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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Mecca:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Cleanup : less about the religous beliefs, more about the city functions; the hajj and the diverse population it brings is mentioned in just about every section some way needs to be found to mention it once and not keep harping on
  • Copyedit : someone likes to stick "also" in every sentence, also quite often, also
  • Expand : explain importance of city in regards to culture, economy, tourism, etc. Basically, how the city functions. This is an article about a very important city, not what muslims believe.
  • Verify : cite sources


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'This movement is commonly known as the Wahhabi movement. It has been also influenced by the Shafi`i school.'[edit]

This information is incorrect. The Mouwahhadeen movement ended when the first Saudi State was formed in the 18th century CE. The Hambali school of fiqha jurisprudence is the official 'madhab' or the 'way of method' to deduce the Prophet's Sunnah in the detailed matters relegated to the mental intellectual striving by the Prophetic Hadith.

As of april 2014, pictures are obsolete.[edit]

The new three-stages round-about in the court can be seen in GoogleMaps and other sources. There is not any PD picture available?

Ibn Battutah section has incorrect and contradicting data[edit]

In the section titled, "Ibn Battuta description of Mecca" it states, "One of the world travelers to Mecca in the fifteenth century was Ibn Battuta" note the fifteenth century. Ibn Battuta was born in the year 1304 and died in 1377.[1][2] He could not have been a "Fifteenth-century traveler" as he had died 24 years before such time. This is then coupled with a contradictory and false claim that states, "Around the year 729, Ibn Battuta arrived in Mecca." This is again proven false as stated before, he was born in 1304, 575 years after the stated time. Ibn Battuta actually arrived in Mecca in the year 1326.[3] The confusion is that the 729 models is likely based off of the Islamic calendar, however as the rest of the article uses the Gregorian Calendar, it would seem odd to make an exception as that may seem rather misleading. Malcolm x visited mecca to become a Muslim. 22radioactive22 (talk) 01:10, 3 February 2019 (UTC)