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User: Jacques Bailhé[edit]

The opening sentence of this article reads ,"A musical tone is a steady periodic sound. A musical tone is characterized by its duration, pitch, intensity (or loudness), and timbre (or quality).[1] The notes used in music can be more complex than musical tones, as they may include aperiodic aspects, such as attack transients, vibrato, and envelope modulation." I recommend this be revised because "A musical tone" is not necessarily steady, in fact rarely is and although periodicity is a phenomenon of sound waves, that is unnecessary, if not confusing, for purposes of defining a tone, especially since the second sentence refers to aperiodic aspects. Vibrato is one technique of among many of tone production and might be addressed additionally, but not as part of the primary definition. I suggest the opening sentence be revised as follows: "A musical tone is a combination of the phenomena of pitch, duration, intensity (or loudness), timbre, and attack and release." Then briefly describe those elements in more detail.Jacques Bailhé (talk) 20:07, 28 July 2014 (UTC)