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Three-act Structure[edit]

This article presupposes that the only form of narrative structure is that of the conflict structure of setup-conflict-resolution. This is a rather dogmatic approach to the topic. As other articles on this Wikipedia note, there are other methods of narrative structure, one such example being that of kishōtenketsu. The article should be rewritten to espouse a more balanced point of view. -- (talk) 12:05, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

Linear and non-linear narrative structures[edit]

This section primarily deals with non-linear structures, and doesn't even fain to describe linear structures. Aside from this it claims "broken narratives" are not true non-linear structures, however there are no references to support this claim. There is no reference to the discussion around the definition of non-linearity, and claims only structures with branching structures are truly non-linear.

Linear and non-linear narrative structures[edit]

This section is full of advertising-like descriptions of software.