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What do you mean this map was hidden? Conspiracy?

It only says in an internet site, that it resurfaced in 1901. It could well have been in privat hands during that time and not available to the public. Records were not open game for everyone as they are now with internet etc. user:H.J.

Anybody think incl pronounciation of his name (roughly "wald zee mool ur", I believe) is a good idea? Trekphiler 23:00, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

How to Type the letter ü in Waldseemüller ?[edit]

If you want to use "ü" instead of "u" in a Waldseemüller, then use these keyboard stroke / keys :

Press "W", "a", "l", "d", "s", "e", "e", "m". Then press ...

Alt + 0252 (it means, first press the "Alt" (Alternative/Alternate) key in your keyboard, and keep it pressing with your left hand, then press the digits 0 2 5 2 one by one, in the right-side numeric keypad).

Press "l", "l", "e", "r".

Then you will get Waldseemüller. To make it a linkable name (to goto his article,) use two third brackets at the beginning and end of the name, like this '''Martin Waldseemüller''', then you will get linkable Martin Waldseemüller.

If you want to link to his (English) article through URL, then use below code ...


You may also see Windows Alt keycodes for other letters.

New Copy of 'America's Birth Certificate' Found in Munich - July 2012[edit]

there is a good article in the german version of wikipedia of Martin Waldseemüller, should be translated. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:05, 4 July 2012 (UTC)

Here is CNN on the new discovery; they also mention the 2007 copy (see H.Res.287 discussion below).[1] The university that found the new copy; again, the 2007 copy is also noted.[2] Gratitude for these Reliable Sources goes to this Unreliable Source over at a blogging website -- remove the __WARNING__ from this url if you want to see it --] See also Cosmographiae_Introductio. (talk) 08:37, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

Reviving an old edit war over the notability of H.Res.287[edit]

The key helpdoc for such situations is over here. Wikipedia:Righting_great_wrongs#How_to_pull_back_from_the_brink

I am a disinterested third party. I ran across this temporarily-dormant long-running controversy on the talk-page of XLinkBot, of all places. Below is the history of the trouble; I suggest the material in question be discussed here on this talk-page, until consensus is achieved, so that the valuable portions can be restored to the text of the article, and the non-notable or otherwise non-encyclopedic portions can be left on the cutting-room floor. Hope this helps. (talk) 07:29, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

Talkpage revision as of 21:32, 9 August 2011 by ... I really think the part about H.Res.287 [presumably added sometime between 2007 and mid-2011 by somebody] is entirely irrelevant to this article and additionally portrays an extreme US-centric bias. Let's take it out! [And that is prolly what happened, with no further discussion.]
Another portion of the edit war.[3]
Article revision as of 07:32, 12 November 2012 by MarkWest1 -- put the 287-content into the article, as a full section.

H.Res. 287 America[edit]

In 2007, US Congressman Alcee Hastings introduced a bill to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first use of the name "America" with the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Organizing Committee and mayors in fifty states to champion the national strategy "Bring Home The Spirit of History in your town". Riccardo Gaudino, historian for the America500 Birthday Extravaganza Movement (2007–12) led the campaign for Who Named America? National Youth Literacy for the 21st Century. The resolution passed unanimously on July 11, 2007. Youth requested mayors and governors to issue Who Named America? proclamations for celebrating the "500th Birthday of the naming of America" in earth science to energize youth thirst for knowledge. The cartographer Martin Waldseemuller's print of the globe map resulted in many "firsts" in geography. It was the first projection of earth to depict a new land mass not of Africa and Asia, and a new western ocean (known now as the Pacific). The Vision of America500 Birthday Extravaganza 2008-12 was inspired to explore humanity's spirit of ingenuity by celebrating a community story to open local windows to worldwide origins. US mayors & governors proclaimed April "World Geography Month" to energize learning of Waldseemuller globe map, said to have been printed on April 25, 1507, and share new insight into the birth of the word "America" as a milestone in the rise of planetary science.

Revert as of 00:35, 26 March 2013 by Binksternet -- deleted everything above, on the basis of WP:OR for the section, and WP:RS for the Gaudino cite. You can see some of the wide-ranging argument (not just about this article) between MarkWest1 and Binksternet over at this user-talkpage, from Jan'12 through May'13:
Request for assistance as of 02:26, 14 September 2013 (UTC) by MarkWest1 -- I see my facts as a contributor are being vandalized at The text for the H.Res 287 America passed by the U.S. Congress is deleted. Whatn is the step for review? (talk)
Good question! The steps for review are: create a new section on the talk-page of the article in question (done -- you are reading said section now), and commence having a civilized discussion (assume good faith and WP:BITE and so on) about how to improve the encyclopedic value of the article. Nothing more, nothing less. Add your own comments about this matter here, and calmly discuss how to fix things up. Create a new talk-page section, if you need to discuss some particular sub-topic, or if this section becomes too cluttered. Thanks. (talk) 07:29, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────I have no problem with someone putting HR287 back into the article. My previous removal was a result of wide-ranging cleanup work to remove the name Richard Gaudino/Riccardo Gaudino from the many pages which MarkWest1 was spamming it into using a handful of usernames, a problem which included violations of WP:NOR, WP:COI, and WP:RS, as well as peacock language and promotion. You can see the sockpuppet evidence here.
The HR287 article from USA Today is a good source for this article, as is the Library of Congress page about the map. Best — Binksternet (talk) 13:16, 17 September 2013 (UTC)

Sounds good Binksternet; I also hope Some Body will add the stuff back (I will ping MarkWest1 about it), but I think it really belongs in the naming-of-america portion, rather than the cartographer-himself. Do you have interest in this venue-choice, or a suggestion about who might? I'm not qualified to guess; the stuff here on the talkpage is just from googling. p.s. I had read about the edit-war over Gaudino, which is (indirectly) related to the edit-war over H.287, and such. But let the past be the past. You must assume good faith, kemosabe. Your allegation that MarkWest1 is a sockpuppet was investigated, and denied by the investigators. His (user)name is now clear. Asserting that your suspicions were right, as you do here, and the investigators were wrong, is not assuming good faith. Bygones be bygones, and all that. There *is* still controversy about particular references, namely, the ones that include Gaudino. I have no position on that, neither the question of whether those source-links ought be included, nor whether Gaudino is a sufficiently Reliable Source to merit use in wikipedia. However, I'm interested in the truth, not truthiness... and though I agree with you that the usaToday link I googled via is prolly 'good enough' for wikipedia, clearly H.287 could have been motivated by politics, rather than history. I'd like somebody with domain expertise, about the history of the term America in general, and if at all possible about the 2007 politics (which presumably included Gaudino judging by the refs you are against) in particular as well. That person is not me, but maybe it is you? Thanks. (talk) 01:26, 28 September 2013 (UTC)
I'm not interested enough in this topic to insert it into the backlog of things I wish to accomplish. I'm more interested in protecting Wikipedia from activism, promotion and sockpuppets. The sockpuppet case investigator said that the old accounts were too old for checkuser, so there was never any clearing of the username MarkWest1, nor any establishment of guilt—nothing was settled. There was evidence I did not bring forward because it would have outed MarkWest1's real life identity. All I can say is that my "suspicions" are well-founded.
I'm sure this article can be improved with someone working to bring HR287 into it. I welcome the user who does so with mainstream sources. Binksternet (talk) 03:54, 28 September 2013 (UTC)

Discussion of the notability of H.Res.287, with reliable citations related thereto[edit]

This is related to Naming_of_America#Etymology_and_naming, which links to the Martin Waldseemüller article we are discussing. Although some cites were given above for H.Res.287, they were not seen as reliable sources by at least one editor. Please find below the publication of the text of the resolution in question, taken from the records of the Foreign Affairs Cmte, which are published by the federal government. That does not necessarily mean this is a Reliable Source, however -- it might not count as a Secondary Source. The point of putting it here is so that wikipedia editors can read it for themselves, and use it as a means to perform further research into this question -- starting with googling for the names of the State Reps that submitted the resolution, for instance. Hope this helps. (talk) 07:43, 17 September 2013 (UTC) File-pagenumbers 326 thru 329, printed-pagenumbers 322 thru 325. Alternatively, just those three pages: H.Res.287 == Resolution to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the first use of the name 'America'. submitted: Hastings FL, Maloney NY, Hoyer SC, Wilson SC. amended: Lantos CA. Referred to cmte on foreign affairs as of 29 march 2007 (110th congress).

Do any of these reps have wikipedia pages about them? Are there any news articles (in reliable-source publications) that discuss the 500th concept, the reps listed above, P.M. Merkle of Germany, Amerigo Vespucci, and/or Waldseemüller? (talk) 07:43, 17 September 2013 (UTC)
Possibly useful refs; ctrl+f for waldsee to find the interesting bits.[4][5]
Here is a reliable-source cite which mentions Hoyer of SC (H.Res.287 submitter) and P.M. Merkel, from AP/usatoday.[6] Here is the website of the artifact.[7]

New article: Naming of America[edit]

I have created a new article Naming of America which was previously a redirect.--Jack Upland (talk) 01:02, 13 February 2016 (UTC)