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Events/competitions, notable competitors[edit]

This article should not just be a directory of places to mountain bike, and reviews of same. Manufacturing companies such as Rocky Mountain, Norco, Syncros etc all deserve a mention as pioneers and innovators in design/marketing, and major events and notable competitors - and notable bike builders/engineers/promoters - should all be in here to make it a complete article; rememb der, Wikipedia articles are not supposed to be travel brochures, they're supposed to be encyclopedic.Skookum1 (talk)

Please note inclusion of MB in Canada navbox on article page. Making mountain biking-related articles is the purpose of the Mountain biking task force. Any Wikipedians interested in helping Wikipedia and spreading information about mountain biking should join. Feel free to go straight to the task force page (here) or leave something on my talk page. Thanks. Andyo2000 (talk) 04:38, 16 July 2009 (UTC)