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Erich Wasicky[edit]

This is not a correction or addition, but a small bit of trivia on the execution of Erich Wasicky.

The orders were given for him to be hanged on 27 May, 1947. He was hanged on 28 May 1947.

The reason for this is that his birthday was on 27 May and he asked my uncle, the assistant commandant at Landsberg if it was possible, he thought a hangmans noose was not a very good birthday present.

My uncle granted his wish and delayed it until the next day.

My uncle had befriended Wasicky and had many conversations with him. He provided him some pencils and crayons and paper and Waiscky made several cartoons depicting life at the prison. He gave them to my uncle and they are still in his posession.

They may be included in a book written about his assignment at Landsberg.

Wasicky's execution was the only prisoner he did not accompany to the gallows and read the last statements. He was too close to Wasicky and instead watched from a window. He said Wasicky looked all around for someone. He knew he was looking for him. My uncle is still living at this date.

Tom B Atkinson Nephew of Joseph H Williams also

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