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Proposed redirect to Memon dialect[edit]

Memoni dialect and Memoni , both identical pages, which are entirely, as of today, contributed by me. I appreciate your interest. Firstly, the topic under discussion is not a language, it a unwritten dialect ‘Boli’ , thus “Memoni Language” in my view, is not appropriate title. Secondly, Memoni title is not appropriate because the topic deals with a dialect or language The main reason I did not touch the “Memoni Language” topics because this page was started in February 2005 and several contributors only came up with not more than 35 words for its definition. Last summer I also participated in “Memon” (Memons page was created by which was forced to merge with Memon) most of the content is contributed by I stopped contributing for various reasons. I am proposing that all three titles may be merged into Memoni dialect --Siddique Katiya 22:58, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

I agree about Memoni language not being appropriate. Generally articles about languages or dialects don't use that title unless there would be some confusion (e.g Portuguese language and Portuguese people). But as the people are the Memon and the language/dialect Memoni there's no problem.
Memoni title is not appropriate because the topic deals with a dialect or language
Why? Tearlach 23:38, 29 April 2007 (UTC)

Proposed changes to the introduction[edit]

Memons speak a non-written dialect is called Memoni, a mixture of Sindhi and Kutchi which belong to an Indo-Iranian (North-Western Zone) family of languages. As the Sindhi or Kutchi languages are spoken by both the Muslims and Non-Muslims but Memoni dialect is exclusively to Memons more specifically the Kathiawadi Memons who are Sunni Muslims and who migrated to neighbouring regions Kutch, and Kathiawar, districts of Gujarat state in India, around 15th Century AD. The Memoni in sound such as stress and intonation and basic everyday speach is very much like that of Sindhi, but it borrowes extensively words from Gujarati, Hindustani and English languages. Like most languages of sub-continent the sentence structure and pattern of Memoni generally follows subject -> object -> verb order. Refer to Memoni --Siddique Katiya 11:08, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

Please update the page, with more details on the language. It may appear to be a dialect of Sindhi or Gujarati otherwise. Chirags 18:41, 13 December 2005 (UTC)