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The damage to the Georgian fresco is mentioned here, andthis page reproduces the Haaretz article

The Haaretz article mentions the erasing of a Georgian inscription at the St. Nicholas church in Jerusalem. There is no article on this church on Wikipedia yet, so I'll leave a note here. The erasing was documented when it occured. A named Greek Orthodox priest did it (I think he was even photographed doing it) but nothing seems to survive online about it. Interestingly, this inscription appears to have been the one mentioned in passing in "Archaeological researches in Palestine during the years 1873-1874". After mentioning a cufic inscription stored in a nearby church, the author writes "There is, I once was informed, an ancient Georgian inscription in the garden of the Greek convent of Mar Nikoli. It is said to be the epitaph of a queen of Georgia. I suspect that it is our Cufic inscription that is meant, which, being illegible for those who saw it, had received this imaginary interpretation". True to the arrogance of archaeologists everywhere, he did not bother to make the short journey to actually look at the inscription, dismissed the opinion of those who had seen it, and relied instead on his "expert" pre-formed opinion. Meowy 21:49, 30 May 2012 (UTC)