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--Loverules22 (talk) 18:20, 28 June 2014 (UTC) Does Nabil fulfil the criteria as a notable person? It’s not clear that he does. Following the Wikipedia guidelines, and granting – charitably - that he is somewhat known, this entry should exercise restraint and include material relevant to his notability only. Information provided in sections including "Early Life", "Personal Life" and "Views" are generally unassociated with his perceived notability, and resemble self-promotion. The latter is not suitable for an encyclopaedia entry. As a low-profile individual, a redaction - if not a complete deletion - is in order.

Addendum: Having clicked on a few of the references given, a lot circle back to his own YouTube videos, while others refer back to unknown blogs, while less than a third refer to actual articles from local newspapers i.e. Harrow Times.