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Mark Johnson and the Soviet goalie[edit]

I changed the wording; it originally said that Mark Johnson scored against the Soviets in the 1st period, and this "forced" the Soviet coach to switch goalies. I don't see how this "forced" the Soviet coach to do anything; no one was putting a gun to his head. I change it to this goal "directly led to" the switching of goalkeepers.

It also claimed that the switching of goalkeepers was a "mistake". Its not encyclopedic to claim this unsourced. Many have called this a mistake, or questioned the move over the years, or said this helped the USA to win but "mistake" is an opinion, not a fact. If someone or notable persons is/are quoted as saying this was a mistake, then they need to be cited, as opposed to just calling it a "mistake". There's no guarantee the Soviets would've won if they hadn't made the switch. I changed the language from "a mistake" to "questionable"; this is not satisfactory, but an improvement over calling it a "mistake"; certainly people over the years have questioned the move. It is pertinent to the article; if the switch helped the USA to win, then Mark Johnson's goal was the catalyst.

I asked a question on the "Miracle On Ice" article talk section about whether anyone could validate whether Soviet players dispute that this goal was legitimate (over the issue of the clock winding down); someone told me in a documentary that they did. That would have impact on this article as well.John ISEM (talk) 21:31, 14 January 2008 (UTC)