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Marie Clair is also published in Greece (in Greek).

Somaly Mam, character assasination of an anti-sex slavery advocate[edit]

Somaly Mam is a former child prostitute from Cambodia. Until 2013 she was heralded internationally as a heroine and advocate, saving thousands of children. Then there was a Newsweek article The Holy Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking claiming to find holes in her original story [1]. For a normal politician such articles are part of the cut and thrust, but Somaly Mam quietly resigned from all her positions, she said to protect the organisation she founded from ongoing attention. Marie Claire magazine published a piece Somaly Mam's Story: "I didn't lie" , strongly challenging the evidence provided by Newsweek. [2]. The US State Department reports, sex trafficking and underage prostitution is rife across Cambodia. Believe what you like about the details, it is highly unlikely that Somaly Mam's original story is a total and/or proven fabrication.

Nevertheless, the wikipedia article on Somaly Mam is strongly biased against her. It's conclusions are far more definitive and condemning than Newsweek, saying "sex trafficking and abuse claims were disproved" and "she pretended to be a nurse". It provides details of a internal report which sofar has not been publicly disclosed. Her success in advocacy is underplayed. Each section of this article is entirely biased against Somaly Mam. Marie Claire is mentioned, but not the independent investigation that alleged Newsweek undertook poor journalistic practices and false claims.

Although it is possible that editors are following Newsweek's lead, is there is a chance that sex tourists who visit Cambodia go on to edit this page? Yes, we deal with biases and lobbying everyday, but pedophilia is not just an opinion. It's not about one person's reputation. Pedophilia networks use the internet to lure children and hide their tracks. Wikipedia cannot be used as part of this. Not only should the article be cleaned up, we should follow the edits of those who put the page in this state. There may be other damage being done. How can we afford to not check this out? (talk) 08:12, 19 February 2015 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)