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I re-edited the lyrics section back to its original place because some contributor (with ip, obviously from spanish origin, didn't notice that these are the ORIGINAL LYRICS in the video. He transformed some of the original words (mujer, choto, mayate) to his closest slang terms and that was incorrect. In the same style, an english contributor changed the word "fag" to "bitch", comitting the same mistake, so I edited it back again.

Please take some time to view the video on its origin website to check the original lyrics before doing changes to them, the actual are the correct instance. --Kalfusion

The sentence "from Spanish origin" may be misunderstood as "a Spanish speaker", i.e. someone knowledgeable. Actually it is someone from Spain, who, (in provincial manner very typical of some Spaniards) changed Mexican slang terms to terms used in Spain. 21:00, 6 February 2007 (UTC)