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The missing reference to Procopius is History of the Wars 5.11.2-3 You can find the Greek with facing English translation in the Loeb edition, volume 3, pages 109-11. the url for this volume is Procopius says: ″The mount of Kirkaion is very near there (Tarakine), where Odysseus is said to have lived with Kirke, but what they say is not convincing to me, since Homer says very firmly that Kirke’s home is on an island. However, I can say this, that this Kirkaion, stretching a long way into the sea, looks like an island, and to those who sail close and to those who walk to the shore there it really appears to be an island. And only when someone is on it, only then does he realise that he was mistaken in his former opinion. For this reason Homer perhaps said the place was an island.″ Procopius, History of the Wars 5.11.2-3.