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Caesar vs. Bibulus in 59[edit]

I've studied this particular consular election, and I've not found any source that supports:

  • The crowd broke Bibulus' fasces or dumped feces on him.
  • The pun referenced

Also, it is not true that Bibulus' watching for omens technically invalidated the year's legislation. At very least, it's POV (there's a debate about it); at worst, it's blatantly wrong (the debate seems to lean toward the latter, especially in light of the fact that the legislation was eventually approved by the senate -- who wrote this anyway?). The declaration regarding watching for omens had to be made in person in the forum, and another notice, one that declared adverse omens had been seen, needed to be made as well. On this question, see J. Linderski, "Constitutional aspects of the consular elections in 59 B.C." Historia 14 (1965) 423-442. --rmagill 17:20, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

These are both well reported events. For the pun, see Suetonius, Life of Julius Caesar, 20:2
As for the breaking of the fasces and the dumping of faeces on the head of Bibulus, see Plutarch, Life of Cato the Younger, 32:2 and Life of Pompey, 48:1.
Finally, the article says that the watching of the omens was "an act that purported to technically invalidate all legislation passed that year." It was Bibulus's hope that it would, but obviously the Senate didn't agree. I don't see a problem here. Oatley2112 (talk) 12:11, 10 February 2012 (UTC)