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This article seems rather biased, putting an unexplained death penalty defence together with a support for the democratic Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez. Perhaps more information, documents, speeches about, and authored by, the movement supporters would enrich this article.

The Articule #140 of the Constitucion of Peru says that death-penalty is applicable exclusively to Treason during War time and Terrorism.

What does "Etnocacerista " mean? RickK 00:44, Jan 7, 2005 (UTC)

"Whatever they want it to", I think. As far as I can understand:
You'll have seen other -ista groups in Latin America: the zapatistas (from Zapata), the sandinistas (from Sandino). These are the caceristas, from their 19th-century hero Andrés Avelino Cáceres: a war hero from the War of the Pacific (still a cause of resentment) between Peru, Bolivia & Chile. He led a guerrilla campaign against the Chilean army when they took Lima, refused to surrender, etc: I'm assuming this is why these guys chose him as their standard. (Cáceres has a long article on the es: wikipedia, but the style is very difficult to process -- thankfully we tend not to be so florid on en:!)
The etno- part means they are proud of (and want to reassert) their ethnic origins as Native Americans, Andeans, Incas. Stop being 2nd class citizens in their own country. Resist the European elites. That kind of stuff.
This appears to be one of their bulletins: it defines "ethno-cacerism" (?) as the "ethno-nationalism" born in the barracks of Peru. Quote: "by saying etnocacerismo we are asserting the right of the ancestral majority to be the owners and wielders of all Power; that means that the ridiculous white minorities of Lima... who are sorry they weren't born in Miami, should behave like minorities if they do not abandon the country." It then goes on to talk about the inherent (anti-indigenous) racism in the height requirements for officer training in the Peruvian army.
Pretty heady stuff. Here Toledo describes them as "a fundamentalist, paramilitary, fascist, terrorist organization, carrying out armed terrorist actions to destroy the rule of law and replace it with a dictatorship". He also accuses them of ties with drug trafficking.
Now, who fancies incorporating some of that into the article? Sluj 03:00, 7 Jan 2005 (UTC)

I put them in Category:Left-wing militant groups. I realize that not all of what they say can be regarded as "left wing," but they identify themselves as leftists (at least they did when I talked to them in January 2005), and they are in favor of broad nationalization and Chavez-like socialism. Descendall 20:13, 30 October 2005 (UTC)

I reverted the IP edits because that IP has been messing around with the Ollanta Humala page making changes which were POV. In this page he used an uncited quote by Isaac Humala and falsely claimed that Ollanta Humala is the 'leading candidate' which is not true as Lourdes Flores is in fact the leading candidate in the 06 elections. Lastly he added a source titled "Andean Stormtroopers". From his talk page it seems that Viajero warned him a while ago for vandalizing pages. I also told him to stop reverting back edits on his talk page yet he doesn't want to respond-Jersey Devil 07:05, 1 February 2006 (UTC)

Is necessary this article in the Wikipedia? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:28, 25 February 2008 (UTC)