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Editing by Philip Cross[edit]

Another editor, User:JTully234, contributed the following edit summary a few hours ago: "Reverting vandalism by user 'Philip Cross'. Cross abuses Wikipedia notability guidelines to systematically erase contents of this entry despite them being sourced validly."

They were indeed sourced, often to highly reputable publications, but the deleted material contained summaries of articles by Nafeez Ahmed. In other words, there was nothing cited to third-party articles which establish the notability of material authored by Nafeez Ahmed, which is a standard requirement. Much higher profile journalists are not treated to such an extensive outline of their work. There was a problem with reasoning too. It helps, if you are going to cite comments by Ahmed rejecting the label of a 9/11 truther, that the accusation has been made by reliable sources, but no citations were included. Nothing usable making this assertion existed on the web in February, when I made most of my cuts to this article, and the situation doubtless remains the same now.

I use my real name on Wikipedia, so placing the form I prefer between quotation marks did not assume good faith. Philip Cross (talk) 18:42, 8 July 2015 (UTC) [minor amendment made on 17 July 2015. - PC]