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The article claims that The group is also associated with the international right-wing group known as Blood and Honour but is currently dormant, aside from attending the Rudolf Hess memorial marches in Sweden and Denmark, and together with other Scandinavian right wing groups, participated in a march held in southern Sweden on 17 April 1999 (Hitler's birthday). Hitler's birthday was 20 April. I won't edit the article to change the date, as I do not know whether the march was actually on Hitler's birthday, or on 17 April.

Ah, that was me, I'm afraid. I was filling in a redlink with some hastily cobbled things from t'interweb... If you can sort it out with something a bit better that'd be lovely but I don't like asking my Norwgian friends about neo-nazi marches, makes them raise eyebrows slightly... HawkerTyphoon