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Deleted incorrect details[edit]

As of March 15, 2014, the Nathan Witt entry included the following text:

Witt denied knowing "J. Peters" (ostensibly the head of the Soviet Union's political operations in the United States), Chambers, or Alger Hiss.[1] He did, however, identify "George Crosley" (a freelance magazine writer he'd known in 1934 and 1935) from a photograph.[1] ("George Crosley" was one of Chambers' many aliases at the time Chambers was a member of the Communist Party.)

Whether intentional or accidental, these statements are highly misleading--and do not cite the NYT article accurately. Witt never identified Chambers as Crosley: Hiss did. The article reads, "The committee is particularly anxious to question Mr. Peters because Mr. Chambers has testified that it was through Mr. Peters that he had met Mr. Hiss. The latter has insisted that... Mr. Chambers, as "George Crosley," had presented himself..." This is the only time that "Crosley" appears in the article.

Further, the only person who has ever publicly identified Whittaker Chambers as George Crosley remains Alger Hiss.

--Aboudaqn (talk) 02:58, 16 March 2014 (UTC)

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