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A recent BBC article [1] mentions Marwth Vallis. I assume that's a different spelling of the same place. Google has marginally more "Marwth Vallis" (1000) than "Mawrth Vallis" (943). Does anyone have an etymological reference to confirm which is correct? 13:53, 16 November 2007 (UTC)


No definitive etymological source for this, but it is the Welsh word for Mars. [2] ALL the NASA sites related to this valley refer to 'Mawrth' not 'Marwth', so the correct spelling must be Mawrth. [Google says 'do you mean 'Mawrth'] [Google gives six pages of hits]

It would be good to confirm this is indeed the origin of name. Anyone?

"Mawrth Vallis" is correct, and it is indeed named after the Welsh word for Mars. The International Astronomical Union is responsible for official names on planetary bodies: