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B-class review for WP:POLAND: failed[edit]

I wanted to pass it for B-class and recommend it for a DYK, but sadly, a closer read suggest the article fails on two counts: coverage and neutrality. It does not mention the particular battle of operation that the award was given for, other than piping it to a much larger Vistula–Oder Offensive, which is incorrect, as the medal was not given for the Offensive. The circumstances from Vistula–Oder_Offensive#Advance_of_1st_Belorussian_Front.3B_taking_of_Warsaw_by_Soviets should be discussed here. Polish Wiki has a more precise description, with specific dates of 14-17 January. Second, the language "heroic liberation" used in this article, without attribution, seems to be taken straight from Soviet propaganda. This is particularly problematic here, when considered in the context of Warsaw_Uprising#Soviet_stance. The article should make it clear that there was no significant battle for Warsaw in the period the medal was awarded for, and it was simply a propaganda/landmark taking award. --Piotr Konieczny aka Prokonsul Piotrus| talk to me 18:17, 14 March 2012 (UTC)

Hi! Thank you for your comments.

  • The link to the Vistula Offensive was an "aside" placed in "see also" partly due to the lack of a dedicated article on Wiki, I thought anything of interest touching the main subject was welcomed there, was I misinformed? There is no direct link to it anywhere in the main text, I honestly fail to see the problem. Should it be removed? Why did the similar link in "See also" on the uprising not receive the same comment?
  • The dates of the battle were voluntarily omitted from the article simply due to the fact the official references do not mention any dates. I am a bit surprised you mention the Polish language article which has no reference for the dates mentioned.
  • The term "heroic liberation" is not propaganda but a direct quote from para 2 of reference 1 which you obviously did not bother to check before coming to your incorrect conclusion. I make a point of inserting references at almost every para (if not every sentence). Ref: (Russian: 2. Наградить медалями "За освобождение Белграда", "За освобождение Варшавы" и "За освобождение Праги" всех непосредственных участников героического штурма и освобождения (heroic storming and liberation) Белграда, Варшавы и Праги, а также организаторов и руководителей боевых операций при освобождении этих городов.) I can assure you that any similar wording in any of my numerous articles is likewise. I take great pride in the accuracy and depth of my research which is over three decades long on the subject of phaleristics. I hope this clarifies some of the questions you had, or might change some of the conclusions you arrived at?
  • Lastly, your comment "The article should make it clear that there was no significant battle for Warsaw in the period the medal was awarded for." I am sorry to say that I disagree with the inclusion of this comment. It has nothing to do with the medal, its statute or description and creates a personal bias whether factual or not best left to a dedicated article.
    I am endeavouring to remain calm and polite but must admit at finding your assessment quite biased and totally unfounded.

Cordially, Fdutil (talk) 21:22, 14 March 2012 (UTC)