEY 05:13, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

Explaining my reversion

Hi, the core of the "origin" paragraph introduced by an unregistered user lies in the following words, and I quote: "...historians have assigned a White Hun origin for the Marathas and Scythian origin for the Rajputs. This is because the Scythians were fire worshippers and the Rajputs hold the theory that they emerged from Agnikund. Therefore , the White Hun origin of the Marathas is the best explanation of Maratha origin..."

"Illogical" is a mild assessment, "arrant nonsense" is more like it. A hundred other ancient tribes worshipped fire; were they all scythian? Who says the scythians had a cultural copyright on fire, one of the basic needs of early man?? But what takes the cake is the judgment that "because the rajputs were scythians, the marathas must have been white huns(!!!!)"

In this connection...

It is an insult to a great people and to their land to suggest that because they are great, they cannot be native to that despicable land, they must be glorious foreigners. The theories about rajput/foreign origin deprives the actual community and their native land of justified glory, to the aggrandisement of "approved" ruler-communities; this needs to be reprobated because it is FALSE. The maratha heroes who went out and ACHIEVED an empire did not care to create fictitious genealogies and try to claim to belong to castes other than their own. They just ACHIEVED. The whole crap about glorious foreign origin, descent from the mewar royal family, etc etc was a function of the effete-ness of their successors, the powerless, under-employed princelings of British India, who idle mind turned them towards wasteful pursuits such as creating fictitious genealogies. A similar phenomenon is observed in the case of the Jat rulers of Punjab; they also have created such genealogies linking them to the rajput caste and the royal house of Jaisalmer.

Even those idle princelings, living in the caste-bound 19th century, made only caste claims and NOT CLAIMS OF FOREIGN ORIGIN; that idea is unknown to the traditional Indian mind. Even the connection of rajputs with scythians and others is the work of James Tod and other motivated EUROPEAN scholars, who had a vested interest in linking the traditional rulers of India with foreign lands.

There is in fact no reason to search for any but a native origin for the marathas. Even if a few drops of their blood by chance came from elsewhere, it cannot be right to exalt that fact above the major part of their ancestry. Of a persons 64 known ancestors, if one was a rajput and another a "white hun", can that be exalted to the disregard of the other 62 ancestors? A similar argument can be made for not linking any of them to previous rulers of maharashtra -- it simply does not MATTER. In the deccan region and the south, it has been a persistant trend for subaltern castes to gain political power; this is a prime reason for the situation of relatively greater social harmony that obtains in this part of the country.

Please do not revert the reversion, and make no additions without references and proper discussion on this talk-page. ImpuMozhi 14:57, 19 December 2005 (UTC) BNravo !!!! Bravo!!!!! You are true chid of a Maratha my brother ImpuMozhi! I salute you for your gtare answer to all those bastred for thir sins towards Worrior Maratha caste. I am prod of you my brother. Keep it on my brother . Shut teir lousy mouth by the devine truth. I Vishal Prakash Dudhane thanks youonce again. I kinda agree with ImpuMozhi here.. but personal beliefs aside, we must epresent all POV's in the article. It doesnt matter if Rajputs were Scythians, Marathas were white huns blah....blah.... White Huns and Scythians ruled over India during the time of Christ hence they became completely integrated in the Indian culture by medieval ages to the point that they stopped being foreign. I bet Shivaji had never heard of Sakas or the Indo-Scythians. So lets not emphasize on this point. BTW Impu, Rajputs do appear to have contributed to Maratha gene pool to a certain extent since both ethnic groups have common clans. I doesnt matter if Marathas were a mixture of Yadavs,Rajputs,Kannadigas,etc,etc by medieval times they had become a seprate ethnic identity.

अमेय आरयन AMbroodEY 15:09, 19 December 2005 (UTC) Attention Every Maratha Some anti Maratha forcess and foregien secreat service agengies are active on this wikipedia to Brainwash Maratha pepole. All they want to prove that Maratha's are basterd origin. We all should be aware off this kind of anti-Maratha activities AMbroodEY seems to be such kind of person who is consistingly trying to prove that Maratha are outside India origin . Beware of such persons my Maratha brothers. We all should conddem and curse this kind activities.First the Bramin have Brainwashed and outcaste our Maratha pepole and now American backed fallese historian are doing the same.Remember the James leonen controvercy over King Shivaji's natural fathership ???? Beware all Maratha brother's.

Non Marathi Marathas

Well we need to Marathas who speak Hindi or Tamil as their first language. Cant find any credible sources, maybe Impu you could help. Plus could somebody condense Anglo Maratha Wars for this article?

अमेय आरयन AMbroodEY 15:14, 19 December 2005 (UTC)

origin of maratha

There is lot of debate generated regarding the origin of word.It is basically'Marhatta',derived from'Maha ratha/rathi'.Marhatta breaks into Marya(young warriors-Rigveda)and hatt/hath(army)and maha means great and rathi means charioters.In brief , these both words denote the same meaning.Marathas ,rather entire population of Maha rashtra worships a local deity 'Khando_ba', also known as 'Malhari-Martand'.People believe that he is incarnation of lord Shiva.Khanda is same as Skanda , son of Lord Shiva.Champa Shashti of Khando_ba and Skanda Shashti both are the same and falls in Margshirsh month .Now see that in honour of Khando_ba fast is observed on Sunday.In rural areas of Maratha countryside. Sunday is called as Adit_war and not Ravi_war.Eight Adityas are mentioned in Rigveda.Martand is one of them.Even today in Kashmir there is Martand temple for sun worship.Now from these larger tradition of society it is very clear that these people are directly connected with Rig-veda.Any one can verify these facts from Rigveda or any book of culture on Maha rahtra.We can discuss on this before inclusion in the article

Marathas Origin Is Indo-Aryan

The following passage culled from several reputed historian's works point to the Aryan origin of the Marathas.

Prior to the near barbaric Maratha Aryan invasions of Rajasthan, Rajastan enjoyed several centuries of unprecedented prosperity under the rule of the Delhi Caliphate. Thus, large-scale zinc production started in Rajastan in the 13th century AD (concordant with the establishment of the Delhi Caliphate) and lasted till the mid 18th century AD [ Desh ]. Small-scale mines are found that date to the 4-5th centuries BC but these are very small, and large-scale zinc production and mining in general was inaugurated with the Delhi Caliphs. However, the Maratha invasions destroyed all hope of prosperity -

" In a very few years Mewar lost half her population ; her lands lay waste, her mines unworked; and her looms, which formerly supplied all around, forsaken. "

Thus, taking Mewar as the benchmark, half of the population of Rajastan was exterminated by the Maratha invaders. These two races were separated by race (the Marathas are Indo-Aryans, the Rajputs Indo-Scyths) and religion (the Rajputs are Solar Cultists, or Sauras, the Marathas are Vaishnavas & Ganapatiyas). This contributed to the hatred, and the names of Maratha leaders still evokes memories of suffering & hatred in Rajastan.

I've researched a lot on Maratha history and origin. I had to be unbiased on this issue. Some Wikipedians may remember, I had supported the "Scythian origin theory" of Marathas. Becuase that's what I was made to believe. But now as I've done my research (putting aside all earlier speculations and prejudices), I got to the truth. New Rock Star 07:03, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

New rock star and Shishir Rane,
The concept of Aryans and scythians is not true. Aryan invasion theory is a myth. Please read: Shivraj Singh 17:48, 25 January 2006 (UTC)


Kindly re-read your source. Its from some jingoistic Rajput website. 07:20, 27 January 2006 (UTC)

Few views on above topics =

The 2 top paragraphs in this section need more detailed study. Politics in the 17 and 18 century do need a great detailed study. Please don't write such stories.

It's stated in Mewar Family lineage - there was a man of name Siddarth and Shaliwahan. This is really shocking that the names appear round the same date lines as the Kings ruled.

Shiva the deity of the family and the other things are really some combinations those give rise to some thoughts. Questions arising from the Maratha’s deity – Khandoba, Tulja Bhavani are ‘Kul daivatas’ (Family Gods) to major Maratha sections.

Considering the attacks from the north side, (Of shakas and Huns) Shaliwahan repelled all them and was called ‘Trisamudratoyapitam’; Isn’t it interesting to say that shaliwahan and his successors were very happy to put their mother’s names before their names. They always worship their mothers. One of the shaliwahn was son-in-law of the Nahapan who was said to be shak . The Nahapan and many scithian families had always worshiped Black Mother Goddess ‘Mahakali’. Later on some period it is stated that the the Mahakali was also worshiped by the Sahliwahan descendant. But they had ‘Shiva’ as their family deity.

Most of the northern kshtriya’s worship Shiva/Mahakali as their family deity. Shaliwahan as a king rose from central Maharashtra city of Pratisthan – current name is Paithan – Near Aurangabad – (Which is very close to Ellora and Ajanta). As folk stories goes - before the shaliwahan the region was controlled by ‘Vikramaditya’ of ujjain. (150 BC) His subordinate Nahapan was rulling paithan. He attacked Paithan to finish the Shaliwahan he was defeated. Then Shaliwahan defeated Vikaramaditya.

Why I am putting all this here? – The reason is that the Shaliwahan appointed one of his princes to Ujjain, or near to this at Chitradurga (Modern Chittore). Are we confident that the pure genealogies are present in this world? The Shaliwahan prince may have been adopted by the Chittore family.

Most of the Rajputs are product of Maha-rathi’s (Marathi’s – Maratha’s). There is enough proof for this. And it can be concluded that the most of the Maratha’s are rajputs. It’s time that ruled the regions.

- Jai

Genetics origins

As far as I know the initial Rashtrakuta, Chalukya and Hoysala kingdoms shaped Kannada language and culture. However, their later branches could have supported other Dravidian languages(I'm using Dravidian in purely linguistic sense and not racial sense; there are no Aryan and Dravidian races in India...that is pseudoscience) of course along with Sanskrit. As far as I know Satavahana were too back in the history and encouraged Prakrit, from which perhaps the modern Marathi was shaped. I'm not sure whether one can associate Satavahanas with any identity. Please correct me if I'm wrong and don't simply change the article. Thanks.

Manjunatha (3 Feb 2006)

Genetic origins


About Hoyasala, no one claims that they were Marathas. About Rashtrakuta, their origin earlier was not fixed .However with recent finding latest and oldest inscription in Satara district of Maharashtra, it is definite that they were from this region.Morover during that time Rashtra was an adminstrative division and they were two/three branches of Rashtrakuta as its head. About Chalukya Pulkeshi,Huien-Tsang clearly that he is king of Maharashtra.No doubt they have contributed to southern culture just like later Bhosales of Tanjavar Satvahans were one of Maharath(Maratha) family as seen from their earlier inscription of Nashik.I think more objective version can be that present day state of Maharashtra with Karnataka and Andhrapradesh share some common history as borders of empires were changing. If any clan of Karnataka bears such names ? Please let me know.Let us discuss here all aspects , then only we change the article

dbkasarDbkasar 12:07, 3 February 2006 (UTC)

As far as I know, Maharashtra in old works encompassed entire present day Maharashtra and Karnataka. Anyway, that name does not give out any ethnic/linguistic identities. I added Hoysala as I have seen somebody claiming Hoysala became Bhosale etc.. in one of the articles. I suppose now that has been deleted. The fact is most of these kingdoms ruled northern Karnataka/Southern Maharashtra blurring the boundaries(Of course there was no linguistic identity in the past). Anyway, Karnataka geographical boundaries were described in one of the literary works during Rashtrakutas. According to it, the area stretching from the river Kaveri to the river Godavari is Kannada. How would reconcile kingdoms with Maharashtra destribution encouraging Kannada. Either they spoke Kannada or people in that region spoke Kannada. Boundaries/linguistic patterns have definitely changed. And I was just trying to understand which way.
I don't know if anybody claim that they were descendents of any of these kingdoms in Karnataka. As far as I know, there are people with Hoysala sunames(Ballal), however, I'm not sure if they have historical memory or records to support it. As far as I know, except Mysore kings no other Karnataka kingdoms' descendents carry any definite historical records claiming their royal descent.

Manjunatha (4 Feb 2006)

There are no conflict in genetic studies(at least mentioned in the article about "Karan" and "Maratha" people). If you think people with same genetic profile to exercise same influence everywhere then you are completely prejudiced. In South India, the major Haplogroup of Brhamins is R1a1. However, in North India even the declared lower castes exhibit the haplogroup in the same fequency. Do you understand the stark contrast in their social influence? So please don't get carried away by genes and greatness of any caste. It's just a racist thinking. And in Indian context it's entirely irrelevent(Sengupta et al. and Sahoo et al. 2006) Probably, you must be aware in Central India many tribes declared themselves as Kshatriyas and started ruling(even in Andhra Pradesh).

Manjunatha (4 Feb 2006)

Atten--Manjunath You are right as far as genetics.My point is that until unless there is really very exhaustive study, better not to comment on this.Anyhow there are many more factors other than genes which contributes to progress of civilization.Secondly ,as I have mentioned earlier we can keep exchanging information over here so that we can enrich this site.Dbkasar

What, may I ask, are Marathas doing to preserve the legacy of their forefathers? Whether it is heritage buildings, history, culture...the Rajputs are doing this to perfection. Another case in point is military history---go to any Rajasthani household and they show you all the weapons used by their ancestors. They have even preserved the horses, which their forefathers used to fight off the invaders...what are the Marathas doing in comparison? See this Zorawar Singh

Dear Zorawar, Remember that the Still many families have a list of generations information with them. They do have their forfathers wepons and still on every Dasehara they have Pooja of all those. Many traditions of Rajput have origion from Maratha traditions which were defined in era of Shalivahana.

Dear Zorawar always remember that the Rajput fled most of the northen region and came to south in Allauddin khiliji period or even before that to show their talent either or their power to conquer new region.

In period of Aurangjeb as many families settled in Marathawada - If go deeply and study Marathawada region and then you will find that the --

Region of Ambad Taluka of Jalana District have 29 Villages of Tanwar family and named in as Taur. They have relations with the local maratha families. Majalgaon Taluka has around 20 Villages of Solanki which now named as Solanke. They are also now maratha. Take Parali Taluka of the Parbhani district and you will find that the Chauhan's are settled here are from Rajsthan. They are not seperated from Martatha.

Please do not try to make distinction between Rajput and Maratha now

-- Jai

Maratha's Genetic Origins Debate

A good deal of discussion is going on regarding the genetic origin of Marathas. There has been some controversy regarding the genetic origin of Marathas. But that controversy is simply ridiculuos. It originated when some Western scholars speculated that Maratha origins were Scythic (which is NONSENSE). Prior to that, it was generally accepted that Marathas are Aryans, genetically as well as linguistically. I've covered many genetic research programs on Asia and as far as I know, Marathas genetic constitution resembles that of Indo-Aryan race. I've got many research papers where I've studied the genetics of various races, but because of legal obligations, I am not entitled to publish them in a public domain. However, I will explain it in brief.

  • The molecular HA*04 subtypical distribution indicates the presence of 10 subtypes in variable frequencies in Marathas (This is a characteristics of Aryans)
  • Allele AHLA A*0211 is commonly observed in Maratha groups (Especially observed in Aryan groups and sometimes in Hispanics. Dravidian groups observed (Nair, Iyer) have shown a different allele A*02088.)

There are many other observations which we've done work on and also currently in progress. However, as I've mentioned before, I cannot disclose any more information. I cannot comment on the recent claims that Aryan invasion was a myth etc., since I am not a historian. But, as a genetic science and biomedical expert, I can say that Marathas gentic origins are certainly Aryans.

Mayank Sawant 08:27, 14 February 2006 (UTC)

Dear Mayank,
It's good to have a geneticist among us, however, it's too bad that one had to claim existence of Indo-Aryan race based on hideous research. Since you are talking about HLA alleles and not the neutral markers like Haplogroups, being Genetics layman, I would like to ask few questions. Consider a hypothetical situation. There are a group of R1a1 individuals in Central Asia around 10000 years ago. Some of them migrated to present day India around 10000 years ago. Some of them ended in South India and became Iyer over time. Another group migrated around 3500 years ago(same R1a1) and some of them became Marathas over time. Considering the selection and other factor, this Iyer has allele AHLA A*02088 and Maratha has AHLA A*0211. Does that make them two different races? Could you please give me your definition of a race?
Thanks for any inputs.

Manjunatha (15 Feb 2006)

Hey, It's great that some discussions are going on regarding the genetic origins etc. I dont know much about genetics though. As, I mentioned earlier (See "Maratha Origin Is Indo-Aryan"), historians do put Maratha origins as Indo-Aryan. Also, whether Indo-Aryan and Dravidian are two different races is a totally different matter. However, I think too much energy is being put on these things. Why don't we think about expanding the article.

New Rock Star 10:57, 15 February 2006 (UTC)

New Rock Star, Why don't you just give sources to back your claims instead of deleting any modifications? Your self confessed ignorance about Genetics doesn't show in your aggressive defense of "Marathas belong to Aryan race". Nobody questions Marathas are Indo-Aryans. Obviously, since Indo-Aryan is a linguistic identity. When it comes to "Aryan" race, nobody is not sure if the word "race" itself is valid when it comes to Homo Sapiens. It's a controversial issue. Let the scientists come to a proper conclusion. Then we can think about Aryan/Dravidian races. At present, the dominant theory is race doesn't exist. In view of these facts please cite your proper sources. Thanks.

Manjunatha (22 Feb 2006)

Non Marathi-Speaking Marathas

Well, there are many non- Marathi speaking Marathas. Many of them speak Malvani, Karwari, Konkani, Hindi and Marwari languages. Some even speak Urdu, Gujarathi, etc. I will add a sub-section in the main article.

New Rock Star 10:57, 15 February 2006 (UTC)

Military tradition

Attention--Zorawar Singh

Maratha tradition is well preserved in the royal palaces right from Gwalior to Tanjore and Baroda to Nagpur.Please bear one more point that many maratha forts were destroyed during Maratha-British wars.However I must admit that more efforts are required in Maharashtra to preserve forts and other symbols of tradition.dbkasar210.211.136.93 10:06, 21 February 2006 (UTC)

Confestion of a Maratha

Confestion of a Maratha I read discussion on this Maratha Talk. Good. But all participent are far far away from reality , same just as talking about untangible things . So brother's let me tell you some ground level , eye opening facts wich i have gattered from real living Maratha society First off all modern genetic study shows that all Maratha's are off 100% pure local AryanORIGIN , yESS ALL CORRECT , NO NEW FOR ME OR WORLD .But why all white people use to say that the Maratha were off outside India invader origin ?? Because off politics my brothers. Undestood?? Mind it well because this politics you have to undestan first the only you can know the truth. Now commeing to the point .We find Maratha genetic in other caste in India . Why??? For this to undestand you need to know the Martha man .Have you ever observer A Maratha mans bevehaviour close to you .??? What is his ego , what is his pride , for what he fights??? All You sad historian including those Maratha youth and scientits who belives in white mans theory. Rubbish it is . All we need to go back to our origins of mother nature.And then only you will come to know What is Maratha.

Causes of finding Maratha genetics in other caste of India

I know this Talk find others diffcult , disgusting or humilating. So first of all i pardon and say sorry and ask excuse of all the people any my fellow brothers. My aim is not to humiliate anyone but just to say the truth i have discovered. It is rather diffcult to say but it must be told because to stop nonsence discussion and childish conclusions of monkey kind , self-proclaimed Historian running in this world at present. In my observation of surrounding Maratha society i have observed that politicaly sucesseful men like MLA , AAmdar ,Khasdar and wealthy Maratha people always have relationship with womens other than their legaly first married wife. They tend to have sexcual relationship with maximum womens. In fact they assume some kind of pride in this matter.One can find scandals of Maratha men if he investigate like a spy. To my knowlege every Maratha politician , businessmen , Landlord , Aristocrat or even a Muncipal level city corporater gotta have sex scandals. They have offsprings from this .Even working class men have their affairs too. One manhood proud of Maratha men is to became a wrestler in Mud-wrestling geyms or AAkhads in local arears. This natural instinct or origin is very important when comming to the point why Maratha gens find in other caste. The rest is for poets hand because i find diffcult to continue . In olden days what may have happened in harsh Indian claimatic , economic and social structure that when Maratha people were on the top of their carrier that from illegal sexcual contact they may have given birt to many other Maratha Sub Castes. For E.G when Maratha men had sexcual contacts to other caste womens then their outcome offspring may have given birth to Sub caste. When Maratha kings use to go to rule in other countries and lands they have came in contact with those local womens . I can give specific examples of those castes but it will be roud and humiliating to those caste . Modern students off genetics , social studies , historian and others who write history and publish thier very very childish opinions , conclusions should consider this ground level realities . and more important on this wikipedia we try to show the trut and not politicaly covered that i have wrote this.

Who should deside Origins of Maratha caste

Who should deside Origins of Maratha caste While reading history of MY Maratha caste i have became sure that more care is taken while desiding the origin of western dog breeds like Germen Shepard , Dobermen etc . Today in this present world we Maratha's seem to be less than a dog breed in the world dominated by western civilisiation . This American , British civilisations give importance to our Maratha's less than their dogs . Desiding Maratha history , origin is child's play.As we all know that some outcaste social classes of every society of any nation such as Begger ,Criminal , murderer , sluts ,pimps etc have no digniety or value in any society. We all enjoy sick kind of enjoyment in passing comments on them.All western civilisations are enjoying such low rank enjoyment on history of Maratha caste.I want to make aware all the world off all this activities.Now very important question is that all those pepoles who make comments on Maratha history and origin , carries what kind of values , ideology, mentality,gens , .Are they worthy to deside others origin and write history of Maratha caste.What is the history and origin of ther own caste , nation ?? Do they belong to respectable families . Is their mind , soul pure and not full of dirty politics.??? hOW MUCH PURE BREAD ARE THEY ALL COMMENTRETORS.Why don't we belive on the history told by Maratha's themselves??? Because western civilisations have gotta all the money , power ,resourcess , army with them.

By Vishal p Dudhane

The original copy of my post

From:- Vishal Prakash Dudhane Date:- 2005

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Editor Note :- While reading this clans it should be noted that the main clans and their sub-clans or line may differ from time to time or by book to book and always use to change because as time passes some clans loss their glory, kingdom and some clans come in to limelight as it is a play of nature. One should note that in olden days in very harsh conditions due to many reasons people use to go underground , change the habitat ,nation or city , change their names to hide oneself because of various reasons as grate wars, foreign invaders such as Islam, Turks, Mangol, British or of due to any crime or opposition with ruling government. Evidence suggest this possibilities that clans , people change their names and clans but do not change cast and use to continue under different names or clans in the new region , nation, city or government. It is difficult process to identify and prepare 100% correct clans line. Errors and omission are ask, requested . My good intention should always bee kept in mind while reading this article. One more impotant thing I have noted that I found many surnames , clans of Maratha which are not include in this list. The reason behind it is needed to find out .

Copyright :- As all the information in this article is related to Maratha cast , Hindu religion and its purpose is not commercial but social and to educate world , the objection of copyright should not be considered . All the information in this article is based on olden religious books which is property of society, Hindu religion.

        Warrior Maratha cast 96 clans line.

1) Ahirrao (Aahirraw):- Clans , Line :-Akantak,Akral,Akaral,Ameer,Aamale,Aaraj,Aatole,Akante,Adhauo,Awaghad,Armale,Aakhar,Aadan, Edhate,Erwe,Akare,Ade,Akhande,Araw,Kathale,Karnale,Gangale,Gubre,Dhime,Ghodchadhe, Ghokhale,Charhate,Cherpe,Jaggethe,Jagdumbare,Jagbhand,Jangle,Junghare,Junde,Juwware, Zadokar,Tale,Tole,Daware,Dabre,Dature,Domne,Dhakne,Padwe,Padpathe,Padole,Pannase, Balee, Prokatat,Balia,Bhilkar,Bhusgale,Mulmule,Shire,Shimre,Haipkar,Date. ( Total 58 )

2) Aangra:- Clans , Line :- Akhatyar,Akhil,Amankar,Awakale,Aatkad,Aarsood,Aasood,Aakhade,Andhare,Andhak,Erkhade,Esankar, Ethakare,Ethale,Kankrale,Karande,Karnale,Kadale,Gadrarw,Gandharwa,Ghodtale,Chanchal,Chatpate, Chabukswar,Chatap,Janjal,Jawjal,Janjeere,Jatadharee,Haghane,Jathe,Janghale,Jatabhare,Tipre,Ladhe, Watane,Sabkal,Sawkal,Sawai,Sadar,Tumane,Tushar,Tridoshi. ( Total 45 )

3) Aangan ( Aangane):- Vansh :- Surya vansh or Solar clan , Throne kingdom :- Palashika ( Halsee in Karnataka state) ,Throne , Canopy ( Chatra) , Sign (Nishan ) , Horse (Varu) :- Red , Sun on Flagpole, Clan goddess(Kuldaivat ) :- Bhavani , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Kalamb or Ketak , Guru :- Durvas , Gotra :- Kadam , Veda :- Rugveda , Mamtra :- Treepad Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :- Aangan,Alaspure,Awole,Adshul,Aswale,Awate,Agarkar,Angrakhe,Uttam,Utpadak,Uoogal,Uoornale,Upre,Usane,Udhal,Udhawe,Kanoj,Karale,Kalane,Kinge,Gaoorkhade,Gandhi,Gulab,Gholap,Chatte,Chattis, Chakate,Chichor,Chote,Jaghane,Jagjal,Janthe,Janchare,Jadnawal,Budhe,Budh,Mehkare,Randhaeer,Ranjeet,Lahane,Wale,Salwe,Tahane,Talkat,Talghate,Saoorkar. (Total 47 )

4) Engale (Ingle):- Vansh:- Bramha vansh, Throne kingdom :- Mahinagar and Ayodhya ( Uttarpradesh state ), Throne :- Yellow, Canopy:- Yellow. Sign ( Nishan ):- Yellow, Horse ( Varu ) :-Yellow, Hanuman on Flagpole, Clan god (Kuldaivat) :- Bramhanath, Clan object (Devak) :-Kamal(Lotus flower), Guru :- Bharadwaj, Gotra :-Chulkee, Veda:- Yajurved, Mantra :- Gayatri Clans , Line :- Agochar,Arwad,Atkare,Aalsure,Ambreesh,Enjalkar,Endhale,Elamkar,Ene,Edhale,Etkhade,Othambe, Oraskar,Kasoorkar,Kanije,Kamble,Khadse,Gaiphane,Chikte,Chinchoke,Chimote,Chimte,Choudhari, Chitins,Jagdal,Jabidare,Jabr,Jangle,Topple,Topkar,Dukrul,Dhumale,Dhepe,Niranjan,Janprawade, Janmakhode,Janmapashe,Japmale,Tryambake,Pore,Pote,Mate,Mandlik,Matikhaye,Repe,Reche,Rekhe, Sagne,Hingre. ( Total 51 )

5) Kardam,Kadam:- Vansh :- Surya vansh alias Solar clan, Suryavanshi king Kadam, City :- Kedar (Kandahar city in Modern day Afhganistan nation ) Second Throne Vanwas ( in Karnataka State ) third throne Palshika ( Halsi in Karnataka State ) fourth kingdom Gopapattan ( Goa state in India ), Throne :- Red , Sign :- Red, Horse :- Red, Sun on flagpole, Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Tuljabhavanee, Clan object ( Devak :- Gold ( Sone ), Halad, Ketak or Kalamb, Guru :- Duvrasrushi, Gotra :- Kadam, Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :- Akhand,Akhade,Aghate,Aawanle,Kajle,Kawale,Kalamb,Kalge,Kalak,Karle,Kanwa,Kalpadrupam,Kuwal, Kulkarni,Kolhe,Khadupe,Gagul,Gatode,Ghade,Ghode,Ghorde,Jayjune,Doijad,Takte,Taktake,Takdewade, Dewar,Dhadshirke,Dhukate,Dhutre,Dhul,Dhudhad,Nawre,Nupre,Wadke,Ghame,Bares,Balekar,Barbudhhe,Birath,Bobsate,Borate,Bother,Bhase,Mise,Miraslagde,Munge,Mahipal,Raigade,Warade,Banwe, Sogde,Hire,Nupure,Nhyre,Bal,Mungale,Rangnakar,Gate. ( Total 62 )

6) Kale:- Clans , Line :- Awasare,Apse,Amaldar,Aatmande,Aathawle,Ambole,Kalakunbi,Kalamore,Kalbhairaw,Kalsarp,Kal, Kamble,Kawde,Kajalkar,Kurup,Kunchmkar,Kotwal,Kalmegh,Kalbhoj,Kalke,Khanderao,Khanjeere,Dapre,Tathade,Tekhe,Jabane,Jambe,Jayant,Jaypatre,Telharkar,Dane,Barsakade,Bobde,Bhambere,Rothe,Badskar,Shitre,Waked. ( Total 39)

7) Kakde:- Clans , Line :- Amalpure,Aawtarkar,Aepatdar,Ongal,Ongale,Angmode,Karjbhanjne,Kardhamare,Kahurkar,Kature, Karekar,Kawine,Kanherkar,Kelkar,Gore,Gode,Jage,Jange,Jagre,Jache,Dikkar,Damre,Dahane,Dalmale, Dahule,Bawner,Badalkar,Sayande,Beejwade,Bijagare,Arandkar. ( Total 32 )

8) Kokate:- Clans , Line :- Ambone,Ambate,Ambatkar,Karket,Kadaskar,Karnatake,Kanfhade,Kedhe,Kaikadi,Kotyadhish,Kolse ,Koranne,Kolne,Jatmukhatyar,Jatyandha,Jabhade,Jarte,Jetherao,Dhole,Dhage,Bachal,Bonde,Mantkar, Meghe,Warne. ( Total 26 )

9) Khandagale:- Clans , Line :- Awadhiye,Awtare,Kothari,Kothiwan,Kalpande,Khade,Khedkar,Khelkar,Khupshe,Khushamate,Chopde, Jagdewrai,Jatane,Jate,Jikka,Jitkhor,Thombre,Jiddakhor,Dahake,Dike,Doles,Dibre,Dhomsode,Patangrao, Pujari,Patharkar,Payole,Palote,Patkar,Piple,Bawne,Pachkor,Bodade,Mukund,Raipure,Wakhare, Wakhwakhe,Watsaraj,Sonone,Hage. (Total 41 )

10) Khadtare:- Clans , Line :- Aadkine,Kalmkar,Kohle,Kesarkar,Khillare,Kharal,Khandar,Jibhle,Jineshwar,Chingare,Juyte,Jugle,Dhake,Nakhate,Namale,Nakaskar,Zurmane,Zulne,Zole,Namalkar,Nartar,Nistane,Nilkhan,Pawhare,Parwan, Pimpalshende,Patre,Puralkar,Payghan,Pachmohor,Paraskar,Pahpal,Pachbhai,Pardhee. ( Total 35 )

11) Khaire:- Clans , Line :- Aoudumbar,Aourangpure,Karkude,Kating,Knothole,Karu,Khedule,Khairnar,Take,Tapore,Tawale,Dikale ,Dawhale,Dakhore,Dakhare,Dighol,Dakule,Dikkar,Damre,Zake,Dharange,Junwate,Junnare,Junwade,Jepale,Dhawas,Dhandhare,Nafhade,Nale,Nehte,Parkhee,Banweer,Barkad. ( Total 36 )

12) Gawhane:- Clans , Line :- Aale,Aade,Kasar,Kamole,Kongre,Khandole,Khadkakar,Galraha,Legarmale,Gawal,Joge,Jogwekar,Jote, Jauooli,Tekade,Zadmode,Zadekar,Zabde,Tadaha,Takare,Dang,Dikre,Dawage,Dhakulakar,Nabhade,Pawle,Panghate,Paoolbudhhe,Pire,Bagar,Wanshwar. ( Total 32 )

13) Gujar (gurjar) :- Clans , Line :- Aakarn,Aaglawe,Kalokar,Kandekar,Kite,Kotharkar,Khakre,Gangthade,Gujrathee,Khase,Khaserao,Gujar, Gurjar,Gumaste,Zarke,Zallar,Zingte,Zinzote,Zigte,Zirmire,Dagre,Dhafh,Dakhode,Danger,Naykawad, Batharawar,Badare,Bulke,Bawiskar,Bolke,Magarmak. ( Total 32 )

14) Gaikawad ( Gaykawad ) :- Kingdom :- Ayodhya , current kingdom Badoda or Baroda or Vadodara ( In Gujratha state), Throne :- Twain colour ( Red and White ), Canopy and sign :- Twain colour, Horse :- White , moon on falagpole, Clan goddess :- Bhavani, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallava ( Five leave ), Guru :- Vashishtha, Gotra :- Kashyap , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :- Achal,Achah,Awadhani,Asure,Adsure,Karmat,Kanle,Kawde,Karjaree,Kanjan,Kapalfhode,Kasare,Karkar ,Kahar,Kanade,Kanta,Katle,Kanhe,Kirkire,Kithe,Kode,Khare,Khapde,Garade,Gadoor,Ghadhawe,Gayke, Gaykee,Chandre,Gawal,Chkrawartee,Chakrapanee,Chkrawak,Jajwaly,Jadoogeer,Jachak,Jire,Joon,Zile, Tiwte,Dige,Dukre,Dhiwar,Dhore,Talwale,Takte,Tagnaledatar,Datare,Duranga,Dewle,Dhagad, Dhagdhamale,Dhare,Dhundupal,Nakhare,Nawate,Nanwar,Nagte,Patait,Padkar,Padsare,Pawed,Padpar, Patre,Palkar,Pure,Pendhare,Fhade,Badwe,Fhakadpale,Bama,Banasur,Bender,Belwade,Ghodke,Bhadkambe,Bhamate,Bhate,Madkar,Marathe,Mahale,Madke,Margath,Mahalunge,Mhasik,Wairkar,Maral,Mabhale, Morkar,Mase,Manse,Mare,Mhatare,Murkar,Mulke,Mene,Mengune,Mode,Rage,Rangole,Rande,Rodke, Lagad,Langde,Lokre,Waidya,Shankh,Shiwne,Shewde,Sansale,Sawale,Sarad,Sarte,Satag,Saple,Surkhe Sonawde,Hajare,Hame,Hamale,Hadke,Hoke,Dhage,Dhadak,Dhananjay. ( Total 129 )

15) Ghatge:- Throne kingdom :- Ayodhya ( In Uttarpradesh ) , Throne and Sign :- Twain colour , Horse :- White , Moon on Flagpole, Clan god :- Prabhakar , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallav , Guru :- Vashishtha , Gotra :- Kashyap , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra . Clans , Line :- Karante,Kapale,Karkre,Kapse,Kharate,Gathol,Gawde,Gad,Gaderao,Gonde,Godbole,Ghaw,Jogee,Joggle, Janorkar,Taksale,Tidke,Diwekar,Thigle,Dharpal,Nasade,Patade,Pate,Bede,Bhodure,Markale,Malode, Mahurkar,Mhaisane,Mankar,Badeer,Shele,Shendade,Sangwi,Sagne,Sakhale,Tangsal. ( Total 38 )

16) Chavan:- Vansh:- Somvansh, Somvanshi king Chavan, City:- Mewad and Avanteepuree ( Rajastan state), Throne colour:- White colour,Canopy ( Roof,Umbrella ):- White clour, Sign colour :- White colour, Horse :- White colour, Moon on Flagpole, Clan goddess:-Jwalamukhee Bhavani, Clan object ( Devak ) :-Vasundree Vell,Halad ,Gold,rui,or Kalamb, Guru :- Vshishtha, Gotra :-Chavn, Veda:- Rugveda,Treepad Gayati Mantra. Clans , Line :-Aatle,Esapute,Kabhandh,Kanojiya,Karkre,Kisab,Kaspale,Kalbhar,Kapde,Karbharee,Kedar,Kharkhare, Kharpate,Khartope,Khandekar,Khamkar,Khulale,Gund,Dhagdh,Chandawle,Dang,Dhaphale,Dhawle,Dhakle, Titway,Tibe,Tegle,Topsule,Tablkar,Thorad,Dare,Dhahibe,Dalpate,Dusing,Dewge,Dhadam,Dhopte, Parthe,Parwarkar,Phalke,Phage,Bache,Warge,Bhandare,Bhaykar,Bhalsinh,Bhonwar,Bhoyar,Bhorrdar, Randiwe,Langthe,Lotankar,Wadkar,Sinab,Hawle,Dhipule,Takwe,Dagde,Dangle,Data,Dhadpade,Dhadote,Dhekre. ( Total 66 )

17) Chalukya ( Chalke ) :- Throne kingdom :- Badami ( In Karnataka state ) and Kalyan , Sign , Canopy ,Horse And Throne colour :- Dhawale , Ganpati on flagpole, Clan god :- Khanderaw, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Umbar or Shankh , Guru :- Dalbhyarusee , Gotra :- Chalukya , Mantra :- Gaytri mantra Clans , Line :-Anang,Aditya,Endalkar,Khamble,Khandare,Khandane,Gujare,Chle,Chulkee,Chudamanee,Chaure, Chaurange,Chaube,Jawle,Jagl,Dubal,Dhisle,Dagne,Nilwarna,Bangal,Babar,Bendale,Bhadane,Bhawr, Mayor,Rannwre,Wakka,Leegar,Wale,Shakswant,Sanchole,Shekwant,Sonwte,Sokawde,Theche,Thepe ,Thokle,Dambre,Dhamale,Dhalpe,Dhabe,Tage,Tagre,Dadhate,Dashakanth,Dhansale,Dhanandhe,Nage ,Nable,Nabhe,Natke,Nanwte,Nawde,Nawade,Padhale,Patkre,Patkure,Prabhave,Bakhade,Bgale,Bandsode, Bhangsal,Bhartkhande,Wadskar,Shalotre. ( Total 68 )

18) Jagtap:- Vansh or Clan :-Somvansh or Moon clan , Somvanshi king Vasusen , City ( Nagar ) :- Bhratpur ( Bharatpur in Harayana state in India ) , Sign , Horse , Throne , Canopy :- Dhawale , Ganpati on flagpole , Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Khanderaw , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Umbar, Pimpal or Kalamb , Guru :- Dalabhyarukshi, Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :- Aawte,Ameere,Etape,Kabre,Katedhar,Kashinde,Kumre,Korde,Korkar,Khambeer,Khambarkar,Gadekar, Chaprakhe,Jakate,Jagjaheer,Jagdeesh,Jagmitra,Zangde,Dhale,Dhisal,Tams,Disrat,Dukh,Durjar,Dombe, Dongarwate,Duble,Devbadle,Dholap,Nagad,Nimse,Pathan,Pathar,Padekar,Padghare,Pade,Padwe,Bawle, Warhate,Yewle,Ransing,Baeed,Walunj,Bayale,Waze,Wisale,Sange,Sabhare,Sagole,Surkar,Dhende,Nave, Navlakhe,Nagshule,Balee,Bahatare,Shamkarna. ( Total 58 )

19) Jagdale:- Clans , Line :- Aghade,Kawas,Karskar,Karinde,Kawlkar,Kireet,Keerdatta,Kochrekar,Khare,Kharkar,Khiratkar,Godbole, Jangam,Jangee,Janjal,Dahage,Dolhare,Denk,Dolkate,Dolekar,Narkhede,Wankse,Bambl,Mirase,Balkar, Tajele,Tatge,Tadge,Dhodhanee,Nagde,Padal,Pant,Patwde,Parag,Burangee,Bhatale,Wikhe,Widehee, Widhoor. ( Total 41 )

20) Jagdhane:- Clans , Line :- Arnaw,Awchitrao,Aachrya,Karankar,Kalchuree,Kitukle,Killedar,Kilor,Korpe,Koyte,Kolatkar,Khadankar, Khirad,Gajre,Jagmak,Jagdhane,Jagl,Zinzurde,Dambale,Dongarkar,Baghel,Bajare,Balskar,Bhakre,Baghel, Tadphade,Tanree. (Total 28 )

21) Yadav,Jadhav ( Includes 6 Shirke, 5 Tombar, 1 Yadav together total 12 Yadhav alias Yadav ):- Guru :- Kaundanya,Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Jogeshwaree,City ( Nagar ) :- Mathurapattanam ( Mathura in Gujrat state ), Dwarawatee, Devgiree ( Daulatabad in Maharashtra state ), Varangul ( Varangal in Andhrapradesh ? ) , Mantra :- five letters mantra, Canopy :- Yellow, Sign ( Nishan ) :- Yellow, Throne :- Yellow, Horse :- Yellow, Moon on Flagpole,Devak :- Umbar Tree, Veda:- Rugveda, Gotra :- Dhampal

22) Thakur,Thakoor :- Clans , Line :- Karhal,Kharode,Gadge,Gadgeel,Gore,Gopal,Golandaj,Thakre,Dak(Duck),Dege,Dokhe,Dange,Dhale, Dhoktirtha,Dahe,Dkhare,Baree,Burud,Wrankar,Wardhe,Wardhane,Wararkar,Samarth,Dhumawle,Dhumte,Dhukte,Maker,Mandloi,Satranje. ( Total 31 )

23) Dhamale:- Vansh : - Bramh vansh alias Yadu vansh alias Haree vansh, Kingdom :- Dwarkapattan, Throne :- Red colour , Canopy :- Red colour, Sign ( Nishan ) :- Red colour, Horse :- Red colour, Rudra on flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Vishnu Narayan, Clan object ( Devak) :- Kadamb, Guru :- Munjanalmunee, Gotra :- Chandale, Veda :- Yajurveda, Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Line,Clans:-Ajmate,Aale,Uchle,Umbrde,Kathore,Karodikar,Khagol,Khandal,Kharane,Kharag,Khilate,Ganeem,Gane, Gandhe,Gande,Chandrabal,Chitod,Chokhad,Jawre,Jasood,Dhake,Talekar,Dandle,Dandale,Daleem,Nawre,Nigedhe,Pakhare,Bakte,Bakeekar,Bapgare,Burbhe,Bhanwell,Yawle,Dewale,Lande,Waket,Waldkar,Vasand,Shirgadkar,Hirpe,Bakre. ( Total 43 )

24) Dhamdhere:- Clans , Line :- Aghor,Ajatshatra Aadhar,Kirwant,Kirlo,Kirkite,Kirmeere,Khamnkar,Khedekar,Khesipe,Gaydhanee,Gardee,Garud, Dhamdhere,Dhumne,Dhengle,Dhele,Dhoble,Dholam,Dhonghe,Didhade,Dimakhe,Bagde,Bangayade, Burghate,Wanre,Warpade,Wate,Watwate,Wande-Watarkar,Vishal,Warwante. ( Total 34 )

25) Dhawale:- Clans , Line :- Umrao,Karalkar,Kapul,Kasle,Kalebhar,Kuchle,Kuche,Kuchar,Gandgale,Dhawle,Dholsomde,Talware, Dalne,Dawande,Daphedar,Demote,Burange,Ladke,Lawale,Kapoore,Lakudkar,Lahane,Laybare,Nimbe, Likte,Lunge,Lekurwale Lede,Shing,Lubre,Lule,Shinge,Bule. ( Total 34 )

26) Dhekle:- Clans , Line :- Katwane,Kako,Katwde,Kambe,Keertane,Krutant,Killol,Kuthe,Kubde,Gidde,Dhol,Dhekle,Tware,Tatte,Taru,Tupkaree Tetu,Bulbutle,Sapat,Sodgeer,Mad,Hodgeer. ( Total 24 )

27) Dhone:- Clans , Line :- Kaypatee,Kaje,Kurmawanshee,Kuldeepak,Kaumree,Kuhte,Kushwanshee,Kuth,Kusher, Gilorkar,Dhongle,Tahral,Talke,Talmale,Timane,Bukame,Sonwate,Madwee,Mahate.(Total 20)

28) Tayde,Tawde:- Vansh:- Somvansh, Guru:- Vishwamitra, Clan goddess:- Jogeshwari, Throne:-Indor (Madhyapradesh state), Throne colour Dhwala, Sign dhawala, Horse :- dhawala ,Gayati mantra, Gotra:- Chavan Clans,Line:- Atulbalee,Upase,Urkud,Kitkite,Kombe,Luskase,Garat,Surya,Garekh,Gote,Chandel,Chandereea,Chandrakant Chamchame Chandrabal,Chandanan,Charfkal Chirphule,Jagbhan,Jagdale,Lawal,Jibe,Jeetkar,Jambuk,Janmadagni,Jind,Tanbade,Tilak,Tanbateekar,Tarphade,Tantre,Tugare,Tailing,Tuphane,Diwane,Devrai,Dhumate,Namjade,Nagdev,Nagtilak,Nimit,Bure,Barade,Mandeesar,Murmure,Lote,Mrugwahan,Waghe,Wadhle,Wadade,Sathe,Sangal,Sosate,Hawle,Lobhe,Veerkar.(Total 58)

29) Tonwar , Tuwar:- Vansh :- Suryavansh or Solar clan, Throne kingdom :- Karnatak (Karnataka state in south India ), Throne :- Green , Canopy and Sign :- Green , Horse :- Yellow , Hanuman on flagpole , Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Jogeshwaree, Devak ( Clan object ) :- Umbar ( a kind of tree ) , Guru :- Parshar , Gotra :- Nikam , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :- Kukde,Kulat,Kukte,Kene,Keche,Kedarne,Gunjwate,Ghumbhar,Tarte,Tawar,Tamte,Tangde,Tigharkar,Turudkar,Tirole,Tinmode,Tulankar,Turwe,Telkhade,Burade,Miratkar,Malpawar. (Total 24)

30) Teje:- Clans , Line :- Kuttarmare,Kurmure,Kurkure,Khapne,Khanwilkar,Gawhar,Garpal,Tupt,Ganganaik. (Total10)

31) Thorat:- Vansh :- Suryavansh, Devak (Clan object) :- Gold, Gotra :- Bharadwaj, Clans , Line :- Kuwadi,Kurmap,Kumar,Kulwan,Kore,Kuleen,Khandokar,Guhal,Dhamaila,Ghorpade,Tamkhade,Tathe,Tiwkshyekar. (Total 14)

32) Thote:- Clans , Line :- Kusumb.Kekne,Kodale,Kothe,Khond,Gaygol,Gudwe,Chirkale,Chirphal,Jalguj,Jijkar,Dhakre,Ghatge,Narkhamb,Nayak,Patil,Pusdkar,Pete,Pethe,Behade,Yadgire. (Total 22)

33) Darbare:- Clans , Line :- Arvind,Arerao,Ugle,Utan,Konde,Kodape,Guldhe,Zende,Tikwade,Tirukhe,Tatode,Tale,Tambakhe,Takpire. (Total 15)

34) Dalwi:- Clans , Line :- Ulhe,Uttarkhede,Umal,Kalam,Konde,Dongre,Khand,Zode,Taraye,Talaye,Takod,Tajne,Tijare,Thopte,Dame,Dhande,Nikat,Nandorkar,Yadakhe,Bhangale,Bhar,Sakle,Molkar,Rahat,Satarkar. (Total 26)

35) Dabhade:- Clans , Line :- Umli,Ubhekar,Sashrete,Khachne,Guwade,Tarhande,Tarke,Tawede,Phengde,Bade,Raonikam,Dhulp,Zanje,Pharphate,Phendar. (Total 16)

36) Dhamraraj:- Vansh :- Bramha vansh alias Yadu vansh alias Haree vansh , Bramha vanshee king Dharmaraja, City :- Kalpee ,Throne :- Red colour, Canopy :- Red colour, Horse :- Red, Garuda ( Egale ) on flagpole, Clan god ( Kuladaivat ) :- Mahadev , Clan object :- Five leaves ( Wad, Pimpal, Haryalee, Ashta, Jambhul ), Guru :- Angirarushee, Gotra :- Dhamraraj, Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra:- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :-Umak,Unhale,Ogle,Kowle,Gubhane,Tarte,Tarange,Titeermare,Taybote,Phiranke,Bhatta,Radke,Rachor,Rashtrakut,Lawvanshee,Sachan,Singgaur,Sulank,Suran. (Total 20)

37) Devkante:- Clans , Line :- Udade,Udkhade,Kolte,Kolapar,Gube,Gedam,Zagde,Tabele,Thor,Dandade,Dahibhajne,Damble,Diyakar,Muguchavan. (Total 15)

38) Dhaybar:- Clans , Line :- Ubhade,Ujagar,Khapte,Khilare,Gulkende,Taktode. (Total 7)

39) Dhumal:- Throne kingdom :- Nashik ( Nasik city in Maharashtra state ) and Vijaydurga , Sign, Canopy Horse Throne colour :-Red , Sun on flagpole , Clan goddess :- Bhavai , Clan object (Devak):- Halad or Ketak , Guru :- Durvas , Gotra :- Kadam , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra . Clans , Line :- Gurkhee,Guru,Gurakhe,Gete,Jalandhar,Jalgunj,Japedkar,Dhule,Dhure,Tagne,Borawle,Malchimne,Weshe,Wekhande. (Total 15)

40) Nalawde ( Nal ) :- Throne kingdom :- Prabhalkhand ( In Gujrath ?? ) , Sign , Throne, Canopy :- Green colour , Horse :- Red, Rudra on flagpole, Clan god :- Jyotirlinga , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Nagchafha , Guru :- Durvasrushi , Gotra :- Anang , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra . Clans , Line :- Ulge,Ubrale,Gede,Chatre,Channe,Parle,Dhadshirkar,Dhawalkar,Nalge,Nalawde,Nalwde,Pardhe,Bansode,Bundle,Malw,Mawle,Rakhde,Jramade,Badkhale,Wachake. (Total 23)

41) Nalindhare:- Clans , Line :- Arbat,Gadhe,Gorle,Gochide,Golhar,Dhive,Dhose,Badle,Borekar,Bharambe,Bhisanhare,Rud,Mahalaha,Mankhaire,Morkhade,Modak,Morse,Yelekar,Yekle,Raked,Rawankar,Raks Alis Rakshak,Sarap. (Total 25)

42) Nikam:- Vansh ,Clan :- Surya vansh or Solar clan , Suryavanshi king Nikam , City ( Nagar ) :- Krnatak ( Karnataka state in south India ) , Throne , Canopy , Sign :- Green colour , Horse :- Yellow, Hanuman on Flagpole , Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Jogeshwaree, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Umbar , Velu , Rudraksha chain of Gold or Onion chain , Guru :- Parshar , Gotra :- Nikam , Veda :- Yajurveda ,Mantra :- Gayatri mantra . Clans , Line :- Awtade,Kankale,Kank,Kanknarayan,Kalokhe,Kalale,Kumbh,Khalate,Gang,Gale,Gajmal,Gune,Gudhe,Gonk,Chawde,Chinge,Chimne,Jale,Jiwnik,Dongre,Tatke,Take,Timble,Tryambke,Dankne,Dandge,Pubele,Dharte,Dhrgade,Dhawre,Dhamde,Dhapse,Dharso,Narkhamb,Naudhare,Parvatrao,Pimpalkarad,Banker,Bade,Barge,Barekar,Bawankar,Kudare,Bhojne,Masake,Matarmak,Rakte,Randhwne,Vananar,Sarate,Samke,Sawle,Sable,Sarak,Hawilhanday,Hakne,Navrse,Navratne,Nikde,Nichve. ( Total 62)

43) Nisal:- Clans , Line :- Gotmale,Gomase,Gonkare,Devrung,Nihal,Malwar,Yemde,Raghushe,Raghuvansh,Rakhamal,Rajurkar,Rairuddha,Rajooskar,Rajankar. (Total 15)

44) Pawar:- Somvanshi king Pawar,Throne:- Dharanagar ( Madhyapradesh—Dhar City ),Throne colour Red,Canopy (Chatra):- Red, Sign:-Red, Moon on flagpole,Clan goddess :- Jagdambika, Clan object (Devak):- edge of the sword or Kalamb, Guru :- Vasisshtha,Gotra:- Pawar, Veda:-rugveda, Mantra:-Gayatri. Clans , Line :-A)Aambote,Ubade,Odhe,Kanse,Kalaskar,Kalge,Kodge,Kodhe,Kaustubhe,Kharnar,Ghugre,Chandne,Jaydale,Aamedkar,Dunkhare,Dalpe,Dukhande,Durwe,Dhavale,Dharrao,Nalkande,Nimbalkar--- These Are Vashishtha Gotree, Gotra Pramar. B) Parmar,Patya,Mandbhawar,Bane,Band,Banghade,Bhalghade,Bagmode,Bodhe,Bhayal,Bhujbal,Bhusare,Male,Madhe,Marmare,Malwde,Yande,Rokde,Landge,Yogeshwar,Yojite,Wagchaure,Bagje Vishwasrao Sindheel,Khajeendar. (Total 49 ) ( My Addition Dudhane )

45) Pratihar, Parihar:- Clans , Line :- Achyut.Eando,Gohmare,Gondre,Dagadghaw,Nival,Pavitrakar,Matampure,Mamtkar,Rasemar,Raykar,Rakhonde. (Total 16)

46) Pansare:- Clans , Line :- Aayachit,Arvind,Edhale,Dalwe,Dabhane,Dapurkar,Rahudkar,Rangankar,Rajpoot. (Total 10)

47) Pandhare:- Clans , Line :- Patole,Ghate,Ghumare,Dhahapute,Nagwade,Nandurkar,Nagmode,Matekar,Nishan,Nimkhele,Pahokar,Pande,Pakhande,Parte,Patkar,Pateekhade,Pandkar,Rahate,Randive,Rayne. (Total 21)

48) Pathare:- Clans , Line :- Khadke,Ghadke,Gharad,Ghyahar,Ghule,Narke,Narkade,Nakade,Nazeerkar,Nandre,Nage,Nath,Nadir,Niklank,Nichit,Nikhade,Pakhare,Belokar,Mai,Rairaw,Rasam,Hingane. (Total 24)

49) Palwe, Pllaw:- Clans , Line :- Khale,Khugkar,Ghute,Ghulaksha,Ghogre,Ghotekar,Thube,Thokne,Dale,Nile,Pradhan,Pinjaree,Pughati,Lawde,Lande,Lawe,Lind,Luhube,Saraw,Saraladkar,Sardeshmukh,Sardesai,Sambhor,Samlende,Sidore,Suroshe,Sutar,Sumre,Samete,Sabhashur. (Total 32)

50) Palandh:- Clans , Line :- Umbarkar,Udapure,Khuje,Khorgade,Khallere,Khot,Gawhad,Dhokel,Ghorpade,Thokal,Bagre,Bhale,Marawagde,Lithare,Lakhe,Lambdadhe,Laghawe,Lele,Lalye,Wasrke,Wyawhare,Siraskar,Satane,Sabde,Sundarkar,Surte,Soor,Susadkar,Sarodee,Sayad,Sarnaik,Sawarkar,Sabne,Suje,Samale,Sakre,Sawre,Sekapure,Sodre,Satej,Satele. (Total 42)

51) Pingle:- Clans , Line :- Khapre,Khedde,Khawand,Gawankar,Dhongde,Dhonge,Dhame,Pingle,Lasurkar,Wairkar,Sade,Sanchare,Sawal,Sakude,Sawe,Sakharpande,Sakharkarkar,Sarokar,Sikare,Suke,Surese,Sukosk,Sengokar,Zatke,Nitambe,Nithale,Nirmal. (Total 28)

52) Pisal:- Clans , Line :- Khalke,Khekde,Garad,Rawre,Ghodmare,Ghodtonde,Ghodmode,Ghodel,Thokane,Bhinge,Bhorkad,Maind,Lakde,Rajoorkar,Latwe,Lipse,Likhirkar,Mhepse,Wadal,Wanchar,Sakchar,Sangrame,Sachite,Sarjerao,Sadafhal,Samgaur,Sawkar,Sayre,Sirpelkar,Singne,Sule,Supekar,Subhedar,Surpal,Surerkar,Zatpade,Nivedak,Neele,Sushte. (Total 40)

53) Phadtare:- Clans , Line :- Khonde,Khode,Gawhankar,Gadam,Gandkate,Garmole,Geete,Gine,Golhar,Chamithaniha,Naringe,Padul,Pakhalee,Pathare,Phadtare,Phadnees,Waghol,Bharke,Bhekde,Bhed,Bholne,Bhasakshyetree,Labhade,Likhe,Whable,Waghole,Shivtare,Shingode,Shingade,Shelar,Zadpe,Zare. (Total 34)

54) Phalke:- Clans , Line :- Khokle,Khodke,Chanorkar,Chalk,Talole,Nakhale,Padnepatange,Palsudkar,Fhalke,Bujruk,Bandook,Bhatkar,Bhadolkar,Bhaise,Bhokse,Maral,Rothe,Rakhaviye,Ringne,Rithe,Rode,Reenke,Wasekar,Pandhare,Shirsath,Tilskar,Sivankar,Shiledar,Shirastedar. (Total 34)

55) Fhakde:- Clans , Line :- Girsawle,Chakol,Chawre,Chandekar,Chawat,Chore,Chorale,Tarkale,Narkale,Nichak,Padade,Pahanpate,Panchdhare,Benale,Budhe,Bhange,Bharne,Bhadange,Bhoskar,Manvar,Lakhawe,Waykhale,Wadwad,Bagmode,Shingokar,Shingare,Shingne,Shete,Shejal,Takmode,Tandele,Tapte,Tarke. (Total 34)

56) Fhatak:- Clans , Line :- Ambade,Andhoorkar,Kate,Kolkhade,Khote,Girkar,Gondol,Gursal,Gondhalee,Parvatkar,Dhapte,Dhamore,Ghare,Changole,Chafhale,Chambhare,Chorghe,Chokhalkar,Dhawlee,Dobade,Dhome,Turuk,Naraje,Namore,Nagpure,Nagwde,Nathe,Nimborkar,Nikase,Parhar,Parimal,Pagrut,Fhatak,Baghate,Bhakte,Bhadang,Mate,Madandhe,Mathakar,Miskane,Radake,Raigad,Lagad,Lahool,Lider,Levade,Vandale,Varekar,Vatkar,Vyadade,Vyatkar,Vadade,Vadhonkar,Vadhodkar,Varang,Sarodee,Sankar,Sangulwedhe,Simbare. ( Total 50)

57) Bagwe:- Throne:-Dharanagar ( In Madhyapradesh state, Dhar city ),Throne colour:- Red , Canopy colour:-Red, Sign colour:-Red, Horse (Varu):-Red,Moon on Flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat) :- Bhairav, Clan object ( Devak ) :-Edge of the sword or five leafs, Guru:- Vasisshtha,Gotra:- Pawar,Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra :-Gayatri Line,Clan:-Amir,Areeraw,Ambekar,Eangal,Karbe,Kanorte,Kashmirkar,Khanedar,Garudmane,Gabru,Garud,Gawdhal,Gihile,Chitrawadhe,Chitragupt,Chipde,Chipte,Jape,Janmandh,Zapate,Jamdande,Dhongiraw,Tikhate,Jamkhindee,Dhivde,Dhanurdhar,Dhaneshwar,Dhamal,Dhampal,Dhamdhar,Dhande,Dhaybar,Nahane,Naringe,Naydu,Nistane,Nerpagar,Parab,Prabhu,Pasubal,Pandav,Premed,Barve,Bandge,Mahiwar,Mokashe,Walunj,Sheshvansh,Vasindkar. ( Total 50)

58) Bagraw:- Clans , Line :- Kalate,Kailase,Gavse,Gajre,Gajpal,Gajanan,Gajbal,Ganesh,Gangadhare,Galmane,Rajhans,Chitre,Chitaree,Chitrakar,Chithakar,Narwade,Pardhkar,Pathaliy,Pal,Pate,Palye,Pindurkar,Bele,Boke,Besre,Bochre,Walshing,Wagulde,Waniyade,Warokar,Wande,Widhal,Widhate,Shirkhare,Shitar,Vidyane. ( Total 38)

59) Bande:- Clans , Line :- Gafhtane,Gawhar,Chikhle,Chilkhate,Chivat,Nakte,Nagale,Nagmote,Nirmal,Nimkar,Nilje,Panes,Pahokar,Pokharkar,Baskar,Bakle,Belsare,Bokde,Bambdale,Mahalung,Waskar,Wakle,Shingare,Shirak,Shendre,Panche,Pimple,Pohkar. ( Total 29)

60) Babar:- Clans , Line :- Ghathode,Chinchpure,Chinchdhar,Chinchalkare,Chinchulkar,Chiranjiv,Chirayu,Dhamode,Dhobe,Nare,Natrrke,Navavade,Nikumb,Nidar,Nicheshthe,Nijrupe,Patanwar,Parwal,Pagdhune,Piwal,Potte,Barbuddhe,Babar,Borkute,Boche,Bodhekar,Mahalka,Mandeesur,Rawatkar,Waluve,Wayzonde,Selkar,Potnis,Poshinde. ( Total 35)

61) Bhagwat: - Clans , Line :- Chunade,Chugle,Chunkhade,Chatre,Chtrapatee,Jagnade,Jagkar,Janak,Janardan,Jalit,Jamdar,Jaysawar,Devtale,Dharankar,Dhabe,Dhatrekar,Dhuldhar,Dhulse,Dhondale,Powar,Fhajeete,Barvat,Bakshee,Barulkar,Bodhale,Bhange,Madan,Mahokar,Warulkar,Sbodhale,Bhange,Mahokar,Warulkarsunpekar,Hood,Hiradeve,Holge,Howalkar,Kshyatre,Dynanee,Kshyetrapal,Dhyandev,Dhyanvat. ( Total 40)

62) Bhosale,Bhanse,Bhonsle ( Shisode) :- Vansh :- Bramha, Main throne kingdom:- Mainawatee,Throne colour:- Bhagawa ( Saffron, Orange ,Yellow-Orange ) ,Canopy colour :- Bhagawa, Sign ( Nishan )colur:-Bhagawa, Horse:- Bhagawa, Rudra on flagpole,Clan goddess :- Jagdamba Bhavanee ,Clan object (Devak):-Five leaves, Guru :- Shankkayan, Gotra :-Dorik, Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra :- Gayatri Clans , Line :-Awatar,Ubale,Aadhale,Kacchawah,Kalse,Kadoo,Ghorpade,Chavle,Devaskar,Dhorne,Nakashe,Pawale,Polhar,Fhale,Bansode,Badhe,Borde,Matale,Mahajan.Ranbagul,Eaw,Lokhande,Widhate,Wiradh,Shisode,Sawant,Bhosale,Bhanse, Hivrale,Sarupye. ( Total 30)

63) Bhoware:- Clans , Line :-Gurav,Godkale,Golait,Ghedkar,Jameendar,Jabadade,Jachad,Javle,Jyotishee,Veerbhaw,Pohe,Poccha,Kartode,Bodye,Bhonware,Masurkar,Mhasagar,Veerbhav,Shakal,Shursen,Hise,Hole,Hore,Dhyankor. ( Total25)

64) Bhogle:- Throne kingdom :- Bagalkot , Throne,Sign,Canopy,Horse :- Bhgawa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron , Hinu religion flag colour ) , Rudra on Flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :-Mahadev, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallawa, Guru :- Kaushikrushee, Gotra :- Dorik , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :-Ghabre,Geevtode,Jondhale,Geereetkar,Derkar,Dhade,Dhatrak,Dhabal,Dhide,Dharat,Dhotre,Dhote,Phalke,Bahurupe,Bachate,Bhate,Bohaskar,Mangale,Mhasake,Viral,Hinge,Hepte,Hemant,Hotke,Honade,Haibat,Tapkiree,Tapaswee,Tapase,Paeek,Panes. (Total 32)

65) Bhoeete ( Bhoite ) :- Throne kingdom :- Jaisajmeer ( Jaisalmer in Rajastan state ) , Throne,Sign,Canopy,Horse :- Bhgawa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour ) , Rudra on Flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :-Mahadev, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallawa, Guru :- Kaushikrushee, Gotra :- Dorik , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :-Jogdandmane,Bagmare,Bangale,Bhattee,Bhadurge,Bhapkar,Mahala,Machale,Mahalle,Mahore,Matonge,Methakhar,Maide,Yamdad,Yamdahe,Yawkar,Yerne,Yewale,Rumne,Ronghe,Lole,Vilhale,Vilape,Shabde,Shirkhare,Shirsath,Shirsatt,Sairwar,Hiwse,Hiwarkar,Hunmanya,Hendre,Helbe,Helawde,Ruche,Rudre. ( Total 37)

66) Madhure:- Clans , Line :-Gujarkar,Devdhagale,Fharkadhe,Basode,Badare,Bahakar,Bondare,Madhukar,Maskar,Marudkar,Mate,Mokashee,Maidkar,Yermule,Revade,Lodhe,Bigvale,Shaildhar,Hule,Hemke. ( Total 21)

67) Malpe:- Clans , Line :-Zatale,Zalke,Zate,Zapre,Devtare,Phatare,Badare,Balak,Badree,Bopke,Mokote,Bhete,Morabh,Morande,Regude,Rage,Lohe,Lonkar,Bakhare,Viraj,Shatpal,Shirgaur,Hutake,Hursad,Hupate. ( Total 26)

68) Mane:- Throne kingdom :- Mandeesar and Dwarka ( In Gujrath state ) , Throne,Sign ,Horse,Canopy :- Red colour , Rudra on Flagpole, Clan goddess :- Bhavani and Kanderaw , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Wing of Egale or Garudvell , Guru :- Gragya rushi , Gotra :- Chandale , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :-Anant,Aachate,Kawade,Gudhane,Gohokar,Chandelveer,Chute,Chumke,Charade,Teerokar,Devmane,Dudrer,Dhanwadharee,Nanekar,Pawle,Pharpate,Phatkal,Barde,Badkhal,Borge,Mane,Malee,Mandokar,Makhare,Medhe,Mond,Rajmany,Rekhe,Rohankar,Lade,Lokegawkar,Livaskar,Hingankar,Dhanwantar,Dhanpishaccha,Badsure,Bahikhor,Talakhe,Taboble,Talase. ( Total 41)

69) Malusare:- Clans , Line :-Gowarkar,Gowar,Dipe,Bodkar,Zudpe,Zure,Talkute,Bathale,Denarkar,Mhatarmare,Mangde,Makone,Mawde,Matere,Manmode,Marmare,Sole,Sonwane,Sorote,Hadpee,Halde,Hasnapure,Hade,Hawre,Hapse. ( Total 27)

70) Mahadik ( Hyadik/Bhalekar) :- Throne kingdom :- Chitod ( Chittod in Rajastan ) and Bagalkot , Throne, Sign , Horse :- Bhgawa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour ) , Rudra on flagpole , Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Katyayanee , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Pimpal ( a tree ) , Guru :- Malyavant rushee , Gotra :- Dorik , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :-Gawalee,Gauree,Ghanghor,Ghansham,Ghayal,Dhanakar,Dhawat,Dhugulkar,Bandivdekar,Malsane,Matekar,Makumiya,Makde,Mathankar,Malekar,Missal,Metkar,Ransinh,Ranpees,Ranrakshya,Ranboke,Rautraw,Sonar,Soleev,Haye,Hallamare,Hagone. (Total 32)

71) Mhambar:- Clans , Line :-Gokhare,Zodpe,Zote,Zoting,Zodane,Tapre,Date,Danad,Dheetak,Mahakulkar/Mahamulkar,Manjre,Mandawgade,Santakke,Hadkar,Halkare,Hatye,Hambarde,Hatole. ( Total 19)

72) Muleek:- Clans , Line :-Gond,Gondchav,Gaurkar,Ghadreegawkar,Tange,Tongale,Tolmare,Malokar,Mange,Malkute,Sonekar,Sonkar,Sonsare,Haranbuchake,Hasbobda,Hargude,Hadke,Ratale,Dave,Davagni,Davedar,Das,Dahake,Hande,Hatolne. ( Total 26)

73) Maurya , More:- Vansh :- Somvansh , Somvanshi king More, City:- Kashmeer and Mauryakhanda, Sign:- Green, Horse:-Green, God Hanuman on flagpole, Clan god :- Ganpati ( Ganesh ),Clan Object ( Devak ) :- Wing of Peacock or 360 Lamps,Guru :- Gautam, Gotra :- More, Veda :- Yajurveda, Mantra :- Gayatri Clans, Line :-Avachar,Amaya,Amadabadkar,Adhachar,Avachare,Avichare,Kasture,Aagavan,Aavle,Aadvale,Inshoolkar,Esalampoorkar,Karan,Kalshate,Kaduskar,Kaypate,Karankhare,Kagal,Kalbhor,Keskar,Kandle,Kale,Kirne,Kumbhakarn,Keshar,Keskar,Kesree,Khavle,Gande,Gole,Charne,Chatre,Chinchadharkar,Jitekar,Zinge,Zirpe,Dhokre,Tambe,Darekar,Davlatraw,Digambare,Divte,Duduskar,Devkar,Devhare,Devrukh,Dorik,Dhirde,Dhulap,Navre,Narnavre,Nagve,Nipse,Nimle,Nimittanere,Padvale,Padile,Barad,Pangir,Bahadure,Bhramhachalk,Bhamte,Bhurke,Bhaere,Bhople,Mandikar,Mardemanuke,Mhase,Mansavant,Mhakamakale,Madhol,Meng,Morbhe,Bhokre,Raste,Kav,Raje,Ravle,Rakhane,Rajmunde,Lal,Lendpawar,Vavde,Vaghul,Vayal,Shaha,Shivle,Shelke,Sane,Sovle,Sakanshe,Sand,Songire,Hatne,Hatore,Hingode,Hurde,Shahjoge,Huddedar,Humne,Bhuere,Bhumar,Bhute. ( Total 105)

74) Mohite:- Guru:- Gargyarushi, Clan goddess:-Khanderaw, Gotra:- Chavan, Throne:-Mandeesar, Sign:-White, Horse:-White, Mantra:-Gayatri Clans , Line :-Aage,Kate,Katkar,Kamre,Kulangade,Khandale,Gangdhenge,Dhekne,Takte,Dindune,Dhundle,Nivdung,Patle,Bahale,Baedinge,Bobhate,Bhore,Bhaleraw,Marathe,Mohod,Senapatee,Hone. ( Total 23)

75) Rathod ( Rashtrakut or Rothe):- Vansha :- Somvansh (Moon clan ) , Somvanshi king Rashtrakut, Throne kingdom :- Bankapoor ,Malkhed , Sugandavati. , Throne,Sign,Horse,Canopy :- Red colour, Moon on Flagpole , Clan goddess :-Jogeshwaree , Clan object :- Shankh , Guru :- Gargacharya , Mantra :- Gayatri , Gotra :- Rathod , Veda :- Yajurveda Clans , Line :-Ajinkya,Anangpal,Avagpal,Aabhore,Gandgagrr,Gandghopal,Chand,Chandkiran,Chandol,Jagnnivas,Todmale,Dutonde,Dudhbhate,Dudhare,Panchnan,Bagul,Bhale,Bhor,Magmal,Marathe,Maharashtrarath,Rayjade,Lahule,Sinmore,Divale,Didhe,Dikpal. ( Total 29)

76)Rashtrakut ( Rathod or Rothe) :- Vansha :- Somvansh (Moon clan ) , Somvanshi king Rashtrakut, Throne kingdom :- Bankapoor ,Malkhed , Sugandavati. , Throne,Sign,Horse,Canopy :- Red colour, Moon on Flagpole , Clan goddess :-Jogeshwaree , Clan object :- Shankh , Guru :- Gargacharya , Mantra :- Gayatri , Gotra :- Rathod , Veda :- Yajurveda . Clans , Line :- Kanchan,Kaurmi,Kautuke,Tope,Dwikhand,Dwifhod,Dubhane,Daghe,Devbhane,Devkate,Mahattar,Malke,Malik,Musmare,Mehttare,Lampeete,Dehdande,Dwaitya,Dhadse.

77) Rane:- Vansh :- Surya ( Sun or Solar), Suryavanshi king Sudhanwa, City(Nagar):- Udepur ( In Rajastan state) ,Throne (Sinhasan ) colour :-Red,Canopy colour :-Red, Sun on flagpole, Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Maheshwar, Clan object ( Devak ) :-wad or suryakant, Guru :-Janmadagni, Gotra :- Rane,Veda :-Rugveda , Mantra :-Gayatri Clans , Line :-Eeshaput,Chatre,Chittevan,Chendane,Chedoo,Choukhande,Chourale,Dunedar,Dudhe,Durdhrra,Dupathe,Devmaya,Deshmukh,Pathak,Bhingare,Mangdare,Mule Alias Mulik,Sing Singnvan. ( Total 21)

78) Raoot:- Clans , Line :-Easadrrange,Ghaeet,Chatake,Chaval,Chabke,Chindarkar,Bate,Bhikaree,Bhalla,Malthane,Manjrekar,Ratnakar,Rasike,Rasal,Raymale,Lone,Sasarkar. ( Total 18)

79) Renuse:- Clans , Line :-Anangveer,Oopase,Gaulkar,Ghodse,Chavle,Chalakh,Chalvale,Chalpe,Chandurkar,Chiktekar,Chokhat,Thakar,Thabee,Thak,Thavre,Dudhade,Devdhe,Bhaisoor,Bhasoor,Bhivankar,Mangulkar,Matle,Kshadang,Shamne,Mohitkar,Modhekar,Viraj,Dharmare,Dharsode,Vichake. ( Total 31)

80) Lad:- Vansh:- Somvansh,Throne:-Kathewad ,Kaccha( Gujrath),Sindh ( Now in Pakistan) , Throne Colour:- White,Canopy(Roof):-White Clour,Sign :-White,Horse:-White,Moon On Flagpole,Clan Goddess:-Bhavani ,Clan Object (Devak) :-Vasundree Vell, Guru:-Vashishtha,Gotra:-Chavan,Veda:- Rugweda,,Gayatri Mantra, Clans , Line :-Avatarik,Indra,Indire,Umbre,Udar,Karmathe,Kagde,Kutte,Gadve,Grime,Gijre,Gujguje,Talokar,Dandekar,Dhanik,Dhaval,Dhisal,Dhikat,Dhire,Nare,Nasne,Nagpe,Pateel,Dheer,Pateedar,Parbhe,Palpate,Petel,Peve,Fhating,Fhanindra,Fhanivba,Bakal,Balod,Shrbhatta,Mahakul,Marmare,Marwadee,Mandve,Mapar,Mavalne,Manpoorkar,Mahoorkar,Masrang,Mohile,Redkar,Raool,Latal,Langote,Vasu,Valode,Shelkee,Sasane,Suseer,Teekhe,Titve,Teethraraj. ( Total 61)

81) Wagh:- Clans , Line :-Indhe,Edhe,Janbhulkar,Jeth,Jogal,Jore,Zagre,Thel,Thembdee,Dumne,Lumbe,Tombal,Devee,Thapre,Daitya,Daud,Dhaskat,Dhapale,Paisole,Fhatkar,Fhundkar,Fhokmare,Vaichitre,Vaitage,Vidwan,Bhamborkar,Bhujale,Bhongal,Bhongale,Misle,Mimile,Monmal,Mondekar Aliasm Hallamare, Varhade,Sagjam,Saval,Sirsale,Thape,Edhate. ( Total 42)

82) Vichare:- Clans , Line :-Chopne,Chaukane,Chopdar,Chaukeedar,Zale,Tote,Todkaree,Dhatkar,Dhudhgaw,Dod Alis Dode,Dhmrale,Dhandar,Pethakar,Fhole,Fhausdar,Bhuskate,Maparee,Mirjapure,Misar,Mohitkar,Modhekar,Meen,Viraj,Dharmare,Dharsade,Vichake,Dhamralkar. ( Total 30)

83) Shilahar ( Shelar, Shelor) :- Vansh :- Bramha vansh ( Also called Yaduvansh or Hareevansh ), Kingdam :- Kharepatna and Thane ( In Konkan reagion in Maharashtra state) ,Throne :- Yelloe colour, Canopy :- Yellow colour, Sign:- Yellow colour, Horse :- Yellow, Hanuman on Flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Bramhanath, Clan object (Devak):- Lotus flower (Kamal ), Guru :-Bharadwaj , Gotra :- Chulkee, Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :-Kaveemandan,Karhade,Kalkath,Kalekar,Kavre,Dhabadwan,Dhude,Nagle,Pole,Panchpade,Fhunke,Fhuskare,Bhand,Bhagat,Mhatre,Mabade,Mangte,Mire,Bakode,Visaee,Shilar,Shedke,Shelke,Shetge,Shelar,Saved,Shelare,Sonevanee. ( Total 30 )

84) Shankhapal ( Sakpal ):- Throne:-Malkhed,Throne colour Red,Canopy colour:- Red,Sign colour:- Red,Horse ( Varu):- Red,Moon on flagepole,Clan godess:- Jogeshwaree,Clan object(Deva):- Shankha,Guru:- Gargacharya,Gotra:- Rathod,Veda:- Yajurveda,Mantra:-Gayatri Clans , Line :-Amen,Aaware,Aabe,Aargade,Urade,Kalambe,Chatur,Chaturang,Chaturanan,Chatubhrruj,Joharee,Zunjar,Tatpute,Todkar,Thute,There,Dufhar,Dorkhand,Nalvant,Panpate,Panpate,Pachal,Peche,Pol,Fhukat,Fhonfhare,Dorde,Daulatraw,Dhanmode,Bire,Bhukne,Mirche,Rajhans,Banawar,Vasraj,Sarawade,Sakhpal,Pofhale,Potfhode,Pyade,Mhasane,Mirge,Pol. ( Total 44)

85) Shinde:- Vansh:- Sheshvansh ( snake or serpent clan ), Sheshvanshi king shinda, City :- Ranthanb and Patthakadal, current kingdom Gwalior,gwalher ( in Madhyapradesh ), Throne colour :- Red,Canopy colour :- Red, Sign colour :- Red, Horse :- Red, Snake, Serpent on flagpole, Clan Goddess :- Kalika Devi, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Marvell or Aagada, Guru :- Kaundanyarushi, Veda :-yajurveda, Mantra:-Gayatri, Gotra :- Shinde. Clans , Line :-Aapteekar,Kulhar,Kolhe,Kurvasinde,Jatayoo,Jadbuddhe,Jade,Jayshinde,Dable,Durdayshinde,Nekulshinde,Neknamdar,Nebhale,Pratapshinde,Bhagalkar,Bhure,Bhore,Bhed,Mung,Ghate,Muke,Mungekar,Mugool,Vijayshinde,Shishupalshinde,Saktpalshinde,Sitajashinde,Bhairavshinde,Mahakalshinde,Mulshinde,Mude. ( Total 32 )

86) Shitole:- Clans , Line :-Aalat,Kawalkar,Jane,Jalambakar,Jawalkar,Davte,Dahee,Dandghor,Daoodpure,Datarkar,Danee,Dave,Davne,Dhandar,Bhagde,Bhunvar,Bhete,Bhute,Munjewar,Murkute,Murkund,Male,Rahane,Lambat,Lat,Avhale. ( Total 27 )

87) Shirke:- Throne City :- Ahemdabad ( In Gujrath state ) , Guru :- Saunalya , Clan goddess ( Kuldaivat ) :- Mahakalee , Throne and Sign :- White colour , Other clan things like Dhampal clan . Clans , Line :-Abhang,Andhak,Abhud,Kasale,Kalyankar,Kathavde,Kirandate,Kolare,Kans,Kautuke,Khilate,Gabde,Dhobe,Tanvde,Tade,Taptraye,Dumge,Dungre,Bagwan,Valunjkar,Bhorawkar,Bhokle,Bhojke,Lamale,Veense,Veerdatta,Sinwar,Sankadam,Honmane,Hause,Saikar. ( Total 32 )

88) Salve:- Clans , Line :-Jarade,Jambekar,Jivdhevoo,Jivtode,Junare,Jenekar,Jainjahagirdar,Bahal,Borse,Bhaltilak,Bhumer,Bhedalkar,Mudvatye,Mudhe,Mumbarkar,Murankar,Musale,Muruk,Swamiwah,Shaleevahan,Shravne,Satav,Salav. ( Total 25 )

89) Savant:- Vansh :- Bramha vansh alias Yadu vansh alias Haree vansh, Kingdom :- Mahinagar and current Sundarwadi alias Sawantwadi ( In Konkan reagion in Maharashtra state ), Trone colour :- Yellow, Canopy colour :- Yellow , Sign colour ( Nishan ) :- Yellow, Horse ( Varu ) :- Yellow, Hanuman on Flafpole, Clan god :- Bramhanath, Clan object ( Devak ):- Lotus flower ( Kamal ), Guru :- Bharadwaj, Veda :- Yajurveda, Mantra :- Gayatri mantra Clans , Line :-Adhikaree,Esamulkar,Karne,Kamble,Kasle,Kathor,Jomdar,Chine,Tejpoore,Walse,Bahak,Baeera,Bhond,Bhoge,Mahiwar,Mahachitre,Vanjare,Visad,Samant,Sutube,Satvat,Satpute,Suktankar,Supple. ( Total 25 )

90) Salunkhe:- Vansh :- Bramha vansh or Yadu vansh or Haree vansh , Kindom:- Mahinagar and Anhilpur, Throne :- Yellow colour, Canopy :- yellow colour, Sign (Nishan ) :-yellow colour, Horse :- yellow colour, Hanuman on flagpole, Clan god ( Kuladaivat ) :- Bramhanath, Clan object ( Devak ) :- Lotus flower ( Kamal ), Guru :- Bharadwaj, Gotra :- Chulkee, Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra:- Chatushpad Gayatri mantra Clan , Line :-Attarde,Ambeeraw,Adhatraw,Anekraw,Andhak,Aatkaree,Engawle,Inraneel,Endap,Uste,Aauoshadhraw,Kalyanraw,Khadre,Gadgeel,Gunjal,Ghanlave,Dhirte,Chandnasav,Zade,Takes,Dande,Dhadlag,Navtale,Navse,Navle,Nable,Nagele,Padvle,Pandhare,Patankar,Patole,Patade,Barnar,Barve,Birje,Bolave,Ranbavre,Rakhankar,Lahane,Londho,Waghmare,Sarkale,Sarvare,Sakhale,Sabde,Shirkhaire,Sinhnade,Shebale,Salunkhe,Salunkh,Soluke. ( Total 61 )

91) Sambare:- Clans , Line :-Jikar,Sol,Tikar,Honge,Bhagle,Bhandaree,Bhusur,Bhongsal,Bhongde,Bhobde,Bhoje,Rajrosh,Raygane,Raybal,Sasan,Sambre,Sonagar,Sunsune,Sorakhe,Sondarkar,Hambeerraw,Harpal. ( Total 23 )

92) Shisode:- Kingdom :- Udepur ( Rajastan state ) , Throne : - Bhgwe ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour ) colour, Canopy :- Bhgawa, Sign ( Nishan ) :- Bhgwa colour, Horse :- Bhgwa , Rudra on flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Mahadev ( Shankar, Shiva ), Clan object ( Devak ) :- five leaves ( Panchpallaw) , Guru :- Kaushikrushee, Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra . Clans , Line :-Guhilod,Guheet,Chaudharee,Jiskar,Joshee,Badekar,Bodh,Bhojve,Bhongde,Sail,Sarak,Sedval,Hadap,Hajare,Bhetau. ( Total 16 ) Additional :- Bhosale,Salav ( Salve Or Salvee ) , Apradhe, Bhauvar,Joshi, Sedval, Sail, Choudhare.

93) Surve:- Throne kingdom :- Ayodhya ( In Uttarpradesh ) , Throne,Canopy,Sign :- Twain colour ( Red and White ) , Horse ( Varu ) :- White , Clan god :- Prabhakar , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallawa ( Five leav ), Guru :- Vashishtha , Gotra :- Kashyap ,Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :-Under,Karpe,Karne,Kurhede,Kunwar,Khartha,Kharde,Gawse,Surya,Gavandhal,Girgute,Ghad,Ghode,Ghane,Ghirte,Dambeer,Degne,Doifhode,Dhone,Dhere,Talvate,Naik,Nake,Nakedar,Pune,Fhakne,Fhalkar,Bhandvalkar,Mule,Mone,Rajwade,Rasne,Rawal,Rede,Lalate,Laleete,Lafhange,Latke,Lahudkar,Vaze,Vajre,Valke,Vinchurkar,Vilhale,Shende,Shitole,Surve,Sarate,Sarde,Sabne,Sansane,Savtore,Singar,Sirsale,Sirsath,Sote,Surge,Sonane,Hakeem,Sabatkar. ( Total 63 )

94) Hande:- Clans , Line :-Tope,Tolbhairav,Tembatte,Thavree,Thengne,Dalpatee,Dabolya,Dalap,Dhavad,Lohokhande,Vairal,Vengurlekar,Shasne,Shahane,Satge,Sapate,Samak,Lohare,Vaikhare. ( Total 20 )

95) Harfhale:- Clans , Line :-Zumbre,Devaskar,Dapse,Durge,Dugane,Devtole,Davtole,Dhavas,Dhavkar,Lahul,Lotankar,Verulkar,Vesange,Shahapure,Somvanshee,Sukshen,Songire,Husangbage,Dudhane ( Editor’s Sirname ). (Total 20 )

96) Shirsagar, ( Ksheersagar, Sheersagar ):-

Vansh :-Surya vansh , solar clan ,Throne kingdom :- Ayodhya ( In Uttarpradesh state, Ranjanmabhoomi ), Throne :- Twain colour ( Red and white ) , Canopy and Sign : - Twain colour , Moon on flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Prabhakar , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallava ( Five leav’s ) , Guru :- Vasishtha, Gotra :- Kalmukh , Veda : - Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra. Clans , Line :-Avachare,Avtare,Kalmukh,Kakde,Karmakhe,Karthe,Kadere,Karmukh,Kanole,Karul,Kikate,Kuber,Keskar,Khule,God,Godve,Gadge,Ghodke,Ghodchale,Chande,Chakke,Jaree,Zunjarraw,Dhore,Dhayte,Nade,Navdhee,Nache,Parvale,Polu,Fharte,Fhate,Fhukte,Bagrul,Bhandolkar,Bhope,Bhamburde,Bhoy,Malgunj,Made,Mhasale,Mhaswadkar,Ranchot,Ranwagure,Randheer,Ranvee,Rachode,Lokhande,Vankhade,Vavde,Velne,Velunke,Vadad,Vanzol,Vasande,Shelwad,Shardul,Shitole,Sarag,Satam,Sade,Sure,Surgathe,Suryvanshee,Hake,Shirsagar,Kshyatiya. ( Total 68 )

Total surnames or clans 3,484 yet known.

Additional :-

1) Gangnaik:- Vansh:-Somvansh, Throne:- Mhasoor (Mhaisur ) ( Karnataka state),Throne colour:-Red, Canopy colour:-Red, Sign Colour:-Red, Horse ( Varu) :- Red, Moon (Chandra ) on Flagpole, Clan god :- Bhairav, Clan Object ( Devak ) :- Edge of a sword or five leave ( Mango, Janbhul,wad,daruchink,sawad),Guru:- Vasisshtha, Gotra :-Ganganaik, Veda:-rugveda, Mantra:- Gayatri.

2) Dhampal ( Aheer ) :- Somvanshi king dhampal, City (Nagar):- Kalyan , Sign colour:-Yellow, Canopy ( Chtra )colour:- Yellow, Throne:- Yellow, Horse:- Yellow,Rudra on Flagpole, Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Jyotiba, Clan object ( Devak ) :-Umbar,Mango or Kalamb,Guru :- Atrimuni, Mantra :- Gaytri, Gotra :-Dhampal, Veda :-Yajurveda, Line , Clans:- Jadhav,Yadav,Shirke,Fhalke,Dhekle,Madhav,Abhang,Adhak,Bhojke,Rumale,Abrood,Aaware,Verdant,Dange,Khilate,Dumge,Virdatta,Kautuke,Kolare,Kasale,Tade,Tanavde,Gavad ( Gawde ),Kalyankar,Dhomre,Kathawde,Suesen,Bavanse,Honmane,Dunge.

3) Haru:- Vansh :- Bramha vansh, Bramha vanshi king haru , City :- Jaipur ( In Rajastan state) , Throne :- Yellow colour , Sign :- Yellow colour, Horse :- White colour, Moon on falagpole, Clan goddess :- Bhavani, Clan object (Devak) :- Panchapallav ( Five leaves ) , or Kalamb, Guru :- Varunrushi, Gotra :- Haru , Veda :- Rugveda.

4) Proktat:- Vansh:- Surya vansh , Surya vanshi king Proktat, City :- Bharatpur ( In Hariyana state – Bharatpur ) , Throne :- Green ,Canopy :- Green , Sign :- Green , Horse :- Red, Moon on flagpole, Clan goddess :- Bhavani, Clan object :- Panchapallav, Guru :- Angirarushi, Gotra :- Proktat.

5) Derik ( Derick ) :- Vansha :- Bramha vansh, Bramhavanshi king Derik , City:- Chitod or Chittoud ( In Rajastan state ) , Throne :- ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour) , Canopy :- ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour) ,Sign :- ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour) , Horse :- ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour) ,Rodra on flagpole,Clan object :- Panchapallava, Guru:- Kaushikrushi, Gotra Dorik, Veda :- Rugveda, Mantra :- Gayatri mantra

6) Kalmukh:- Vansha :- Surya vansh, City ( Nagar ) :-Ayidhyapattan ( Ayadhya in Uttarpradesh ) , Throne :- Twain colour ( Red and White ), Canopy and Sign :- Twain colour , Horse :- White , Moon on flagpole , Clan god ( Kuldaivat ) :- Prabhakar , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallava ( Five leav ) , Suryakant,umbar , Kalamb,Guru :- Vasishtha , Gotra :- Kalmukh , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatimantra

7) Dhitak:- Vansh :- Suryavansh , Suryavanshi raja dhitak , City ( Nagar ) :- Kanoj ( Kannoj – in Uttarpradesh ) , Throne :- Bhgawa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour ) ,Canopy and Sign :-Bhagwa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour) ,Horse :- White , Sun on flagpole, Clan goddess :- Bhavani , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Kalamb , Guru :- Agasti , Gotra :- Dhitak , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatimantra

8) Chulkee :- Vansh:- Bhrama vansh, Bhramavanshi king Chulki, City:- Mahikawatee, Sign ( Nishan ) colour:- yellow, Canopy :- Yellow, Throne:-yellow, Horse :- Yellow, Hanuman on flagpole,Clan god(Kuldaivat):-Bramhanath, Clan object ( Devak ) :_Kamal (Lotus flower),Shankh,shami,Kalamb, Guru :- Bharadwaj,Veda:-Yajurveda, Mantra :-Gayatri , Gotra :- Chulkee.

9) Kalchuree ( Kachare ) :- Throne :- Teur , Throne :- Twain colour ( Red and Yellow ) , Canopy and Sign :- Twain colour , Horse :- White , Clan god ( Kuladaivat ) :- Bramhanath , Clan object (Devak) :-Wing of Bharadwaj bird , Guru :- Kapilrushi , Gotra :-Kalchuree , Mantra :- Gayatrimantra.

10) Waghale :- Throne :- Bhavnagar ( In Gujrath state ) , Throne, Sign , Horse , Canopy :- Yellow colour , Moon on Flagpole , Clan goddess :- Jogeshwaree , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Umbar ( a Tree ) , Gotra :- Dhampal , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Panchaksharee .

11) Gawase ( Gawas , Gavas ) :- Throne kingdom :- Ayodhya ( In Uttarpradesh ) , Throne,Canopy , Sign :- Twain colour , Clan god :- Prabhakar , Clan object ( Devak ) :- Panchapallawa ( Five leaves ) , Guru :- Bharadwaja , Gotra :- Kalmukh , Veda :- Yajurveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra

12) Ghorpade:- Throne kingdom :-Paithan ( In Maharashtra state, near Aurangabad city ), Throne,Sign,Canopy,Horse :- Bhgawa ( Orange- yellow or Saffron or Hinu religion flag colour ) , Rudra on Flagpole, Clan god :- Kanderaw, Clan object :- Rui , Guru :- Vasishtha , Gotra :- Dorik , Veda :- Rugveda , Mantra :- Gayatri mantra.

Hindu Religion ( Arya Vaidik Dharma ) Time calculation , calendar’s, and kings in present Kali yuga

In the running Christan calendar or world wide used calendar year of 2005 A.D the following is the position , status of other Indian dating years

a) Shalivahan calendar dating ( Used in Maharashtra State ) :- Year 1927 b) Vikram Savant calendar ( Used in north India ) :- year 2061-62 c) Hijaree ( The Islam religion calendar dating ) :- year 1426-27 d) Parshi or Parsi calendar dating( Zorashtrian religion calendar ) : Year 1374-75 e) Shiv shaka or King Shivaji’s calendar dating :- 331-32 f) Mahaveer calendar Savant ( Jain religion calendar ) :- year 2531-32 g) Kaliyuga calendar dating :- year 5107

According to Hindu religion there are four yuga’s

1) Satya yuga ( Kruta yuga ):- 17,28,000 Human year’s ( Has been passed ) 2) Treta yuga :- 12,96,000 Human year’s ( Has been passed ) 3)Dwapar yuga :- 8,64,000 Human year’s ( Has been passed ) 4) Kali yuga :- 4,32,000 Human year’s ( 5,106 years have been passed and 4,26,894 year’s to go )

Kali yuga started in 3,102 B.C. Today’s Year of Kali yuga in 2,005 A.D is 5,107

Six Shakakarte king in present Kaliyuga

This Kaliyuga is now running . It is 4,32,000 human years long. From this Kaliyuga 5,106 years have been passed untill the present year 2005 and 4,26,894 years are to go in future age .

Timeline of Kaliyuga calendar dating :-

1) Yudhishthir ( Dharmaraj ):- Ruled in Indraprastha (Capital city Delhi of India ) and started his own calendar dating in the year 3,102 B.C ( Before Jesus Christ or Christian or current Roman calendar dating ). He was the elder brother of Pandav of the great Indian war of Mahabharat . His dating continued for 3,044 years until king Vikrama , the second Shakkarta king broke it and started his own dating or the new Shaka .

2) King Vikrama :- Ruled in Ujjain city ( Present day Ujjain city in Madhyapradesh state of India ) in the year 57 B.C . He started his own calendar dating by breaking the old Yudhishthir Shaka . But his dating was continued only for 135 year’s as the third Shakakarta king King Shalivahan at Paithan city in Maharashtra state near by Aurangabad city came in power and broke the running Vikrama Shaka . Allthough in north India still the Vikrama Shaka is running , it is said that some kind of understanding or truce was fixed up between these two grate kings to continue both the calendar in their respective areas or nations .

3) King Shalivahan :- Ruled in the old city Paithan of Maharashtra state in the year 78 A.D. , that is after 78 years later Jesus Christ or the Christian dating started . The Maratha cast has a clan after this grate king . This king is mentioned in old Christian books as it is written that King Shalivahan had meet the founder of Christian religion ,The Jesus Christe himself on a tripe to grate Himalaya mountains. His Shaka will continue for 18,000 years that is for Eighteen thousand years. That comes to in the year 18,078 this Shalivahan Shaka will be broken , discontinued by the next coming Shakakarta king and his name is King Vijayabhinandan , who will happened on the banks of the river of Vaitarna in Thane district of near Bombay city or Mumbai city of Maharashtra state . Need not to say that this grate king Shalivahan was from Maratha cast. Any rational person can come to this conclusion. Historical evidence had it that the Satvahan alias Shalivahan ruled at Paithan city of Maharashtra in the time 30 B.C. TO 230 A.D.

4) King Vijayabhinandan ( coming ) :- This great king will happen on the banks of river Vaitarna probabely in Thane district of Maharashtra state . This place is near the Bombay alias Mumbai city . And the river Vaitarna folws in Thane district of Maharashtra state . He will break the King Shalivahan Shaka and start his own Shaka or the calendar dating . This is a kind or prophecy of Hindu religion . This king Vijayabhinandan will happen in year 18,078 A.D or after Jesus Christ . His Shaka will run , continue for 10,000 years . That does mean that in the year 28,078 A.D after Jesus Christ his Shaka or dating will be broken , discontinued by the next Shakakarta king Nagarjuna who will happen in the Bangal state of India. As this king Vijayabhinandan is to happen in the region of Maharshtra it is certain that he will be from Maratha cast.

5) King Nagarjun ( Coming ) :- He will be the fifth grate Shkakarta king of Kaliyuga. He will happen, appear in Bangal state of India in the year 28078 A.D . He will terminate the shaka or calendar of Vijayabhinandan and start his own calendar or shaka and that will continue for 4,00,000 years afterward.This Nagarjuna has the most long running calendar in Kaliyuga Shaka dating.

6) King Kalki ( coming ) :- He is the last and final shakakarta king of the Kaliyuga . As Hinu religion has predicted that there are ten Avatar of lord Vishnu , this king Kalki is the tenth and final avatar of that series . He is the final avatara who will end the present Kaliyuga and again start the cycle if yuga that is the Satya yuga will be started after this grand termination .Hindu religion has prediction that he will come on a white horse . This Kalki avatar will happen , appear in the region of Kolhapur of Maharashtra state in India . He will end the then running shaka of Nagarjuna and start his own shaka or dating or calendar in the year 4,28,078 A.D. His calendar or shaka will run for 821 years. Then perhaps the final day of judgement will come mentioned in christain religion. As This king is to happen in the state of Maharashtra it is obviously certain that he will be from Maratha cast.


putting some thoughts about Maratha Community

The Maratha History started way back ... may be 3000 BC.

The Maharashtra region people were calling Rashtrik in Mahabharata. Later on this region came under control of Mouryas in around 250 BC.

This people were speaking the Prakrit Language. This language is modified Sanskrit.

After in 150-100 BC Satwahan Kings came to rule this region. After 300AD this region was ruled by many dynasty rulers.

Now considering the situation and assumptions every soldier who won the battle and returned to home must be rewarded either one way or the other.

After Mouryan Empire, the rewards were to appoint the soldier as a village leader or A land holder, so that he can work on it and live.

Considering the war lordship of the soldier this share may vary in size.

Now there are two situations one is to lead constant war or two works in field and provide food to the soldiers. It is quite natural that in 4 members of the family; one brother may have joined band of life time fighters, and other 3 may become a mere peasants or farm worker.

So the Maratha community have 2 classes from same family lines that one represents the KUNBIS and other is WORRIERS.

This should be quite clear that they are relative to each other as they sprang from the same families.

Panch Kuli : These people represent the descendant of KINGS way back before 1600 AD as they ruled some or the other region and families had hold on region for a long time as 200 years.

96 Kulis : all the descendant of the kings from 3000 BC.

There are many wars fought by kings and so the soldiers won or lose in battle. This way the families are sprang and the social structure always had relation with equals.

Lost village chief may have been put to end for his region; the new family ruled the village and hence represented the region.

If you see the social structure Maratha had 4 divisions. 1. Raje 2. Deshmukh 3. Patil 4. Kunbi.

Now how they differentiate each other

Raje: Family rules. (These rules are not strict)

1. Do not marry in same region spouses 2. Remarriage of the woman is strictly not allowed. 3. Woman has to follow a Sati when her husband dies. 4. Says he is descendant of the kings

Deshmukh : Has equal level to the Raje, and same family rules are followed. 1. May marry same region spouces, 2. May marry to Patils with equal family lines. 3. Woman remarriage is not allowed.

Patil: Has equal levels to Deshmukh 1. Sometimes they marry in the same city town like and in close relations. 2. Woman remarriage may be allowed.

Kunbi : They are not strictly separated from Patils 1. Marry in close relations, 2. Woman remarriage is allowed.

This social structure - now a days diminishing and slowly a homogeneous society is taking a shape out of all the Odds.

Above artical is tampered by some people. Starting mudsling at other cast is always esay. Please avoid that. --jai

Marathas as shudras?

Dear Manu ,Sorry , it seems you are ignorant of some facts.

1) Marathas are known as warriors since the dawn of civilization( Please refer Huien-Tsang,Kuvalaymala and many more).The Satvahanas,Chalukyas,Yadavas,Shilaharas,Sendraks, rashtrakutas and many more rulers of ancient time were maratha families only and today constituets 96 royal clans 2)No one refused to coronate Shivaji.If one recalls the condition of that time, there was not a single scholar in maratha land who was having such required knoweldge.hence Gagabhat was called.Even Gagabhat was a maratha brahmin only. 3)When Maratha lost to British, many Indian scholars who were bred in english started this silly point of deciding the status of Marathas as kshatriyas or shudras. 4)Please refer the contemporary documents of 17th century, anyone from maratha army was called a maratha just like a rajput from mughal army used to be called a mughal. 5)In fact, Shahu ,grandson of Shivaji brought chitpavans into the power , who were not considered as Brahmin at that time,In fact it was a social revolution.On same pattern Shahu Rajashri brought many backward people into prominence.It is nice that our society is becoming egalitarian.But fact remains marathas are warriors since the dawn of civilization and had defeated the enemy again and again.This their tribute to the motherland.With due respect to all ,Perhaps no other race equals marathas in this aspect.

Here we putting real facts only based on history and not on emotion and politics.

A maratha

well perhaps i am ignorant of that...but it seems very clear indeed that the Marathas were not the Nairs of Kerala, [[Reddy]s of Karnatake etc they were considered Sudras by the Brahmins. And do all Marathas wear sacred thread? Manu

Till my marriage I didn't wear a thread when I wore at start of marriage ritual I cut it off after the ceremony.

Scared Thread wearing by Maratha is not an essential.

This was one of the rituals defined by Brahmin community to earn by fooling others. Shall I thank god I was one of the fools?

When I understood the meaning of the thread I cut it off. There are many things those are sugar pilled to fool the other, any one can be fooled by doing so.

Whatever written in Manu smriti is not correct this is my opinion!


About Hinduism

Dear Friends,

It will be better if one goes through the Riddles in Hinduism - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar before slinging mud at other cast people.

-- jai

Sacred thread

Dear Manu, thanks for your query.Now again a few facts ignored by many foreign and also Indian scholars including Romila Thapar,Sarkar and many more due lack of acquaintanace with maratha social customs. 1)Sacred thread ceremony is not mentioned in Rigveda.It is evident that it came during Yajurvedic or even later period perhpas to accomodate new group or some changes in society. 2)Maratha society follows Rigveda e.g.Worship of vanspati(Devak),Worship of cow and sun,worship of maruts .Further their marraige custom is akin to Rigvedic practise. 3)Sacred thread ceremony is accompanied with Gayatri mantra.Gayatri mantra was composed not by brahmins but Vishvamitra(Kaushika).Even today Vishwamitra alias Kaushikas is one of main gotras of marathas.So it appears that dvija concept is later development. 4)For many maratha social customs please refer Dhanurveda. 5)At least half of Maratha Gotras are ancient 'Rajyans 'Like Vishvmitra,Shaunak,Gritsmada and others. 6)Maratha does not require any certificate from brahmins for their social status. 7)Again a point of interest please remember even in medieval time Shivaji, his father Shahji and his son Sambhaji all were scholars of Sanskrit .By the way they are also Kaushikas. 8)It is a strange matter that Puranas mention that 50 sons of Vishvamitra became Mlechhca.This is irony of Indian history that not all but certain Brahmins have utilised their talent against the persons who have denfended them. 9)Maratha invariably worship Pipal tree which was a practise prevalent among Indo-Aryan clans .Please refer Proto-European customs. 10)During Shivaji's time many common people like farmer,shepherd,bhikshus(brahmins)got chance to rise.Simply to say had not maratha been there these elements would not have risen.

So there are such many facts.Please remember Maratha society is a broad based society which includes royal clans to ordinary farmers.We are proud of our rural background as well as bravery.Maratha is an honorific name .Even Brahmins of 17th century Maharashtra are known as maratha brahmin or they have prefered at least publicly(please refer Grant duff and records of that period).So better not to ignore these facts by their modern descendent of 20th century.

Waiting for your reply and further any query.It is good thing that we are discussing over here.This will enhance our knoweldge.You are welcome,Manu. A maratha

wht i wish to emphasise is that without wearing the sacred thread nobody can be dwija...and marathas have never been considered dwija....heres a passage from India a History:

"Marathas not being accounted as of Kshatriya caste, a bogus geneaolgy had to be fabricated which linked Shivajis' predecessors to the eminent Sisodias of Udaipur.."

it is a very common case in the whole of India where warrior clans donot have kshatriya status. as u said marathas encompass nobles to farmers, there are other warrior it the Nairs of Kerala, Poligars of Tamil Nadu, Naikers, Nayaks or any such clans....the brahmins never considered them kshatriya....what i am saying that in the article the statemnt that marathas are kshatriyas shud be removed and replaced by 'Martial caste' or something similar....because when we talk of caste we talk of what the brahmins think since its all made by them.....after a serious controversy in the case of the Nair article, their heading now reads as a 'martial nobility'. -manu 12:05, 1 August 2006 (UTC)

I guess the above user is out of his mind. Marathas and Sisodias have no relation and no genealogy. The above user is bogus. He seems to be a Brahmin. Because of Marathas they got power and now they stab us in the back. Shut up. Marathas are Aryans. They have been mentioned in the Rig Veda (ever heard of this ?). Rajputs are Indo-Scythians. Their race is different. Do you know, Kadam was the first Aryan Kshatriya king of present day Afghanistan. The 96 Clans of the [[Maratha]s are descendants of the 96 first Aryan kings. Kshatriyas (read Marathas) were the true Aryans. You guys, Brahmins were elevated to the status afterwards, wherein you put yourselves as top caste by manipulating scriptures. We, Kshatriyas let you do that because we respected religious and spiritual people. But did we know that you will stab us in the back. You Brahmins constitute 5 % population in Maharashtra but you have captured every possible field (except politics) by the virtue of your high caste. And we Marathas who are 40% are given a raw deal. The OBCs and SC/STs have the reservations (and rightly so, after so many years of humiliation at the hands of Brahmins). But what do Marathas have ? Nothin'. And still we respect you. But you go on defaming our image and maligning our name and slandering us. Stop it ! THE TRUE MARATHA IS DORMANT. IF HE WAKES UP, HE WILL ANNIHILATE THE EVIL ! --Maratha Aryan Superhero 17:51, 1 August 2006 (UTC) i am not a Brahmin....i am what is called Samantha Kshatriya and i am from Kerala. And u say that i am bogus...i never said Marathas aand sisodias have links...but if u read books on shivaji, you will find that he, the great grandson of a farmer, later during coronation claimed descent from the udaipur sisodia ranas....this is fact....and stop your melodrama and anhilation of evil crappe....even i come from a place where the warriors have been pushed down by the Brahmins...but what i mentioned is "Shivaji and his times" or "India a history" for more info..and one of me Maratha frnds is Shisode...he says they and sisodias are the same..!!!

also note this statement from the family tree of the kolhapur is from a link given on wikipedia itself: "The ruling family of Kolhapur enjoys a common ancestry with the Bhonsle dynasties of Tanjore and Satara (see those families). They claim descent from the Sisodia clan of Rajputs, the same descent as the ancient rulers of Chittor and Udaipur" manu

The discussion over Vtratbandhan ceromony or Munj or Dwija. ------- By Vishal 1976

The discussion over Vtratbanshan ceromony or Munj or Dwija. ------- By Vishal 1976 to my knowladge the battel over proving Maratha caste as on the base of not performing the Vtratbandhan or Munja or secread thread is an issue raised by anti Maratha forcess. To my knowlage and observance in my surrounding Maratha society that all Hindu and religious rituals is closed lincked to Money , finincial power of the respected Maratha familiy. Because of 1000 years of Muslim invasion and rule and later 200 years of rule of British all Maratha society was affected badly and had to face poverty. I have seen today that many Maratha families have got not enough money to perform marriages of their childrens. So the luxoury of Munja ceromoney is in no near. The writer Manu seems to be newly became rich due to American style of living and haveing no deap roots in even his motherland. I am now sick ,tyered off all this Anti Maratha arguments and do not want to answer them because i do belive that the law of nature will take care of all of this Anti Maratha elements and castes.Ther time is over now and they will disappear, vanish soon. O.K in short i have some facts here , want to put in quick 1) I Vishal Prakash Dudhane , Pune City is Dwija and have perpormed the Munja or Vtratbandhan ceromoney according to Hindu ( Arya vaidik Dharm ) religion in the year ( don't remember perfecet date ,time year due to my personal bad times ) 1998 in the holy place of Tryambakeshwar near Nasik city in Maharashtra by the hands of my Guru Late Pramod Ambadas Mahajan. 2) Never ever bilive in Bhramin caste because i swear and say that the holly Aryan (Hindu ) Gods have left them for . Check out the Marriage relations of this so called and self boasted Pure Bhramin Caste . and the answer can be found their .

REPLY TO VISHAL well for one thing i am not an indian who has 'become rich due to american type living and has no deep roots in his motherland' ancestros were the governers of Cheriyanadu, a district in ertswhile Kayamkulam and we have descended from Kayamkulam Royal family...yet like Marathas, we had land, wealth, power, military etc...but like them the brahmins called us sudra too....doesnt make much differnce...only that i wanted to know the opinions of marathas on this....and marathas are NOT dwija...shiveji was nota dwija till his coronation...manu

This -- manu -- seams strong anti-Indian Vishal do not reply his message. ---jai

  • Yess Jai i always have in my mind of doing good constructive , basic , good work and not to waste my energey , power , time in baseless , fallese agruments and word battels . Thanks for your kind advice --- Vishal Prakash Dudhane 11-08-2006.

Thank You, Fellow Indians

I, a true Maratha, would like to thank my fellow Indians for their extraordinary bias that they show against the Marathi people in general and Marathas in particular. Thanks for calling us [{Shudra]]s, Ghatis, lower-class and vernacular. These abuses are thrown against us so unfairly. Every non-Marathi person looks down upon Marathi people as some downtrodden race. They come to our capital, Mumbai and we welcome them with open arms. They are good to us for sometime and then they stab us in the back, just as Marathi Brahmins have done to Marathas for so many years. They say "All Marathis are Ghatis". When we say that "Everyone is welcome in Mumbai, but respect the indigenious ethnic people", they show disrespect to us. When we say, "Mumbai Is Ours", they say "Mumbai aahe tumchi, Bhandi ghaasa aamchi". Marathi people are not given promotions, there are very few Marathi people in top positions in Corporate world and most of them are Brahmins. However, the most stunning prejudices (or should we call it discrimination) against Marathi speaking people is observed when they are denied buying flats/propeties in a Gujarati & Jain dominated buildings. They blatantly tell us "Since you are Marathi and non-vegetarian, you won't be allowed to buy flat in this building. People are vegetarian here !". Incidentally, only Marathis and Muslims have to bear the brunt of this. The plight of Muslims was highlighted by a leading tabloid a few days back. But what about the open discrimination going on against Marathis. No one is interested in taking up their case, because no one cares about Marathis. Whenever a Marathi person speaks up, he is called jingoistic. The English media is extravagantly biased against Marathi jingoism. However, when Bengali people take to the streets for Sourav Ganguly it is not jingoism, it's a fight for their rights. Political parties taking up the Marathi cause, like Shiv Sena are looked down upon and severely criticized. They are called uncivilized, communal, rioter and whatever else is there. I am not a supporter of Shiv Sena nor a Shiv Sainik, but I can see the bias against them. I have never supported Shiv Sena for embracing Hindutva. But under the pretext of attacking Hindutva/communal policies, the non-Marathi people attack Shiv Sena's fight for ethnic rights.

Whenever a disaster strikes any part of India, (examples - Gujarat earthquake, Gujarat riots, Andhra famine), funds pour from the high and the mighty & the rich and the famous of Mumbai. Processions are taken out, Events are organised, Films & documentaries are made, celebrities come out and speak for the people ! But when disater strikes for Vidharba's farmers, forget the funds, no one even wants to even talk about about it. For them it's a non-issue because the affected people are Marathis. When floods hit Mumbai last year (26/7), the media balked only about the affected people of Mumbai, nobody talked about those affected in the rest of Maharashtra. I know these people don't have a sense of belonging to Maharashtra. When we remind them that they are earnin their huge profits in Maharashtra, they say it's no big deal, India's a democracy and anyone can go anywhere.

Can you tell me what has happened to the Marathi culture of Mumbai ? When you say Mumbai, what picture comes to mind ? U.P. chatwallas of Juhu, Punjabi culture of Bollywood, businessmen from Gujarat, Blue collar men of South India, the common people projected as the Bihari taxiwalas, autowalas, Virani family of TVdom !!! Where do you find Marathis or Marathi influence ? I tell you - kaamwali bais, BMC sweepers, BEST drivers ? But they are never projected as common men, they are lower class extremely poor people. Also their population is miniscule compared to Bihari people. Which takes me to the topic of demographics. Demographics is a extremely important topic and has the power to wipe out a culture totally and within limits of legitimacy. One must take the examples of the [{America]]s esp. Mexico where the indigeneous Indian people were wiped out. Or take the example of Israel where the population of Jews increased due to aaliyah and the Jewish theocratic state became legitimate. Or take the example of Indonesia where demographics changed the nation. Mumbai which had a Marathi population at 80-85% now has only 29% Marathis and that too is a 2001 figure. The percentage of Marathi population is going down at an alarming rate, mainly due to immigrating Biharis, UPites, Gujaratis and others who come in truckloads to Mumbai. Marathi people could do well to understand that Mumbai is in their hands only till their population is significant. Once a particular ethnic group overtakes the Marathi population in Mumbai, I am afraid Mumbai is close to gone from Marathi hands. And this is happening ! It won't take long before Mumbai is cutoff from Maharashtra. And let me tell you every non-Marathi including Biharis, Gujaratis, South Indians, North Indian Muslims(this term I use only for Urdu-speaking Muslims), Rajputs, Bengalis, and others, want it to happen. The other day, I was reading a leading newsmagazine and there was a column by Rang de Basanti director Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra on "How To Save Mumbai". He writes that Mumbai, in order to be saved from disasters should be severed(thats the word he used) from Maharashtra. He goes on to say that Mahrashtra leaders are too busy in other problems like farmers suicides in Vidharba to look after. This means that he is interested only in Mumbai but not in farmers suicides in Maharashtra. And why is he so concerned about Mumbai. Because Mumbai has a big population of his ethnic group.

Of course, there are many prejudices against Marathi people and yet they do nothing. That day, after the Rakhi Sawant-Mika Singh episode, there were reactions from different people. Shefali Zariwala, former item girl, says that "Rakhi must be lying, Mika cannot do anything like this because he is a true PUNJABI and all Punjabis are gentlemen." Yes, Shefali, I know you've married a Punjabi(Manmeet Gulzar), but does that make every Punjabi a truthful man ? And Marathi people can be liars ? Remember it is the soil of Maharashtra which made you ! This is only an instance of the thousands of prejudices which are being made against Marathi community.

Marathi culture is being suppressed and Marathi people don't know this. I can't understand how Marathi people can sit calmly. Doesn't your blood fill with rage at this discrimination against us in our own land ? And Marathas being the warriors and protectors of the Marathi community should lead the Marathis towards glory and justice. Although today there doesn't seem to be a Maratha leader who will take on these things, I know a Maratha will rise, just like Shivaji who came out of nowhere to build a Maratha Empire. In the history of this world, each time a particular community has been oppressed, it has woken up and avenged its oppression and ruled in glory.

--Sawai Raja 06:08, 8 August 2006 (UTC)

These thoughts are great but Maratha community persons will not react here at this location. This is world page and I feel that we must avoid all this. --jai

Avoiding all this won't do any good at all. Although this a world page, Wikipedia is a democratic public domain. Everyone can express their opinions. Marathas must REACT ! It's high time they did, otherwise it will be too late. Once a community loses it's self-pride it is extremely hard to rebuild it. Fellow Marathas as well as Non-Marathas are welcome to express their reaction --Sawai Raja 06:56, 8 August 2006 (UTC)

100% Agree with you - can you just create a group in yahoo and call all likeminded friends? then this will be more efective. This page is just to discuss about the Maratha and their and history. -- jai



With due respect to you and rest of all, please remember a few facts--- 1)Please show me by any source that 'Upanayan'sanskar is required in Rigveda,the most ancient veda . 2)Rigveda mentions Rajanya and rathi.From this ma_ratha originated. 3)Maratha marriage customs and religiuos beliefs are as per Rigvedic system 4)If got any doubt please go through Rigveda 5)It seems you are relying mainly on Jadunath Sarkar and a few more.They were great scholars of history but not of any entire course of maratha history. 6)please respect others as we are doing here.Have we said anything bad about any other community.

Welcome again with queries.We are marathas and like to fight and win --earlier it was sword now let it be words(pen). Come on please ,come on please.Har Har Mahadev!Har Har Mahadev! Maratha

HI, well there is absolutely no doubt about the marathas being warriors and being an elite class in erstwhile indian society. what i merely wich to know is what ur take is on the statement 'marathas are sudras'!!! why do you think these statements came up? how come actual position as warriors didnot change the brahmin perception as sudras? - manu


ok, let us analyse this perception as projected by a few brahmins1). 1)Not the entire Brahmins but a few authors put forward this view during late 19th and 20th century when Marathas were thrown out of power. 2)Please remember Huien-Tsang clearly writes Pulekeshi Chalukya as Kshatriya king while a king of Sindh as a shudra king.Hence he was having quite clear idea of Indian society. 3)So it quite clear that there were kshatriyas rulers at least till that time.Now look at the stories forward by Puranas which are nothing but Bramhnic fallacy. 4)The controversy of Vedokat between Rajashri Shahu and his servent priest created this controversy.It is tragedy of India that during political slavery such priestly have tried to asseert their supremacy.So is it not altogether a matter of shame for such lot. 5)If Marathas were shudras then why all sorts of priests accepted gifts from Maratha kings since down ages and saluted them. 6)There is this confusion mainly regarding Upananyan sanskar.And as I have challenged that please let anyone show it as an ancient custom from Rigveda even in a single richa of all 10 mandalas. Please refer 10th mandala which mentions that Rajnyas originated from hands.Shudras from feet.It means whoever fights for the society ,he is Rajyana.Does it mention that you require any kind of ritual? Answer is NO. Again go through the ceremnoy of sacred thread.It is said that Lord Mahadev was angry with incest of Brahmdev with his own daughter.Hence he cut his one head.Then Brahma statrted running .The Mriga constellation and Vyadha star in the sky is connected with story .AS a token of this, they were putting a piece of deer earlier.

Against this background please remember Brahmins have served maratha kings .Shall I say they are shudras? It is said that only 24 rishis have understood Vedas (Vishavamitra to Gautum).Does it mean there is no Brahmin after that ?Brahmin is a person who understand Bramha.A priest performing may not necessarily be a bramhmin.

But for practical purpose whoever performs rituals is generally called a brahmin by all of us.

7)Maratha-Brahmin controversy can be traced back to the days of Vishvamitra and Vashishthas. There is cooperation and conflict over the ages.It can be seen as a struggle of Temporal and warrior people over political power. 8)There was no controversy at the time of coronation of Shivaji.He assumed the title of Kshatriya kulavantas ie-head of kshatriays of all India.Hence Gagabhat was called who happened to be chief of Kashi as kashi is the number uno. Shivaji did not prove his kshatryiya as it was not needed.He show the world that vedic Indra is still alive in vanqishing the enemy. 9)As far as perception of certain individuals is concerned, it is their own outlook.But in the quest of knoweldge, one must have a very deep knoweldge and a sense of scholarship. 10)You refer any record of 18th century Brahmins are also called Marathas.Hence understand the problem . 11)And lastly If warriors who have won battles and defended their motherland are not kshatriyas,then who is kshatriya?

12)Now look a third view ,rather impartial view by foreign encyclopedia Colombia

'The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05.


or Mahrattas (both: mrt´z, mrä´tz) (KEY) , Marathi-speaking people of W central India, known for their ability as warriors and their devotion to Hinduism. From their homeland in Maharashtra their chieftains rose to power in the 17th cent. The Marathas helped bring about the fall of the Mughal empire and were the most determined rivals to British supremacy in India. '

I think this will clear your doubts.

If you have any query regarding maratha wars,weapons,forts etc please raise queries.You are welcome.

Har Har Mahadev Kasar 11:11, 13 August 2006 (UTC)

Hey This was true in all practical terms....i know various cases, though in the case of Kerala, where Brahmins from Tamil Nadu used to migrate and try to gain the Nair title, who are supposed to be Kerala counterparts of Marathas and Rajputs, although they were considered Sudras. Ya, ur rite...for all practical purposes marathas are Kshatriyas. Manu

A lot thanks to Wikipedia...

Dear Friends,

After reading different sections of this page, I found that there is lot of hidden talent in and around the topics reading and contributing. Can we start a group which will start defining a common code of conduct for the true maratha?

I have an Idea to float a group, any person who is related or not related can contribute to this group. (This contribution may be an abuse - we can learn something from that!!!) What I am thinking is that if we start defining a code of conduct and then we will have strong definition for our Maratha Society. This will lead to project our community views to world and yes we can have and help in surfacing different problems faced by our people!

Lets come together! --- Jai

The Marathas in my view...

Dear Friends,

This page is being read by Maratha as well as non-Marathas. As a respectable community we have to present our views in low profile.

As way long back in history we have tuff differences with other cast people.

Overview of our history

Oldest appearance of the Maharashtra as record in history is in period of Ramayana as Dandkarnya, this may be around 7000 BC then it appeared in Mahabharata around 5000BC as ‘Rashtrik’ people. Vidarbha is specifically mentioned.

Then reference for region appeared in period of the Chandragupta Maurya around 400 BC. Chandragupta ruled the area. So naturally we have effect of Buddha culture.

If we study our region we have a port of Nala-sopara and at north Lothal – near surat.

Considering the fertility of the land we have Godavari, Krishna and, Vardha river and around area, other section of Maharashtra have minimum water. Considering the population in this region we can say that the different regions have different produces.

Considering the Ground Level - Maharashtra is not as good as north India. Western Ghat added many difficulties and Satpuda ranges separated Maharashtra from North India.

Considering the possibility we have migration from north and south. The Land was not very good to say as full of rich people.

First effect of war is of Magadh Empire on Maharashtra. Chandragupta had his vassal ruling the region of Maharashtra. Then it can be said that at Ujjain rulers the first Vikramaditya ruled the region. In 200 BC era Satwahana took over the region and First capitol was Pratisthan (Paithan ) Near Aurangabad. As per my knowledge “Paishachi” was mother tongue of the First ruler. Sanskrit was limited to people who were learned ones (I don’t say Brahmin as cast were interchangeable).

If we took the History of Chandragupta and Ashoka of Magdha we can say that they died as non–Hindu. They opposed the vedik people ( Sanskrit speaking ). This is quiet visible from Chandragupta turning as “Jain”, and Ashoka as “Buddha Anuyayi”. This shows that why vedik people started mudslinging at his origion. They used Chandragupta for their supremacy and Leadership. Ashoka was clean and against of vedik traditions.

After Ashoka none of the survivors lasted long. All the provinces taken over by the vasals.

The Vikramditya I of ujjain ruled the Maharashtra. At his time there were no sharp differences between the Vedik(Today we say Hindu), Jain, Buddhist. There was no cast system in all over the “Arywarta”.

In the period of the Satwahna the rule turned around and people those were under his rule turned to Vedik dharma. This is but natural. They also respected the other Dharma.

If we carefully study the Cult of “Bhavani Worshipers” we will came to conclusion that the cult obey the tradition of the worriors. In short by the name of god they had social gathering.

Previous to the Satwahana there were “shak” rulers like Nahapan and his family (This shak ruled in Nashik region). They used to worship “Mahakali-Bhavani”. There are any stories around the “Tulja Bhavani ” of Tujapur.

“Ksaharat” the ‘Shak’ family ruled the south – east of the Nashik region. All these families are “Devi-worshipers”.

In period of Satwahana family rule there was justice. The family first ruler was following the tradition of people. The Empire was settled and families established.

One of the descendant of the Family married a poor Prist girl and there the history started turn around as girl had “Sanskrit” mother tongue. The King has to learn that. Then the story of the “Gundhya and his poems” come to surface.

Every noble started learning the Sanskrit. Naturally the common men who don’t speak the Sanskrit started speaking the “Apbhrinsh of Sanskrit” called as “Prakrit”. This Prakrit is mother tongue of the Marathas now.

Since the Empire of the Satwahna got from Rajsthan to Andhra and Kannada, all the warrior family gathered in the Maratha region and gave a birth to cult of 96 kulas.

As the family must have good relations with each other they were separated and certain rules established for the marriage relations. Then this Devak and all stuff came into picture.

The marriage in same family is avoided to have greater society relationship, and many good rules evolved. After these good rules evolution they were set as the Manners and practice to be followed by the family followers and this way to marry in the blood relation started taking shape.

Why royal lady supposed to not remarry? You can study example of How Death of Lady Dayana of England died.

The similar situation gave rise to different bad rules also. Now all established families were recognised by their work culture. And this way they started forming blood-relation with same work culture people. This way the 96 – Kuli called themselves as Marathas.

There are many things to discuss here… ---Jai

Information needed from students of geogrophy subject

Information needed from students of geogrophy subject.

Fllowing are ancient teroteries under Maratha ruling goverments and modern scientific study is needed and a seprate article is required for respcted subjects . Bara Maval ( Twelv Maval ) area in Pune district 1) Andar Maval , 2) Nane Maval , 3) Mose maval , 4) Paud Maval , 5) Muthe Maval , 6) Karhat Maval , 7) Ghutan Maval , 8) Gunjan Maval 9) Kanad Maval , 10) Welwand Maval , 11) Bhor Maval , 12) Hirdas Maval . FROM :- VISHAL PRAKASH DUDHANE -- VISHAL1976


Attn-Jai,Dudhane and others - You are right .The facts put are quite genuine .However a few facts can be added. A note of caution is that so far in history , there is no comprehensive study of Marathas as such .The tragedy of maratha or Indian history is that there was no systemic attempt regarding history.Puranas are nothing more than flattery and story books.A simple comparison of puranas with archeology and foreign accounts exposes its weakness. Secondly Marathas is a very wide spread group ,perhaps as single group no other group is so widespread.That creates problem. Third many noted historians like Romila Thapar ,Bipin Chandra or a few more ,with respect to their talent and contribution ,it can be said that they are literary figures than historian.They do not know much history beyond books and Delhi.As compared with this lot Grant Duff or other British historians were better acquainted with ground reality and traditions of marathas. Fourthly Marathas as such are not bothered about their own history.So why to blame others if they project wrong things. So better let us start gathering information as far as possible instead of reading silly accounts.Our forefathers made history but we are such worthless lot that we are not even able defend or preserve at least on paper. Keeping in this mind let us start .We should not project a false or a kind of grandiose picture.But should not be goverened by idiotic perceptions of certain persons as we have seen.

1)Please refer the clan system for origin of 96 royal clans.It is a very old system common to Indo-European people.You may please refer scottish clans or German clans. Even among Hittite people who ruled over Syria/Anatolia(modern Turkey)1800B.C., Kul means warrior people.Their language is quite akin to marathi and it was the first to break off from Indo-Europeans.What is my point that we have to gather information worldwide regarding ancient customs,festivals, war ,weapons .That will give us a great insight into marathas. 2)Please go through RigVeda (Griffith's translation availble at sacred, one will notice that it is the description of martial peasant class.There is reverence for Bull,for Cow,for farmers and as such all nature.Carefully obeserve marathas practises of worship specially in villages , one will struck by the similarility. Now see puranas and their modern champions keep shouting that farmers are kshatriyas whereas in Rigveda ,Indra is ploughing the field in richa. ---There are such hundreds of things which we can contribute and can really give a better and historical accounts than flattery on puranic pattern. kasarKasar 07:22, 19 August 2006 (UTC)

Dear Kasar, Your statement Fourthly Marathas as such are not bothered about their own history.So why to blame others if they project wrong things.

I am 100% agree with you about this but do you feel that why this situation arised? I am floating new topic, please read all that.

-- Jai

Unhappiness of the Maratha's in writing their Own History

Dear Friends,

When satwahna ruled the era we can find that the established Worrier Family did not find any task as to do the WAR. They formed part of the JUSTICE team and then they became the part of the community which just followed the society traditions.

Village had a system of Panchayat, from this all the task of the village are controlled. When we go up the region we see small talukas formed for region control, in old days they were Parganas and Jagirs. To Controlled these Jagir - The Noble families formed the part of the Deshmukh and the Patils. In the time region of the Satwahnas they had different names. Normally 20 Villages are the part of the Jagir; if I assume this figure we will find that the communication in between these villages is OK. 20 Villages in radius of the 15 Kms or 3 Kose is ok. A man travels 5km per hour so natural within 4 Hours he can go and come back. Normally a Village at the time Satwahana can have a population near to 100 to 200 not more than this.

If start thinking about the administration you will find that they have the 12 People doing their separate profession like

1. Patil to collect produce from the farmers, kunbi-Farming, 2. Kulkarni and Deshpande to note down the details of the produce, 3. Wani or vaishya to do the trading among the villages, 4. Sonar - Creation of Gold and Silver ornaments. 5. Sutar to take the technical part of the wooden work for the farmers and whole of the village, 6. Lohar to take care of the all the metal related technical work for farmers and military purpose. 7. Chambhar - he is doing all the footwear and Leather work like Military shields and Saddle for horses and he was expert in that. 8. Kumbhar to make all the earthen wears like pots and barrels etc. 9. Kahar - Fishing activities 10. Dhawar - Getting leather materials from dead animals and processing all those. 11. Mahar - cleaning of village and other good activities There are many other casts these are the prominent.

So considering all these 12 divisions or the work distributions among the society you can find that he society 40 part is covered by the farmers and rest 60% around by all other community.

Now statistics can prove that for a village two patil families(One for Protection(Policing) and Leading and other for collection of the produce) are sufficient, one kulkarni is sufficient and rest all the same to all the professions.

Considering the brahmanical style and puranas you will say that it is not necessary that all other than Patil and Kulkarni need a knowledge development. Patil need knowledge to protect a law and secure the village and Kulkarni will need knowledge to write all the details of the produce.

In a very bad way brahmin books put the Scheduled cast tribe like Mahar and Matang community away from the knowledge. Rest all are convinced that if they follow the traditional work then it practical what they are doing is important and not the theory.

Now again if we look into the love for learning in society then you will find that the Brahmin community always tried for the knowledge gain activity and hence they put severe punishments for their community students if they are not learning.

If you think about the Patil community - then here you will find that the patils are not convinced not to have great knowledge. The knowledge to get the reading for book is ok for them or about reading the letter.

The patils always handled the home just like war they have fights in brothers and relations because they are not learned enough. When they come to differences then, you will find that they never care for anything that is coming in their way of the pride.

In the situation they were convinced to learn how to fight and not to Manage. Since they are the part of the military they are just going to obey the orders from the master. In obeying the master it is sufficient you are able to read the command lines.

Then secondly you will find that the great Bhakti Marg people, this is again by the Tukoba and Dnyaneshwara. - enjoy the thought process, here I am not going to say that it is bad, but I would like to point out the view that the Maharashtra people lost their creativity, to do research.

Thevile anante taisechi asave, chitti asu dyave samadhan

Now tell me Mr. Kasar if these thoughts are coming to your mind how you will think about the generations coming next to you?

Let’s start from ourselves. We will change the though process. There are many things to write..... -Jai

Grate original historian ....

-- 03:21, 24 August 2006 (UTC)Putting your self to the feet of the people is no way good. Don't apply these words like great and origional etc to these people. Because no one is great in this world. By adding these you are do ing shame to others like in Maratha community. If you have added this remove at once.

Beautyful and good Photo images by Vishal Prakash dudhane -- Vishal1976 . Pleas use this images in appropreate articales

Image:Vishal_Prakash_Dudhane_on_30th_March_2003.bmp.jpg‎ (31KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) 1) Image: 2) This is my photo Vishal Prakash Dudhane 3)



6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12)


Attn-Jai,Dudhanean and others. photos ar equite good.Very soon we will utilise at appropriate place.Please keep contributing more and more. Your thoughts are correct and let us start from ourselves.Basically any society which want to contibute to the civilization needs to be knowledge based one.So let us enrich the pages over covering all possible fields of maratha history.We can encourage all those who want to contribute.Many people do not know wikipedia .May we spread the message.Let us change our maratha cavalry into internet savy and knoweldge thirsty army.please react.kasar59.184.155.69 06:12, 26 August 2006 (UTC) My photos are beeing haveing some tecnical trobules , some tags are needed so that i can't do . Please correct the tecnical faults and save my photos from beaing deliting in recent times . From Vishal 1976

Can we collect from our old grand fathers and others.......

Dear Friends,

I found that many traditions are running in different family lines and these are strict confediential to each of the family. I don't know why these are confediential. I feel Dudhane or like friends are capable to give lights on these. This I would like to tell you that, in my home when certain thing happens some type of puja is carried out. The pooja (Prayer)is releted to my family line. I don't have exact iodea about the others.

Events like NewBorn in family branch. Seperated brothers and all seperated by this or that reason, they have to perform this why? I am confused and I tried to take the note of it.

Newborn demands Aja-bali and this must be satisfied - so I took this in a way of requesting all the relatives to come to home and have Goddes Bhavani Pooja and food with host family. Is this thinking right?

There are some situations I found that the gold coins are placed on dead elders eyes before cremation and then those are sold out to feed all the poor people.

I am not confident, but how many of these are running in our community? I am seaking information about this. Lets get input about this....

-- Jai

I am collecting the information.Shortly I will come back---kasar

IMAGES FROM Vishal Prakash Dudhane

Shivaji Raje.jpg

Insulting statements about Maratha at Gujjar article

Following is an very savage , brutal satatement of Maratha. We have do something about this. If Maratha army fighting for indipendence is called as guerilla force then what should we called the army of Mughal 's who raped our women , killed nemourious innocent , destroyed our temples ect all demon , Asura acts. Such hellish acts and entitiy should be punish on time. -- Vishal1976 *Prataprao Gujar (real name: Kudtoji Gurjar), the second Sarnaubat (Commander-in-chief) of Shivaji's army, a guerilla force in 17th century India.

I got award on Dasara . Thanks . Vishal Prakash Dudhane -- Vishal1976


Hi Vishal, I know you've contributing a lot to Wikipedia especially to Maratha-relatd articles and particularly Maratha Clan System. Great work. And for that here's a barnstar from me

--NRS | T/M\B 13:41, 1 October 2006 (UTC)

Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
To Vishal Prakash Dudhane, for his tireless and extra-ordinary work on Maratha Clan System and other Maratha-related articles --NRS | T/M\B 13:41, 1 October 2006 (UTC)

Again insulting statements about maratha caste ?? Why ?? Stop this.

Watch and read this statements "The Marāthās"(Marathi:मराठा)is a collective term referring to an Indo Aryan group of Hindu, Marathi-speaking Shudra and lower caste to Brahmin castes of peasants hailing mostly from the present-day state of Maharashtra, who created a substantial empire, covering a major part of India, in the late 17th and 18th centuries AD.

1) Marathas are not shudras. They are Kshatriya .The bramins of Maharashtra , because off political resons referred them so. But it has no support by nature itself. 2) The Shudras of maharashtra are not Marathas because ther caste is reconised as diffrently by goverment of India . If you have dought about please contact the goverment of India and see the law says what. 3) Brahmin caste of Maharashtra and India are not reconised as Marathas by law or by peoples of India.

4) Ignoring these facts if someone calls Marathas as Shudras or Shudras as Marathas then it should be reconise as a criminal act and should be punish in the court of Law.

5) I know that here on Wikipedia , anyone can edite but editing by bad intentions in mind and ignoring the facts accepted by the legal entities of this world should be count as a criminal act.

6) Wikipedia generaly insist on that statements , edits done at Wikipedia should be verifiabel and trure.


Those Hindus who are not in Indian Military are SHUDRAS. Read Varnas well. How can you call Coolie, Clerk Maratha as Kshatriya? Then do u want to say Indian Military is Hijra?. Shudra Maratha should read 'Shivaji:Hindu King in Islamic India' by Jaims Lain. It gives information how Shivaji biological son of Brahmin Dadoji Kondadev :). I will give proofs .. so think before reverting Shudra123 15:31, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Varnas and Shudra Concept

Please don't misunderstand. There is nothing insulting to call any Hindu a shudra. Understand Varnashrama dharma in a present situation. Also read ShivDharma concept in Maharashtr. If Maratha feel insuting to be called as Shudra then you can convert to other religion. Being lower-cast to Brahmins is Dharma for every Hindu. Shudra123 16:01, 6 December 2006 (UTC)