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Largest groups of foreign residents: How long a list is long enough?[edit]


On 25 October 2014, a table of "Largest groups of foreign residents" was added to the Population section of this article. It listed 7 nationalities, 7 of the top 9 (Comoros and Haiti were skipped). Over the months the list expanded haphazardly to 12 nationalities (12 of the top 20). So far no source had been cited for any data in the table.

On 2 June 2015, I added a citation to INSEE (using "Aire urbaine 2010 de Marseille - Aix-en-Provence (003)"), corrected the figures accordingly, and trimmed the list to groups of at least one-quarter of one percent of the total population, which resulted in a list of length 7. That has not satisfied everyone. Since then IP editors have repeatedly attempted to expand the list to 13 of the top 14 (no Haiti).


Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information. The length of the list should be limited. I seek consensus, how long should the list be?


As a cutoff, I chose one-quarter of one percent of the total population. This cutoff has several advantages:

  • It keeps the list reasonably short.
  • There is a substantial gap between the last entry on the list (Italy 4,403) and the next largest population (Haiti 2,749).
  • It lists the same number of countries as the original author.
  • It lists the same number of countries as INSEE's more condensed "Nationalité regroupée" list, and nearly the same countries (INSEE lists the top three European, top three African, plus Turkey - which means Spain gets included, but Comoros gets excluded and Haiti gets skipped).
  • It is more complicated than a fixed number, but still fairly simple.
  • It means most (two-thirds of) foreign residents are broken down by country.

As an alternative I could support a simple round number that isn't too large, such as 10. I could also support 0. Marseille (fr), for example, does not include any list of largest groups of foreign residents. Your input is welcome. Worldbruce (talk) 02:06, 4 June 2015 (UTC)