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Removed allegations against county sheriff and other government officials[edit]

I have removed a large amount of content from this article in accordance with WP:IINFO and WP:BLP. To summarize some of the principal reasons for deletion (there are others, but these should suffice):

  • Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of information. Blow-by-blow recounting of events such as the following deleted passage is clearly "indiscriminate collection of information":
George made several public statements about Spring Hill such as -
      • "I see where we stand on this thing,"
      • "They're not supporting the charity program for the rodeo, even though they have an elementary school inside of Spring Hill that is due to benefit from this."
      • In regard to the ordeal George said "Bottoms informed me that I should turn the other cheek, so I guess that's what I'll do."
Furthermore, incidents of misconduct by high school football players, violations of local sign ordinances, and people shooting the neighbor's dog seldom are sufficiently notable to be mentioned in an encyclopedia, much less described in "he said, she said" detail.
  • Wikipedia is not a bulletin board or soapbox. Local residents who are outraged at the county sheriff and other local officials may consider their bills of particulars to be important information, but Wikipedia is not the place to tell the world about your issues.
  • Wikipedia must be very careful about publishing potentially defamatory information about living persons. This means, in part, that negative information must be thoroughly supported by reliable sources (note among other things that incorrect dates are given for the local news articles cited here) and there must not be undue emphasis on negative information. Content such as the following excerpt is unlikely ever to be includable: "S became enraged and struck K multiple times, pummeling him into the ground. City Manager RG broke the fight up by putting S into a headlock and helling 'get off of him, you stupid son of a bitch'."
  • Wikipedia must have a neutral point of view.

Sections I removed had the following headings:

Sexual Battery at Spring Hill High School Overlooked in 2004
Sheriff threatens a suit against the City of Spring Hill in 2004
Sheriff George Shoots Neighbors Dog in 2005
Sheriff Accused of violating civil rights in 2005
Sheriff George Denies deputy of a leave of absence in 2006
Mt. Pleasant Commissioner Assaulted at Meeting in 2008

At the very most, it might be appropriate for this article to include a sentence or two about local controversy regarding government misconduct, but that content will need to come from a third-party source describing the controversy. --Orlady (talk) 14:43, 5 July 2008 (UTC)