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the dates describing the mesha rashi are incorrect.[edit]

i have a concern about the following article :- "Mesha is the first sign, or rāshi in Indian Astrology. The dates it's occupied on is April 15 to May 15. Mesha is equivalent to the Western Zodiac Sign Aries (astrology). Mesha's Quality is Chara (mobile), Mesha's Element is Tejas (fire). People born in this sign, or rāshi are believed to be ambitious and forceful in their character"

the "Indian astrological signs are basically moon-signs and not sun-signs.. and by comparing indian astrology to english astrology,is not only going to give incorrect results but also the person's "sign" is going to be changed . MESHA rashi doesnt occupy the dates from april 15th to may 15th since the basis are totally different .. many people mistake it by comparing it to the western sunsign of aries. i request you to not publish information which is incorrect and baseless as western astrology is completely different than indian astrology eventhough the signs seem similar.

It seems you may have used the Request Edit template inappropriately. That template is for editors with a potential conflict of interest, but I can't imagine what COI could possibly be at-play here. However, regarding your comments, my advice is that you find a source that confirms the correct information and go ahead and correct it. This is, after all, the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. CorporateM (Talk) 17:48, 24 May 2014 (UTC)