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  • this page used to be at MONETA NOVA, and that is the way it was engraved or rather stamped on the coins. However, lower-case letters weren't even invented until the Carolingian period, so Moneta Nova seemed more sensible.

Re-wrote into a stub because, although I've done several searches for more information about the Moneta Nova coinage described in the original version of the article, I can find nothing to substantiate the claims that this was an imperial inscription. In fact, there is much evidence that the inscription was used regularly in several parts of France and in Scandinavia. Since there was no concept at this period of a single coinage for the HRE that superceded royal coinage, I am pretty sure that the article was written by someone with little understanding of numismatics or minting practices of the time in question. I am positive that the characterization of the power and authority of the emperor are way off as well. So, better a stub than a blank artilce, I suppose. JHK, Sunday, April 21, 2002