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Is 'Marlands Shopping Centre' the correct name or should it be THE Marlands Shopping Centre? It seems a bit unclear at the moment with all the rebranding as to what exactly the place is now called. Im thinking perhaps it is The Marlands though? As thats what the new website calls it? Unessential (talk) 13:48, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Certainly 'The Marlands' seems to be the new official name, but the article should follow the WP:COMMONNAME policy which essentially means use the most popular name for it, even it that's not the official name. In that respect I can only speak personally - most of my friends and family do refer to it as "The Marlands" (and did so even when it was called "The Mall" or whatever the name was) so I'd vote for moving the article to The Marlands. waggers (talk) 13:09, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

References and other issues[edit]

Ive had a go today at highlighting key problems with this article. I dont know why i randomly ended up here of all articles but ive improved it a bit now with an infobox including some sources and a reference section. However I cannot find a reference for the exact date the centre opened? Now i know it was september 1991 because theres a plaque in the atrium that says that, but i cant find a source online so think this might be a job for someone with a local history book to reference it? I avoided adding Matalan as the anchor store in the infobox too purely because i cannot find a reference for this online. If anybody else can find some references for this article please add them in! Unessential (talk) 13:48, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Good job! waggers (talk) 13:10, 2 December 2011 (UTC)