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  • Culture needs a restructure, probably having two subsections - user culture and business culture (sources, maybe useful); specific mentions/concerns:
    1. "The Culture section seems a bit of a hodge podge - could there be more of a narrative thread?" - From 3rd peer review
    2. "I was a bit surprised that there was not more on Microsoft's sort of decline in the recent past Apple is now bigger in terms of market capitalization (heard this on the radio this morning - NPR). Or how Microsoft was at the forefront in the 1990s with lots of software, but has not done as well with things lately (Google, or Zune vs iPod, etc.)." - From 3rd peer review; need more of a general paragraph of this as well as a sentence about apple most likely. See talk page about major edits for info about apple.
    3. Needs to mention Microsoft Puzzle Hunt in some fashion with WP:RSs'.
  • Azure Services Platform wasn't Microsoft's first stab at cloud computing, Microsoft Online Services was - it was supposed to be released in 2006; there is like one blog in 2006 about the beta, but when did it "release"?
  • General copyediting; it's always nice to have an extra set of eyes for it.