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Former good article nominee Mistaken Identity (Delta Goodrem album) was a Music good articles nominee, but did not meet the good article criteria at the time. There are suggestions below for improving the article. Once these issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated. Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if they believe there was a mistake.
January 24, 2008 Good article nominee Not listed
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GA fail[edit]

A few major issues which probably can't be fixed in a week.

  1. No reception section detailing comments of professional/critical reviewers.
  2. "Content" section should probably be "Background". Could be expanded. Large quote is a potential copyvio.
  3. Too much information about individual songs, leave those for their articles.

These comments are deliberately broad - leave me a note for more specific stuff when done. Dihydrogen Monoxide (party) 06:40, 24 January 2008 (UTC)


Here are some of my suggestions to improve the article.

  • Arrange alphabetically the genres. Yes check.svg Done
  • The infobox will be useless without completing its field; better to add writers.
  • The reviews are only two; can you add more if there's any?
  • Put the see 2004 in music after Epic records. Yes check.svg Done
  • Co-wrote what? Be specific.
  • Mistaken Identity debuted at number-one on the Australian Albums Chart making it her second number-one album[1] but the sales did not match up to her previous album Innocent Eyes (2003) which sold 2.5 million copies worldwide[2]. Needs commas and citations should occur at the end of the punctuations.
  • Albums needs apostrophe in albums singles.
  • Remove parenthesis in Brian McFadden's. Try to avoid using parenthetically confined material to achieve a smooth flow of prose.
  • Link Irish.
  • Harmonies and melodies also.
  • Goodrem stated
  • Remove ", " between album and my music. If the statement was not fully quoted, use ellipses (suspension periods "…") to indicate that there are stuffs not included in the quoted material.
  • I just understand "Music was one of the main comforts for Goodrem during the chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer diagnosis." after reading "'Extraordinary Day' is about the day (July 8, 2003) when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma". Please be clear.
  • I think the date should be stated in the first sentence (note: do not use parenthesis).
  • "Extraordinary Day" is about the day (July 8, 2003) when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma,[3] "The Analyst" tells the story of the hours of self-analysis she dealt with,[3] "Be Strong" is an encouraging call for confidence and "Mistaken Identity" is Goodrem stating for the record where her head was at.[3] Why don't you use full periods?
  • "Her head was at" what?
  • "There are a lot of lyrics I wouldn't have used on the first album". Put the period inside the quotation marks. The quoted material starts with a capital letter so definitely the sentence is complete. If you mistakenly deleted the end part, again, use ellipses.
  • Remove the quotation marks in the quoted statement set off in the text.
  • There are some spaces in the question marks, small letter next to punctuations and many obvious grammatical errors. Is that how the statement written?
  • Goodrem states that "This time around I had time to think `What kind of song do I want to create here?'" remove that and change states to stated with a comma after. The quoted material begins with a capital letter so it's an error.
  • Again, remove ", " and use ellipses.
  • Put the period inside.
  • Although Chambers was impressed with her, we can not add that to the article. It's a bit POV.
  • They wrote together resulting in many…
  • "'It's really unusual to work with somebody so talented, young, and brave. Who's not scared to take risks and who has the most emotional voice in pop music", You cannot help but believe every word Delta sings." Who said this? And why there is a single quotation marks and a double after pop music?
  • "Chambers states about working with Goodrem." I think this refers to the preceding sentence. Do not use full stop, just a comma. And, change to stated. Any similar words with stated? This word has been abused in the entire article.
  • There is an inconsistent usage of quotation marks here. There are comma-quotation marks and quotation marks-comma flow. For example "There's a definite story in the tracklisting," Goodrem says and "There's a definite story in the tracklisting", Goodrem says. By the way, change that to said.
  • Again, put the period inside.
  • Almost all the content in the second paragraph speaks of the background of the production. This needs separate section and further expand. The content should state all the tracks.
  • The whole thing in the first and third paragraphs of the second section should be removed completely. This is about an album and not on singles. Maybe, if you could produce a section dedicated to tracks, you can mention these things briefly but broad. By doing this, the section will fell very short and that it needs to be expanded. How about its international performances?
  • remove dash in "number-one".
  • Wrong spelling of Identity.
  • "In its third week it fell to number three but in its fourth week it jumped up to number two." This whole thing is awkward and needs rephrasing and proper addition of comma.
  • "The album spent eight weeks in the top ten." This should be mentioned after you have narrated the album's performance inside the top ten, before you mention other stuffs.
  • "When the album was in its fourth week in the chart and its position at number two, it had gone four times platinum and by its sixth week in the chart at number five it went five times platinum." This needs rephrasing. Readability is not well.
  • The album spent forty0six weeks on the chart…
  • leaving at number one-hundred.
  • "and the thirtieth highest selling album for 2005" The source says ARIA and it's apparently confined in that place. I though it's for the whole world tally. Be specific.
  • In 2005,
  • was nominated by the ARIA for…
  • "album The Sound of White (2004)" You use parenthesis to indicate album release. It's fine as long there's consistency. How about Eminem's and William's?
  • did not perform well…
  • and was accredited gold…
  • Use number 15 to the hidden track.Yes check.svg Done
  • Be sure to use en dashes in the track listing.
  • Remove the sales and certification table. Mention it in the text.
  • Also the release date. Incorporate this to the text.
  • There's no need to mention what track a personnel was credited.
  • For vocals, state all personnel credited for vocals. For guitar, use the same thing. Do not use em dashes; better en dash or colons.
  • Citation 31 should be formatted accordingly.
  • Second image should be removed.

See this on GA soon. Thank you. --BritandBeyonce (talk) 01:17, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

Mistakes regarding genres[edit]

I found two mistakes regarding genres and corrected them.
1. Alternative pop shouldn't be a genre here. The term redirects to alternative rock, which is not a genre for this album at all.
2. Piano pop is a correct genre, but it shouldn't link to "pop music". I removed the link for this reason.
I forgot to sign so I'll sign twice this time. Pagen HD (talk) 07:58, 12 January 2012 (UTC) and again: Pagen HD (talk) 07:58, 12 January 2012 (UTC)