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Note regarding recent info[edit]

It seems like there is a disagreement about whether to include info from the recent books. If it's helpful, the revelant guideline (WP:SPOILER#Unacceptable_alternatives) encourages articles to include all relevant, verifiable info, but with a spoiler warning where appropriate. Is is possible to work something out about how to discuss the most recent books? Thanks, TheronJ 21:00, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

I'll revert the change I made. I only put the warning up, simply because before December 12th, which is when the fifth book recently came out, some people had copies beforehand. Another this, is that the fourth book was called back and made into paperback, and was originally hardcover (or in a larger version) and was recently re-released again as paperback. Disinclination 21:04, 22 December 2006 (UTC)
No criticism intended. In general, the page isn't organized very well, so it's hard to separate the spoiler from the non-spoiler stuff. (That's partially my fault - I made a number of the early edits to the page, but have never really brought it up to code). TheronJ 21:06, 22 December 2006 (UTC)

Working Title[edit]

As far as I'm aware Merry Gentry is not the working title, but the title in fact. Doesn't each book say something like: A Merry Gentry novel? Similar to the Anita Blake series?Jupiterzguy 21:21, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Merry Gentry is the series title, as you have seen on the back, as well at the author's website. She does the same for her Anita Blake series as well. Disinclination 21:35, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

characters (moved from article[edit]

I moved the below here from the article, so it's inclusion can be discussed. According to the lead, this article is about the character of MG, not the books/series. therefore it makes no sense to have a list of other characters in this article. there should be seperate article (if there are not already) for MG (character) and MG (series).Yobmod (talk) 10:09, 26 August 2008 (UTC)


(in alphabetical order)

  • Andais - Queen of Air and Darkness, Merry's aunt, the sister of Essus, and mother of Cel. Andais is a war goddess, and the sadistic Queen of the Unseelie Court. She has recently been revealed as barren. In fact there have been no pregnancies among the Unseelie since Meredith's conception. Although Andais is a sadist and is widely believed to be insane, Andais appears to have the best interests of the Court somewhat at heart, and has sworn to abdicate her throne in favor of whichever of Cel or Merry can demonstrate themselves capable of producing new sidhe children. She lost her one true love in the goblin wars. Her current consort is Eamonn.
  • Ash - Goblin/Sidhe Hybrid, Skin is "Sun-kissed", displaying Seelie lineage, but culturally and morally, according to Merry, very much a goblin. He wants very badly to gain sidhe magic powers so he can have power undreamed of to the goblins. Remains to be seen how much his twin brothers’ (Holly) hatred toward the sidhe will have an effect on Ash’s chances towards this.
  • Barinthus/Manannan Mac Lir - A sea god and one of the Queen's Ravens, Barinthus is one of the most powerful members of the Courts. He was long known as the "Kingmaker" for his involvement in the selection of court rulers, and supported first Essus, and now Merry for the Unseelie throne. Queen Andais fears that Barinthus may make an attempt for the throne himself, and he is the only member of the guards Andais has forbidden Merry to have reproductive intercourse with, for fear that Barinthus would become Merry's consort and the Unseelie King. Barinthus recently had some of his powers returned via metaphysical sex with Merry, and has become a member of Merry's guard. See Manannan mac Lir.
  • Besaba - Merry's mother, who has returned to the Court of the Seelie. Went to Essus as part of a treaty and was forced to marry him after their union produced Merry; one of Merry's titles is "Besaba's Bane". Merry and her mother do not have a good relation due to this.
  • Cel - Prince of Old Blood, was once tortured in Hallway of Mortality for giving Branwyn's Tears to mortals and being worshiped by them. As there is currently no King, the King's guard serves Cel (formerly it served Essus). His hand of power is the Hand of Old Blood. In book five, Cel is inadvertently released by Galen. He is deranged, and obsessed with impregnating Merry so that he may become King (revealed in book six). In book one, Cel was using Merry's best friend, Keelin NicBrown, as a lover and object of his sadistic amusements.
  • Doyle - Captain of The Ravens, once the Queen's Darkness now part of Merry's guard, and included in her many lovers, Part Sidhe, part Hell-Hound (Gabriel Ratchet, et al.), part phouka. Merry realizes in book five that Doyle would be the one of her guards she would choose to be her king. Conversations regarding the Irish Potato famine and the "Pot o' Plenty" hint that he is of Irish origin. He is one of the men who fathered Meredith's children, revealed in A Lick of Frost.
  • Essus - Merry's father and Andais's brother, Prince Essus was a fertility god known as the "Prince of Flesh and Flame" for his hands of power. Essus did his best to prepare Merry for rule of the Unseelie Court. He was killed when Merry was 17 by unknown assassins, and the identity of his murderers is one of Merry's great unsolved mysteries. In book six, Taranis accused Andais of arranging Essus' murder. See Essus.
  • Frost - Raven, The Killing Frost, second in command. Was revealed that he started life as Jacqual Frosti, Jack Frost, etc. Is prejudiced against Seelie Court. Nobles there treated him poorly seemingly out of jealousy - as Frost's has retained some of his powers since he is still remembered in human storytelling. Has a tendency to pout. Has recently come into godhead via Merry. Says recent powers used to belong to one he called master. Was turned into a stag in book six. The father of one of Merry's children (also in book six). See Jack Frost.
  • Galen - The youngest of the Ravens, Merry's best friend. Lineage is half-pixie and half Unseelie sidhe. Powers include subtle ability to have everyone like him. Extremely unpolitical, naive and idealistic, is voice of childhood reasoning for Merry. Unfortunately, letting go of those ideals is allowing Merry to survive. Mistranslation of a prophecy given from human prophet to Cel almost got Galen killed, as allies of Cel tried to assassinate Galen to prevent the prophecy. Merry realizes that putting Galen on the throne would be death to the Unseelie. Galen is the father of one of Merry's children.
  • Holly - Goblin/Sidhe Hybrid, Skin is "Sun-kissed", displaying Seelie lineage, but culturally and morally, according to Merry, very much a goblin. His twin brother (Ash) wants very badly to gain sidhe magic powers so he can have power undreamed of to the goblins. Remains to be seen how much his hatred toward the sidhe will have an effect on Ash’s chances towards this. As of book six, he is still waiting for Merry to bring him into his powers.
  • Kitto - Goblin/sidhe hybrid, Seelie sidhe mother raped during goblin wars. Snake-type goblin, left outside the goblin mounds to be eaten as a baby (see book six) but was taken in instead. He was given full sidhe status via sex with Merry, and has Hand of Reaching. Despite childlike appearance, he is one of the oldest of the sidhe - predating Christianity by one thousand years.
  • Kurag - King of Goblins, Merry's ally. Was ally of Merry's father previous to his death. There is some inkling that he actually cares for Merry, for when she cries in one book while speaking about how her mother and other Sidhe called her ugly as a child, Kurag demands to know who they are so that he can seek vengeance, and begs Merry not to cry. Beat his wife nearly to death in book one.
  • Maeve Reed/Conchenn - Former Goddess of Spring. Exiled from the Seelie Court because she refused to become Taranis' queen (believes he is infertile). Now a Hollywood actress. Husband Gordon (deceased) was able to give her a child before he died due to Merry and Galen performing a fertility ritual. Merry and her guards now live on her property. Currently touring Europe as of book six to escape Taranis' clutches.
  • Meredith NicEssus/Merry Gentry/Meredith, Princess of Flesh and Blood - Title heroine, daughter of Essus and Besaba, niece to both Andais and Taranis, cousin to Cel. Besaba's mother is half-human, half-brownie and helped Essus raise Merry. Other titles are: Child of Peace and Besaba's Bane. As of book six, she is pregnant with twins. She is allied with the Goblins and the Red Caps, as well as the demi-fey.
  • Mistral - One of Queen Andais' guards, replaced Doyle as the Captain of the Ravens. Former divinity associated with rain, wind and thunder. One of the fathers of Merry's children (revealed in A Lick of Frost).
  • Nicca - Raven and Spy for Andais in Merry's home. Lineage is half-demifey and half Seelie Sidhe. Is apparently Cornish, due to being of Bucca-Dhu's Line (Revealed in Caress of Twilight) Sprouted wings during sex with Merry. Was possessed by Dian Cecht, due to jealousy, and cured via divine intervention.
  • Niceven - Queen of the Unseelie demi-fey. Has a pet mouse. Husband's name is Pol.
  • Rhys/Cromm Cruach - Raven, former God of Death. Lost an eye when tortured by the goblins; was called Gwynfor "white lord of ecstasy and death" by Sage, 2nd hand has been seen when he killed Siun (Goblin) after Kitto hacked Siun to pieces. In Merry's dream, Rhys is shown with both his eyes, a magical hammer that can heal, and can raise armies of the dead. However, we are not sure whether dream was of past or future. Can speak to/see the dead. Friends with Kitto, but despises almost all other goblins. One of the six men who fathered Merry's children. See Crom Cruach.
  • Sage - Demi-fey sent by Queen Niceven to provide cure for Galen. Was made into sidhe after an interlude with Meredith and Nicca. And is now stuck in his previously secret, larger form.
  • Sholto - Raven and King of the Sluagh. Sidhe/Nightflyer hybrid. Called Shadowspawn behind his back. Fears being relegated to being the Queen's Creature, similar to the Killing Frost and the Queen's Darkness. Has made a deal with Merry to form an alliance, as he desperately wants sidhe flesh. Merry is unsure whether she can handle Sholto's "extras" (tentacles that Sholto normally hides with glamour). Merry initially had problems with them in the first book. The alliance was consummated in the fifth book. He is one of the six men to father Merry's children.
  • Siobhan - Captain of the King's Guard, Cel's right hand and personal Killer. According to first book, could kill with a touch. It has been revealed that this power is 'unnatural'.
  • Taranis - King of the Seelie court, known officially as the King of Light and Illusion, Merry's great-uncle, rumored to be the reason why the Seelie sidhe cannot have children anymore due to his infertility. Released the Nameless to kill Maeve Reed to keep his supposed impotence secret. Possibly raped Meredith in book six. He kidnapped her and knocked her unconscious, giving her a nearly fatal concussion. Up on charges for bewitching the US Ambassador to the Faerie Courts into believing that the Unseelie are hideous monsters and demons through means of an enchanted watch. See Taranis.


The tonehere is completely inappropriate and sounds like a book report. (talk) 02:20, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

-> The search for "merry gentry" rather than simply leading to the erotica of Laurell K Hamilton, should instead lead to a disambiguation page. The 'Merry Gentry' are a type Irish/Celtic fae. Not being from Great Britain myself and only having a passing awareness of the use of the title 'Merry Gentry' I don't consider myself able to re-direct to the correct page. Hamilton obviously was making a play on words by also naming her main character Meredith Gentry. To lead straight to her books is to completely dismiss a long cultural history in place of recognition of a modern (and likely not long lived) series of erotica. I can't help feeling this situation is unjust to the folklore's history. If there are any other wiki contributers who do have more knowledge of the real tales of the merry gentry of folklore - I would ask you to improve this reference. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:07, 10 August 2011 (UTC)