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This is an article “in progress”.

The purpose of this and related articles is to provide an overall outline of the Warner Brothers theatrical short films, series by series. Individual titles can be examined in detail with their own articles or on other sites like [1]. Right now, roughly 60% of Warner’s live-action shorts are accounted for over there at least by titles and very basic credits. This is a pretty good percentage considering that less than 20% of Paramount and 20th Century-Fox’s live-action shorts are accounted for.

Titles vary according to the source. Many Film Daily and BoxOffice reviews weren't consistent with what was posted on screen or how they were listed in the copyright records. Some titles feature the performer's name first, followed by the name of the performance, and this sometimes involved personal preference here as to what is easier for the reader. Again, feel free to make corrections rather than addressing errors here.

Jlewis68 14:55, 29 April 2014 (UTC)