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Please see if u can break the article into parts.That way its reasonable--Chatni 09:04, 17 July 2005 (UTC)


I am concerned that all or part is copyvio. See for eaxmple " However, the Baluchistan High Court restored the assembly amid public condemnation of Governor's move that was believed to be taken with the consent of the President and Prime Minister." Rich Farmbrough 18:29, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

And "Broadly the plan envisaged, on a short-term basis, sabotage of military targets, disruptions of communications, etc. and, as a long-term measure, distribution of arms to the people of occupied Kashmir and initiation of a guerrilla movement there with a view to starting an uprising in the valley eventually. The push towards Akhnur was not part of it. However, it was considered as one of the likely operations that we might have to undertake, as we felt our activities would have an escalating effect." Which in turn may a quote from Musa. Rich Farmbrough 18:33, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

General Musa[edit]

The previous version was more about Operation Gibraltor and War then about General Musa. It was less relevant.

Orphaned references in Muhammad Musa[edit]

I check pages listed in Category:Pages with incorrect ref formatting to try to fix reference errors. One of the things I do is look for content for orphaned references in wikilinked articles. I have found content for some of Muhammad Musa's orphans, the problem is that I found more than one version. I can't determine which (if any) is correct for this article, so I am asking for a sentient editor to look it over and copy the correct ref content into this article.

Reference named "Partridge Publishing":

I apologize if any of the above are effectively identical; I am just a simple computer program, so I can't determine whether minor differences are significant or not. AnomieBOT 01:19, 20 October 2016 (UTC)