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The Hellgramite link goes to an entry for a comic book character, not the creepy crawly critters..... —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rdm24 (talkcontribs) .

Taxomomic confusion[edit]

As I already pointed pointed out on the Raphidioptera and WikiProject Arthropods talk pages, there is a lack of consistency in taxonomic orders between the Neuroptera, Raphidioptera and Megaloptera articles. The different classifications given are as follows :

  • Neuroptera : superorder = Endopterygota , order = Neuroptera , suborders = Megaloptera + Raphidioptera
  • Megaloptera : superorder = Endopterygota , order = Megaloptera
  • Raphidioptera : superorder = Neuroptera , order = Raphidioptera

I would like to change the taxoboxes of the Raphidioptera and Megaloptera articles so that the classifications are the same as the one on the Neuroptera article. The text can explain the alternative classifications, but for the sake of clarity and uniformity I think that the three articles should feature the same taxonomy. Tell me if there is any opposition to making this change. IronChris | (talk) 04:34, 9 May 2006 (UTC)